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  1. CocoNuts

    Crypt bug

    well is it solved? i'm not playng the game from crypt because it will crash again! and my dad will kil me(im 14 years but that's the life!) sory about double posts!
  2. CocoNuts

    Class 157?

    oh,to be clear! i killed about 60 bats and when leveling says so "Talia class 157" Im not blind! a bat gives me 75 exp it says 75 +
  3. CocoNuts


    at class 33 and i can't make no one fall asleep
  4. CocoNuts

    soul steal

    nah! but if a wyver is near diyng can you capture it? i know that the imps fall from the first time in soul steal(for me) but what is poseded ailment? nope,he still atacks me
  5. CocoNuts

    Class 157?

    it happened about 2 years ago i remember it well to be clear... the bat given me about 75 exp and the class was 156,157 after i won a class that has said "Talia Class 157!"
  6. CocoNuts

    What Guild is the best for Lars?

    umm,i think the best is the time mage guild it has time storm and reality shift but is useful rumor too i don't know exactly which is the guild
  7. CocoNuts

    Portal Stone Goodie

    the map isn't too exact!
  8. CocoNuts

    soul steal

    actually is posible to capture a wyvern or even ahriman? please tell me!
  9. CocoNuts

    A Rpg Game online

    i have an ideea! what if it would me made an online game like aveyond? al the members from amaranth groups,items,quests,teams,inns, all what is in avyond and aveyond 2 to be in what do you think?
  10. CocoNuts


    for me the sleep spe isn't usseful i never han in this game a creature sleeping nasty! or a dizzy one!
  11. CocoNuts

    Walk on the water

    i tried with ga the hing and hedefeated me in one move this rowbot bug is anoing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. CocoNuts

    Do I have to start over???

    build b too why? and if i have the speed srystal on i can get in the rowboat in mt orion without the pomegranate on the pillr is this a bug?
  13. CocoNuts

    soul steal

    if you can steal the soul of a wivern what you will recieve atack,defense...what?
  14. CocoNuts

    wil it be a version on sony psp?

    square enix made final fanty from 1 to 9 i think on psp i think they cn develop the games on psp too http://cdn1.gamepro.com/article_img/gamepro/118729-1.jpg http://www.gamoholic.net/images/stories/FinalFantasyI/FF11.jpg
  15. is possible to compete the game with king leonel back to the elves and to beee the battle ram for the squirels can be both of these and can someone telll me whats in all the cracks in the game?