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  1. I am confused about this thread. I have a Playstation, a Wii and a PC and enjoy playing games on all 3. I play a variety of games from racing, shooters, skyrim-type open worlds, 2D rpgs and casual games. I don't see how making 2d rpgs on a PC could ever be a bad move. PCs will always be around, where consoles and phone fads come and go.


    I also personally don't see the point in phones as games consoles as the screens are too small and the controls are too fiddly. Phones are for phoning, texting and checking emails.

  2. I was just wondering if anyone had found a solution to this problem with the not being able to walk down or right.


    I have been having this problem for about 2 years on my desktop (which has a USB mouse and keyboard, and no other peripherials attached) and am forced to play the Aveyond games on my husbands old laptop. The laptop now has an overheating problem and I really really want to play the new game, when it comes out, and previous games (which were amazing btw).

  3. I don't have an interesting reason for why my name is what it is. I like the word flammable, plus in RPGs I always favour the fire element.


    I use this username alot. When I first used it I put in 'flammable' and the site said someone had used that already. So I put in 'flammable11', then 'flammable22' and kept at it until my name was excepted.

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