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  1. I have the corn for the bird but, am not sure I remember seeing anything to catch the bird. I thought there was a bird cage in the store but, nothing shows when I touch it. Assistance please. Thanks
  2. I have 2 of the flames but the one you get with the rope I have not found where to go. I must be messing something.
  3. Thank you very much - I have it now.
  4. I must have missed where I get the key to the blue chests - Help anyone? Thanks
  5. I spoke to Hepbert and have gone to Tulzane Bazar but, the salesman still says I have to wait for the next shipment. Have I missed doing something?
  6. Thanks, I found him - But, the exotic fruit merchant still doesn't have any fruit. Have I left something out?
  7. I need him to tell me about the mirror and am not sure where he is located. Help?
  8. I am in Candar how do I get to Monster Kingdom?
  9. I finally got her healed. Thanks for the help. Now Devin is having the same problem. I am trying to fight Zorom.
  10. Devin is in the party. I have just left home and have crossed the bridge into the first town. I have levelled both to 8. But she doesn't show fighting or having health. Her meter shows red. When I tried to use the Cassia leaf she says she doesn't need it she's not dead.
  11. I must have missed it. Where exactly do I go to get the blessing?
  12. Yes, there is I tried to use a Cassia leaf and it wouldn't work.
  13. Talia is at 1 hp. I've gone to the inn but it doesn't help. She says she isn't dead. Any help?
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