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    Grisel reacted to Meroko in Introduce Yourself :)   
    Thought I'd re-introduce myself again (formally) since I've went on hiberation for like 3 years (uni life devoured my teenage years why thank you) and I doubt anyone here remember me (or if they're still here lol and I totally should stop writing in bracketssss) 
    Ahem, hi, I'm Meroko. 
    In my early twenties rn. Am a dentist in the making.
    AV1 was my fave old school rpg and unsurprisingly it still is. Am also a huge fan of To The Moon, Ib, The Witch's House and almost every Japanese horror rpg (if you guys are familiar with vgperson and her translation works)
    I'm still in contact, on other social platforms, with some of my very best online friends I made here. It's amazing how friendships do last 
    So yeah /off to explore the forums.
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    Grisel reacted to shelwyn in Ahriman’s Prophecy on Steam   
    Hey I first played an Amaranth made games 11 years ago called Ahriman's Prophecy and I loved it. I've never had a computer without that game. I remember being a young preteen and doing chores so I could get Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest.  I noticed that Amaranth Games is putting up games on steam and I think you’re going about it all wrong. I think you should put up Ahriman's Prophecy for free like it is now and at the end put in a message about the continuation being Aveyond 1. I think that would defiantly sell, I still remember the sound track for those games and I still follow Aaron Walz based soley on that games soundtrack. Hope someone sees this post and could shoot amaranth a message about this idea.
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    Grisel reacted to Irene_Faye in Guess the anime!!! :)   
    Why am I answering again when i know I cant participate sigh...
    Its ore monogatari
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    Grisel got a reaction from slimmmeiske2 in Who reads Naruto Gaiden?   
    @slimmie I AGREE! I LOVE SARADA! And I LOVE the part when Chou Chou thought her dad was Sasuke XD must be nice to have a handsome and powerful dad HUH XD though, if the character was Boruto, I don't think I'll watch it xD haha same! I can't wait to know about the enemy also XD
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    Grisel got a reaction from Meroko in What pet would you have?   
    A LION!!!!! it has always been my dream pet :3 it's so fluffy and strong <3 
    wow, I can't believe I'm already this delusional lol 
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    Grisel got a reaction from Meroko in Who reads Naruto Gaiden?   
    eh, that's okay xD you can just skip. LOL. and it's so funny so I think you should try it out ) 
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    Grisel got a reaction from Meroko in How did you know that he was a keeper?   
    Okay. First off, I have no love life and no boyfriend since birth so basically, I'd like to know how everyone found their prince charming. Stories and advices are welcome!
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    Grisel reacted to Luthie in Who reads Naruto Gaiden?   
    The story about Sarada is about to meet Sasuke? Yeah I read that too :3
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    Grisel reacted to Sunny_Angel in How did you know that he was a keeper?   
    I'm a guy, but honestly, there is no Prince Charming or Princess Perfect waiting for anyone. No relationship is ever perfect. And it never can be, it's two different human beings.
    What you should look for is obviously someone you like who is a nice person, treats you well, makes you happy. 
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    Grisel reacted to Luthie in How did you know that he was a keeper?   
    For me, I found my boyfriend on playing online games though. And then we met in real life, and we have something in common and he treats me with kindness, love to chat and sometimes make fun of me lol. If you're looking for one just like sunny_angel said, find the one that makes you happy, believing in you and someone who doesn't make you feel like you are in a prison cause of possessiveness (that kind of attitude is the one I hate, I am a free girl lol!)  
    Basically if you want to start your own relationship, you need to believe in each other and of course love each other. I know that every relationship is sometimes has its own problems but it is the test to determine if your relationship is strong enough or not. Believe in yourself and be happy~ 
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    Grisel reacted to Mopiece in How did you know that he was a keeper?   
    Well, really with my boyfriend he is my best friend. We have similar interests in movies, shows, books, etc. And on the plus side, he doesn't mind that I apparently talk in my sleep and steal the blankets.
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    Grisel reacted to Luthie in Introduce Yourself :)   
    Seems everyone do the fresh start, well I should do the same then.
    Hello everyone! My real name is Prita. My username is thha_luth then someone out there (which is Grisel xD) made a nickname for me, so everyone around the forum usually called me "Luthie". And for now, I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I know several people who is Indonesian as me and I was surprised there were quite a lot lol. 
    Okay, so my first game in Amaranthia is Aveyond 2, my brother influenced me to play it and I became quite addicted with Aveyond. Then I was curious about it so I joined the forum. I forgot when I joined the forum but I think it was in 2009? My first account named "thaa" but then I forgot about the password so I made another one, the nickname "thha_luth" as you can see until now. When I was joining back then, my English is quite screwed up but yeah I am learning and learning, a quite improvement huh? :3
    I remembered I often borrowing my school's WiFi just to post around Amaranthia, oh old days (I am sounded like an old lady? o,o)  Okay back to the story, so I joined the guild after I reached the 1.000 posts and I was in dilemma about which guild I would choose? Enchanters or Druids? And so my heart told me to go on Enchanters.
    For now I am a college student in major of Management, Economics. I am trying to get graduated this year so wish me luck! I might just ghost-ing around the forum cause I am busy with real life right now but if I remember Amaranthia, I will always come here to see the next update of Aveyond 4 (so excited about it!) or maybe forum-ing with you guys again just like old days (sounded like an old lady again =.=") Maybe not too active when I was in high school but, at least I can be a little active again hopefully! 
    P.S: (That was long.. sorry!) xD
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    Grisel got a reaction from Meroko in Introduce Yourself :)   
    Hello everybody! I don't know if you know me but I was a member of Amaranthia since I was 10 years old!
    My name is Grisel (add May xD) and I live in the Philippines! when I started here in Amaranthia, I barely even know how to speak English but thankfully, due to my burning desire to learn English, I am finally able to speak! 8'DD
    When I was young, I would often see the game called "Aveyond" where my male classmate would play once we have our free time in our computer class. I really loved the graphics and I was so touched by it to the point that I downloaded it in Yahoo! Unfortunately, I was too young at that time so I wasn't able to buy Aveyond (dad wouldn't let me buy it also :-( ). There was that 5-minutes thing (yes there is one of you download a game in Yahoo! Before. I don't know if it still exists today though) every time I keep on playing Aveyond. It didn't really piss me off since the graphics of Aveyond was so magical to me. I was very patient at that time and saved the game every after battle. Then, in the end, I was able to fight Ahriman or the villain of Aveyond 1. Unfortunately, 5 minutes wasn't enough to finish the game. So, I just let it off. Even up until now, I've always loved Aveyond. Compared to the other RPG games, Aveyond is always the best in my heart. (Truth to be told: it cannot be compared to Kemco games BWAHAHA I'm evil jk). I actually wish it had one on mobile though since I'm beginning to have problems in my eyes that's why I can't play well in my laptop I bought too many Kemco games but Aveyond is still the best =( other than that, I'm looking forward for Aveyond 4! Yay! More outfits and more wonderful adventures to come!
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    Grisel got a reaction from Rich_Wind18 in What do you expect in an RPG?   
    something which can make me feel powerful for example, if the RPG is easy, it would be easier for me to level up and to stomp those low level monsters, which, of course, is the best thing I've ever felt when playing RPG GAMES