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  1. Coolie!!!! An update!!! Cute!!! Hoping 2 read more........^^
  2. Well, U get a choice between either a pair of magical shoes or a pair of smelly shoes. Smelly shoes drive away monsters if u equip them 4 Ean..
  3. Cool!!!! An update!!!! Cute!!!!!
  4. Cool !!!!! That was a great update!!! As 4 as Talia's eyes I guess they r brown cuz in the picture of her older self they r brown..... Correct me if I am wrong someone.....
  5. Good Going!!! Hope u update soon!!!!
  6. Nice!!! I like it!! Keep Updating!!!
  7. DarkPrincess


    Cool!!!!!! That was a great update!!!!!
  8. I think u mean the one in Aveyond right????? I think this post should be in Aveyond:Rhen's Quest section... 4 the demon u should first get the bean seeds in the ogre's lair.Plant them in the enchanted garden(if u haven't done it before). Then u need the torch from the guy in Thais. (u need glow berries from the dreamland). Then go to the garden.Climb the bean stalk(avoid the birds).Now get the clock which is used to slow down Aesma...Quest completed!!!
  9. Great chapter!!! Though there's something... Isn't Sedona on the Western Isle??? May be I am mistaken.... Good job though!!!!!
  10. Wow!! That's a great start!!!!!! Wonder if Lars will have the courage to ask Rhen....^^ Though good start!!! There's a typo u might want to change(Highlight to read):It's I used to ... Not I use to.... Good story though... :goodjob:
  11. Short???? That's an amazing chapter!!!!! I loved it!!!!!
  12. Oh Love when will the next update be??? I am getting impatient!!!!jk Update soon!!!!!!!!!
  13. I really want to read the next part of the story, Lara!!!!!!! Update sooon!!!!!!
  14. @LawMan247: I totallly agree with u!!!! Can't wait 4 the next update , Gen!!!!!!
  15. DarkPrincess


    Wow!! That's a verry great start!!!!
  16. I Left the dragon in Thais and I used a rune to reach Veldt.I didn't buy a travelling rune 4 Thais.And now I am stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can anyone help?????????
  17. @phoneixalia: Me tooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
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