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  1. "And how the heck am I supposed to do that? Besides, I need out nooooooow." Raven moaned, her different voice very apparent. Making a focused/confused face, she crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the floor. "Sides, somebody forgot Aaron. That means I have to go get him." She growled.
  2. ((I can't. There's no point in making Aaron say useless crap, and Raven's waiting for somebody to let her out. Or, she can blast the door open. XD))
  3. PokeGal

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    O.O So many awesome sets...can't...hold...system...overload...of... awesomeness...XD
  4. Well, Mischevious went to bed, since she loves getting up at the crack of dawn. -.-" But tomorrow we'll probably start, if not, then definetely this weekend! ^^
  5. Great poem BadMagick! ^^ All that is true about Omega, he's awesome! :3
  6. Hey to all members on the website, just posted a cool music viddie. ^^
  7. Katanya stayed still, worried that he might come back. Shimo ran over to Mizuki. "I'm sure we'll find a way..." Shimo tried to comfort her, but she herself knew that there was no way to get to the Lord's lair. Ibyki collapsed from exhaustion, while Mikio woke up and turned her head slightly to look at the sky. Just then, it thundered, and it started to rain. "God? Yeah right...if there is a God...he sure has a sick and twisted humor." She muttered.
  8. Ibyki lifted her head up from the ground. "D-damnit...it didn't work...? I couldn't even sense the shield..." She hissed. Mikio remained unconcious, and Shimo and Katanya ran in front of them to protect them and Mizuki. "You! Mr. Crappy-bratty-Lord! We're your enemy, not Keiichi! So why don't you get back in the fight and battle us!" Katanya yelled.
  9. Shimo stepped back. "Tch! He's right, he has Keiichi, mother, and Rose...we can't do anything..." She growled. Mikio closed her eyes. No...I can do this...I need to focus...one point...one point! If I can find his weak point, he should be stunned and incapable of hurting them! She focused on feeling the mana in the air, and felt the Lord's psychic energy and it's origin point. She continued to focus until she could only sense his. Ibyki sensed Mikio focusing and stepped next to her. "Is it going well?" She whispered. "Mondai arimasen." Mikio whispered back, not breaking her focus. Ibyki felt Mikio's power almost overflow, and put her hand on Mikio's shoulder. Mewo akete goran. Ibyki instructed Mikio through telepathy. Mikio opened her eyes, which were white. She pulled up her gun so fast no one could tell, and shot it at the Lord's psychic point, hoping it would work... ((You say what happens, Aisiunia! :3))
  10. "Oh no you won't!" Mikio yelled, and ran lightning fast and kicked him in the face, the momentum sending him at least 15 feet away. Katanya ran next to Mikio, arming her sword. "Ready to kick some bratty Lord butt?" Katanya smirked. Mikio loaded her pistol. "You bet." Ibyki ran next to Katanya, her staff in hand. "I'm not letting this being take Mom!" She growled. Shimo stepped in the middle of them. "Then, let's go. Mizuki." She turned to her. "You can fight or not, it's your choice." "We'll protect you if you choose to not." Mikio bluntly said. "And we've got you covered if you choose to." Katanya smirked again. "But we're on your side, no matter what!" Ibyki looked at her and smiled.
  11. Katanya growled and jumped back to where Mizuki, Shimo, and Ibyki were. "He came?! Crap...that makes one mega enemy and a pawn that we're up against..." She hissed. Suddenly, a bullet exploded on the Lord. "Don't you dare hurt them!" Mikio ran out from the forest, still shooting the Lord to keep him at bay. She ran to where the others were, and turned to them while continuing to shoot. "Is everyone okay?" She yelled over the bang of the bullets. Katanya smirked. "Who would've thought that the training all those years ago would pay off, huh?" She giggled. Ibyki kept her eyes on the Lord, not saying anything. Shimo looked at Katanya. "No jokes, Katanya! This is serious!" She hissed. Katanya growled, then shut up and continued staring at the Lord with angry eyes.
  12. Kami went over to Neko and helped her walk back to where Ankoku was. Ankoku's mouth, however, was gaping at the teacher's words. "Either that fall really messed up your head, or your strong." Ankoku guessed. Neko wiped her eyes and shrugged like her normal self. "Beats me. It was pretty hard keepin him out, that's for sure." She said casually. She stepped right by Kami, and whispered in her ear, "I know it sucks, but you have to think of that. Just do your best to keep him out, or he'll learn more than he needs to know."
