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  1. Broccoli cheddar soup. Favorite type of pie?
  2. MelxGyendal, mainly because i missed an attraction point and watched Edward marry the orc. Too much love for that too ruin it. AV1 or AP as favorite?
  3. Rhen and Dameon. Mainly because I was a Talia/Devin fan Witch or Priest for Talia?
  4. Hi Tiniponi, So sorry to hear of your declining health. Hope things are going well for you. I think we last spoke years ago, but I remembered you  and Aisling from that time period.

  5. So I am not new to the forums, but I thought I'd post this here, as forums have changed several times since my join date. (I cant even find my old house, or the guild halls.) I'm Mattdog, been playing Aveyond for almost 10 years now. Love the games, keep coming back to see news on any new ones. Used to have more in forums, but now it seems i only have one post.... not sure what happened. Most of the people I knew are know longer here, and I see Aisling and Bryce have been gone for a while. Good to see you are still here Tiniponi, sorry to hear about your health issues. Anywho, hello to all y'all, will be popping in more often to chat in future dates.
  6. when this happened to me the first 2 times i installed the game, all i did was change the location of where i downloaded the game,instead of using bigfishgames.com, i used amaranthia.com and it was all resolved.
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