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  1. Why,that is one good story!!!Keep,going!!! This is interesting!!
  2. Woot!!!That was one BRILLIANT update!!!! Sorry I haven't been around 4 long!!! I just found this chapter AMAZING!!!! Go Isilme and Aravis!!!Oh,and I do wonder what Agas and Rhen's reaction would be when they find out!!!
  3. Yeah,this is one captivating story!!! Update soon!!!! :D
  4. COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! That was the best update ever!!!
  5. Awesome!!!!U finally posted it!!! Waiting 4 the next update and Remember the Magic!!!!
  6. Woohoo!!!! Finally!!!XD I did not faint but I was definitely dumbfounded 4 around a minute or so!!XD XD XD Anyways awesome update!!! ^^
  7. Cool!!!!! That was a sweet update!!!!!!!!
  8. Nice update!!!^^ Will be waiting 4 the Christmas special!!!^^
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