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  1. I also had alot of trouble with cave spirits and had to go away and do alot of levelling up and coin collecting before being able to comfortably complete that area without dying.
  2. I don't think I have ever had Dameon before Ghed'ahre. I suppose it depends on the order you complete the temples in. ps I have build B
  3. I found that one of the goodies caves didn't exist, at leat on my game. The one on the snowy map.
  4. I found the cloak pretty useless and when I replayed the game I opted for the cooking kit instead of the climbing guide. Though really I found neither item particulary helpful.
  5. I also used Rhen, Lars, Elini and Dameon. All around lvl 70.
  6. I had trouble finding the Star orb too, I just basically dug up the whole area.
  7. I have played this game many times and every time I opted for the Necromancers guild. It has both good attack spells and good status afflictions. As far as I can remember there is an attack all enemies spell or two...
  8. I find that sometimes when I leave the main room in the middle (after turning the symbol thingy in the right-hand corner green by killing all the creatures) and re-enter it, that the symbol thingy goes back to orange or red and I get attacked by monsters again. Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug?
  9. I have already played this game once and had to restart because I was stuck inside an enemy camp trying to fight the boss guy with very few health potions and no shops/chests to get anymore. The boss always goes first (higher speed than my characters) and is really strong. Any tricks on how to beat him....
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