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  1. I miss you! :'(

    1. Specter
    2. Meroko


      GRISEL BABE!!!! <3

      I just happened to log onto AM (for the first time in 2k17 at that). Plus replied to your PM with my new contacts, checkie!

  2. irekismaren1011 - The Blacksmith's Apprentice

    can someone please help me, how do I solve this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Everguard - The Master of Souls

    Guys, where do I find the church key in Tar Jahri? Thanks!
  4. Instagram and facebook, deactivated

  5. Keep in mind that you will be my forever and always. I will always love you even though fate has separated us.

  6. How can I watch anime in iOS?

    Hello everybody! Does anybody have any idea of where can I watch anime in iOS? I've been searching for it but almost all of them failed I'm having a hard time and I want to watch Ore! Monogatari so much =.= so anyone, care to help I'd be glad if you do ❤️
  7. Hi Honey. I miss you <3 :))))

    1. Meroko


      hey babe, just got back on AM today geehee XDDD

    2. Grisel
  8. Oh gosh.. It's aveyond nit Amaranthia hahahhaa didn't notice sorry xD The silliest thing I've probably done was to enter the very first guild and then complained why I was so weak ))) Then, I realized that day the the dragon lord guild was the most powerful guild so yeah. I reset the game and went for dragonlord. PS: I really LOVE the clothes that Mel wore when going to the castle sniffs now I remembered my too excited feelings ;u;
  9. Who reads Naruto Gaiden?

    I'm fan girl-ING about Naruto Gaiden right now xD come on Naruto fans! Show thy selves to me! 8'D
  10. Who reads Naruto Gaiden?

    @slimmie I AGREE! I LOVE SARADA! And I LOVE the part when Chou Chou thought her dad was Sasuke XD must be nice to have a handsome and powerful dad HUH XD though, if the character was Boruto, I don't think I'll watch it xD haha same! I can't wait to know about the enemy also XD
  11. What pet would you have?

    A LION!!!!! it has always been my dream pet :3 it's so fluffy and strong <3 wow, I can't believe I'm already this delusional lol
  12. Nick Names

    My Nick Name is "Mai" xD though, I think it's better if you just call me Grisel D it's easier because of my username =))
  13. Guess the anime!!! :)

    Plastic Memories! HAHAHAHAHAHAH ) You think I won't know, eh? > what about this? )
  14. Ask Anything!

    erhm, if it's a novel then I guess it's going to be... Twilight hahaha sorry I don't read much novels xD hmm.. Twilight makes my heart race I guess? oh, Can I recommend a Wattpad Novel to you? xD I love stories about werewolves! so, who was your crush in Naruto? (or just somebody you like to look at? )
  15. Who reads Naruto Gaiden?

    eh, that's okay xD you can just skip. LOL. and it's so funny so I think you should try it out )
  16. Okay. First off, I have no love life and no boyfriend since birth so basically, I'd like to know how everyone found their prince charming. Stories and advices are welcome!
  17. How did you know that he was a keeper?

    Oh.. I'm sorry... I was just, uh, you know.. O///O I don't know how to explain myself, really.
  18. Who reads Naruto Gaiden?

    Yep! Are you looking forward for it? cause it's just too wonderful T-T
  19. How did you know that he was a keeper?

    Thanks guys! all your answers are awesome!
  20. Ask Anything!

    Anything as long as it has a brand. Favorite character in Vampire Knight?
  21. You are so annoying lol.

    1. Luthie


      Aww what's wrong? :(

    2. Grisel


      Nothin' much xD I'm just annoyed at some online user without even knowing why Q_Q maybe I'm going mental -_- okay jk xD just makin' you laugh xD

  22. You are so annoying lol.

  23. Ask Anything!

    No, I can't because my tongue isn't that long. Lol Favorite song?