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  1. Yays, finished Act 1 right on time! One word: Awesome. This is a very well made RPG indeed with a very compelling plot. Loved it, can't wait to find out what happens next! *downloads Act 2*
  2. Nice find, RainboWings! It's looking real good so far, very well compiled. *updates main post*
  3. This looks quite impressive indeed. The screenies and artwork look great. Downloading now!
  4. LOL Its great! Wish it was longer though.
  5. MidnightPearl


    Head to the small graveyard just south of Nocilis' hometown in the forest. Solve the little puzzles there to unlock the optional dungeon and hidden character.
  6. Try equipping the tools onto Kenneth
  7. @Bahamut: Just a few more things -- When you're playing as Anna: -You can keep getting keys from the guard... can collect upto 99 (I guess). -When you enter the bedroom from the corridor, the sleeping guard chases you XD -When you check the gold bars at the save point, its spanish again. One of the letters to the pope is in spanish. Oh, and Regrin's weapon disappeared towards the end of Act III. Now I'm about to start Act IV! Edit: After the first fight in Act IV, I realised that Gabriel had lost his weapon too.
  8. Head to the tower... that's the sacred place And you can't get to that portal until later in the game.
  9. @Bahamut: A few minor glitches/translation omissions I noticed after installing the latest patch - -The 2 elfs in Sesidhbana speak Spanish. -When you try entering a house in Sesidhbana above the weapon shop, Gabriel says "No hay nadie en casa". -The tresure chest in the beach cave keeps giving you Aces high each time you click. -When you check the papers on the desk, on which you found a couple of letters to the pope, it says 'Documents sin importancia' instead of important documents (I think). -If you check a box in the store room, it turns into a chess piece. -If you try speaking to the stone guard before taking the chalice, Gabriel says something in spanish. -After defeating it too, the conversation is in Spanish. I hope it helps you! Really enjoying the game, btw
  10. You need to complete the desperate housewife quest for that. Go to Tundra to rescue her husband and bring him home safe and sound to receive 2 mandrake roots
  11. You're most welcome! As I had enjoyed playing this a lot, I felt it would be unfair not to share. Glad to know you're liking it too. Oh, and feel free to post any queries you may have
  12. MidnightPearl


    [lol it seems like I was answering your query the same time you were editing your post to include another one XD] Have you been to the room with the black and white chess pieces? If not, you need to complete that puzzle first... ignore that mirror for now. Once the (other) mirror by the entrance of this room starts reflecting light, you'll need to return to the room with the health restoring water. And this is a puzzle game ... what did you expect? lol If you hate them, this is the last game you should be playing
  13. MidnightPearl


    You can find it in that cave in Onepa montains, where you had been to earlier.
  14. MidnightPearl


    You need to step on a tile near the steel door to open the barred one IIRC.
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