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  1. If you're going to survey, perhaps you should make a poll thread instead of asking here. And the Aveyond series is simply amazing, I beg on my knees for my parents to buy it when a new one comes out.
  2. @occupine: What makes you deserve a beta testing spot? I read that and logged in just to comment on this. A beta tester has to be someone that has shown that they are dedicated to this site and beta testing. You can't just walk in and say, "Oh, I guess I deserve a beta spot because I'm unhappy!" Lol. There isn't a label on the back of the Aveyond games that says, "Unhappy with our games or something concerning them? Well, then, you deserve a beta testing spot!!! =D" xD Lol. Maybe I should make a pic about that as a parody.
  3. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    ((I'liosha: You'd be smart to tread with care much more than me, mortal. Me: Shh! If you keep talking like that, you'll give away unnecessary character development meant for later. >.>)) I'liosha smiled as she sensed Shikuo and another come near. She walked back into the Tavern, having one piece of knowledge on her side: They couldn't afford to kill her in a public place, as they would reveal themselves. Neko cursed when she saw I'liosha enter the Tavern. Shikuo, however, simply walked in. "W-wait! Idiot kid!" She hissed, and ran after Shikuo. She entered the Tavern warily, Shikuo right in front of her. "I don't see her...damned woman. She continues to escape." Shikuo muttered, scanning the Tavern. Neko was looking around for Masana and Ren, and saw them talking to two others and a dragon. She stepped away from them and into the other side of the Tavern. Shikuo hissed as Neko dragged her. "What the hell?! I was looking for her!" She muttered. Neko turned to Shikuo. "How stupid are you?! No wonder you need help with this! First things first, you don't blabber out your species by hissing! Second, you do not look for a target at an entrance where the target will have an easy time of spotting you!" She harshly said. Shikuo looked at her shoulder. "Sheesh. Could've been a little nicer." She muttered.
  4. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    I'liosha smiled slyly and stood up, walking away casually. "Kiliara, eh? Hm, this can get interesting soon...I'll just have to get Shikuo back in." She giggled as she stepped out of the Tavern. --- Shikuo turned back. "I think we should get going." She told Neko nervously. Neko shrugged. "Nah. You go on ahead. Stay in the forest, away from the road. I've got some old friends that'll keep you safe." She muttered. Shikuo looked at the trees. "No." She stated bluntly. Neko growled. "Child, you'd be smart to just stay out of my way! Do you want this taken care of or not?!" Shikuo shook her index finger at Neko as if she was a child. "Don't you remember? You're not supposed to just kill I'liosha, you're supposed to help me kill I'liosha." Neko crossed her arms. "Fine. Whatever floats your boat, mortal." They walked back quickly to the Tavern, hoping to not miss the chance to get I'liosha.
  5. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    ((Neko: *.* Elya-chan!! Me: *holds Neko back* This is extremely embarassing.)) Shikuo rubbed her head as she looked back to the direction of the Tavern. "That was weird. I'm getting a funny signal, too." She muttered. Neko whipped around. "Signal?" She asked harshly. Shikuo narrowed her eyes. "I'liosha." She muttered. ----- A girl with black hair and purple bangs sat near Masana and company, drinking normal water. She looked at the conflict-in-action without turning her head. She smirked slightly. She loved battles. Though, it was likely this wouldn't turn into one, her imagination could take care of that. She giggled to herself as she asked for more water. Shikuo-chan, you're more a fool than I thought. Teaming up with a vampire was your best shot? You thought that she would be of use? How cute your efforts are... ((I'liosha is an evil person, eh? :evil: ))
  6. And she says "going to be". Which sounds to me like she's talking about a game she hasn't played, most likely GoN.
  7. Yeah, my teacher made me rewrite a report on who we think is an important role-model in our lives. She said that picking a game-maker wasn't practical. I told her being a teacher during the financial breakdown in America wasn't so practical either, and she left me alone.
  8. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    Neko saw Masana give a start out of the corner of her eye, and grabbed Shikuo's hand. "We have to get out of here now!" She hissed quietly. Shikuo looked surprised, but said nothing. Neko ran quickly out of the Tavern, and didn't stop until they were in an alley on the other side of town. "What just happened?" Shikuo mumbled to herself. "He almost found us..." Neko murmured in response, keeping an eye on the entrance to the alley. Shikuo crossed her arms and made a pouty face. "I can use teleport magic, y'know." She growled. Neko turned to her, her eyes harsh. "Shutup, girl! If you value your life, you'll learn that magic isn't a fail-safe solution to all your problems!" She hissed. "It was just a suggestion..." Shikuo mumbled.
  9. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    ((Shikuo: I'll have you know I'm an atheist. Neko: ...And that's why I can't risk letting you meet Kami. =_=)) Shikuo smiled innocently. "Now, Neko-onee-chan, shall we go?" She giggled. Neko nodded slightly and opened the door, freezing up. Shikuo looked at her curiously, her fake innocence still in play. "What's wrong?" Shikuo asked. Neko growled. "Damnit, this'll be hard. I just hope he isn't in the middle of the room." She noted to herself. Shikuo tipped her head. "Who? One of your vampy friends?" Neko turned to Shikuo. "Don't play dumb with me. I know full well that you're a vampire too. It's my job to know these things." She grumbled as she turned back and walked into the lobby, with Shikuo skipping after her. Neko's eyes darted around as they walked. Shikuo was, thankfully, walking normally now, keeping close to Neko. The door seemed miles away due to Neko's slight panic. She had no idea if Masana had the ability to sense new vampires, and she didn't want anyone learning that she was a spy/assassin. ((I can't resist. *sins* Secret, agent vamp, secret, agent vamp! Neko: =_= God help me. Shikuo: *slaps Neko* Atheist! What part of atheist do you not understand?!))
  10. Y'know, when I first saw Edward's interview, Edward Cullen didn't even come to mind. The first person that came to mind was Edmund from Narnia! XD
  11. PokeGal

    Avvies and Siggies

    Suiseiseki-chaaaan! X3 I just finished season one of Rozen Maiden, ironically enough. XD
  12. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    Neko smirked. She knew he had gone easy on the child. She continued walking at a human pace, looking around. Soon, she sharply turned off the trail, and walked a good mile or two before she stopped in front of a hooded man. "You're late." The man grumbled. "Sorry, Gimyen. There were some...old friends, per say, I met up with." She replied. "You are not here for reunions, Kat. You are here to meet up with the target and protect her." He grumbled again, his face remaining hidden under the cloak. Neko crossed her arms. "You told me this was an assassination mission!" She growled. "It is, partly. You are to aid the target in assassinating the suspect." He explained. "She's waiting in the Tavern, under the name of Yysha." He muttered, then disappeared. Neko scoffed and walked off towards the Tavern. "Thanks. You're a real lifesaver." Neko hissed under her breath. She reached the Tavern soon, and found the target's room. She walked in without knocking, and saw a girl with white hair and black highlights. The girl crossed her arms. "Why the hell can't you agent people learn to knock?" She hissed. Neko shrugged. "Beats me. So, you're name isn't Yysha, am I right?" She assumed. The girl hesitated, then held out her hand. "I'm Shikuo, nice to meet you...?" Neko smirked mischievously. "Neko. Pleasure to meet you, Shikuo. I have a good feeling about this mission." ((Tei: You should remember me mentioning Shikuo in the vampire club thread. ))
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