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  1. Is Amanda no longer involved in making RPG's?
  2. This is why I don't bother posting on this board. I never said all people without insurance were drug addicts. I said many made poor choices and bought things other than health insurance. Apparanty you "high school" students do not bother to read just what goes on in the average hs. Of course there are phenomenal high schools just as there are phenomenal hs students. BUT, the point you are missing is: what have YOU all worked for AND just how much of it are YOU willing to give away? It's easy to criticize others when you have never even been out making/earning your own way. Once you have earned something, remember this moment, because I guarantee you that you won't want to give up your hard earned paycheck anymore than the rest of us do. Someone has to pay for this "free" health care and the rates for your generation are going to go up by at least 17%. And that's just a start. Move out, pay for college, make your own way and when you see just what you are up against, the a ha moment will arrive. I am not here to slam you, just make you realize you have no idea what the adult world is like and that the "me" generation is in for a very rude awakening. The truth is the truth.
  3. Health care is NOT a right! For the very small percentage that has a LEGITIMATE need, ok, I am fine with my taxes being used to help them. BUT, come on folks, WAKE UP! We have a whole society of people who pay for a cell phone but not health insurance, eat crap and are obese, smoke, drink, use drugs, don't use condoms, do other risky and stupid things, you get the point. NOBODY has the "right" to tell me that I am responsible for paying for their health care. Especially when I am a teacher and I can tell you straight out these kids don't give a s..t and are going to be the dumbest, most uneducated group in the history of our society. So they they will all be getting "free" health care - paid for by WHOM?? There are largely 2 reasons why people don't have health care: when they were healthy they chose to spend their money on other things AND people who are uneducated having kids THEY cannot afford. So, between these 2 groups, America is going in the crapper. We just got one flush closer on Tuesday.
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