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  1. Wow!!! that's totally awesome!!!!!!!!! & scary!!
  2. This is interesting..... Wonder what'll happen next......
  3. No.. I didn't... I used version 3.11 from the beginning..... Is there any patch 2 sort this mess out???????
  4. I dunno what's wrong but my save file is'nt working!!!!!!!!! Whenever I try 2 open it a message saying" Stream read error" comes and then the game closes!!!!!!!! I am pretty much far off in the game and I've got no save files anywhere close by!!!!!! I don't want 2 start all over again. Somebody Pleeeeeeease HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Nice !!!!!! I 've always wanted a story on those two !!! I think ur story is very realistic !!!!!
  6. Wow!!!! That was amazing!!!! I liked it!!! Correction: Did I say I liked it?? Sorry!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I agree!!! I didn't know there were so many Dameon haters !!!! And it's Good To Know!!!!! ^^
  8. An amazing update!!!!!! Loved the kiss part!! It was a great chapter!!! & Real fast updating!!! Keep up the good work!!! Hoping 2 read more....
  9. Cool!!!!!!! That was a great start!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow!!!!!!! That was a nice long update!!!! Can't wait 4 more!!!!!!
  11. DarkPrincess


    Wow!!! That was a great update!!! This story is very interesting!!!
  12. Yeah!!! Thanx. Now I need to beat General Gerovitus(I believe that is his name). My party is at lvl 23 and I have Justin, Vetu, Meredith and Glen.... Is that okay????
  13. Cool!!! This is a story with a very different angle than most others!!!! I like it!!!
  14. At what lvl should you be inorder to kill that Ull thingy???
  15. Short updates but they r pretty interesting! U sure know how capture a reader's attention!!! I liked the part about Ean's pyjamas, cute!!!
  16. Niceeeeeeeeeee!!!!! That was an excellent update!!!! Want More......
  17. I agree!!!! Lars was never BAD just snobby & spoilt & that too at the beginning of the game. And the story is totally excellent!!! It's got a lot of potential. Waiting 4 more...
  18. Cool!!! An update!!!! Nice!!
  19. Cool !!!!!!!!! I loved it!!
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