  13. Katanya merely smirked. "Yes, as a matter of fact, it would be too cruel to kill him. Torture? Maybe he'll talk then." She giggled. Ibyki turned to Mizuki. "Don't be angry with her, this is her personality. She's an Arch-Fairy, a being created for nothing more than killing. It's kinda sad actually..." She whispered.
  14. Neko squinted her eyes shut and concentrated. Already, she could feel the teacher trying to dig in her thoughts. She focused on the one thing... "Why be forgotten, little girl? I can give you everything..." "No...that's not what I want. If I'm never forgotten, what about those that will mourn? They will never move on." "Ha! You really think that will happen?! You're a hated being! A putrid creation of God!" Neko gasped. "No, just a little bit more..." She growled to herself. She closed her eyes again to concentrate. "That doesn't matter to me. Putrid or holy, I will protect those I love." "Oh? Well then, you've failed miserably..." "...! You didn't!!" "Yes, I did. Now, will you seek revenge, or go bid them farewell? This is your only chance to kill me, to break the bonds..." "Screw that! I will find you, be sure of that!" She ran off back towards her home, only to find the whole inside covered with blood. Her friends, family, all of them were stuck to the wall with swords and daggers holding them in place. "N...Neko...what's happening?" Neko turned around to see a little boy, her 5 year old brother. She ran to him, knowing it was too late. She sobbed quietly. "Neko...why are you...crying?" Neko shook her head silently, and kissed his forehead. The boy slowly closed his eyes. Neko closed her eyes as well, and sang to him quietly. "This is what I thought, I thought you'd need me; This is what I thought, so think me naive; I'd promise you a heart, you'd promise to keep; Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep." Neko started crying when she knew he was dead, knowing that she had nothing now. Nothing here... And it was all her fault. Her lousy, putrid, vampric fault. Neko shoved and shoved him out of her mind with the negative energy, crying all the while. Kami looked at Neko. "Shouldn't we help her?" Kami whispered to Ankoku. "This is her ordeal. If she doesn't learn how to deal with her past, she's too weak to deal with the present." Ankoku replied grimly.
  15. Queen Amaranth is her name for a reason! ;3 Booooooowwww. *bows on ground* Awesome games! I've always loved them, always will. Not to mention this awesome site you've created, and all the admins and mods who help us all out. ^^
  16. Katanya turned back to Yoru, making sure to keep her blade pointed at him. "This one is definetely from the Lord." She explained, her cold eyes focused on him. Shimo turned to Katanya. "So what you're saying is that we should kill him?" She asked nonchalantly. "Exactly. One less of the Lord's pawns, and he won't be able to report to his Lord." Katanya smirked.
  17. Neko shot up, and looked around. "M-me...?" She asked uncertaintly. She sighed and turned to Mr. What'shisface. "Alright, so what do I have to do?" She hesitantly asked, not sure about this.
  18. Katanya turned to Mizuki. "Oh yeah sure, when a new enemy appears, you're fine with him joining, but when I try to save you guys, you ask who I am?" She growled. Ibyki turned to Katanya. "Big sister! How?" She gasped. Katanya scoffed. "I think we should deal with this one first." She pointed a sword almost 4 feet long at Yoru.
  19. Ibyki kept her eyes on the last spot she saw her sister, as did Shimo. Suddenly, a girl's voice boomed out of nowhere. "You'll what?! I don't think so!!! I don't care what he wants, he is the enemy for Christ's sake! How do we know he isn't lying?!" The voice ranted. Suddenly, a girl with bright orange hair appeared between Mizuki and Yoru, her fire red eyes focused on Yoru. ((Oooh, here comes Katanya! XD Username: PokeGal Name in story: Katanya Name such a: Arch-Fairy Age: 17 Palace: Volcano Palace Appearance: Bright orange hair, short in back, two long side bangs in front. Fire red eyes. Sleeveless white shirt, red and black checkered mini skirt. Personalize character: Angry. Not much more than that. Likes: Angry people, salt, pepper. Dislikes: Happy-go-lucky people, emo people, sugar Attacks: Amber Anger, Blazing Fushichou, Volcano Eruption. Name of transformation: Anger Henshin Motto: "If I were you, I wouldn't be pissing me off." O.O))
  20. Ankoku acted like nothing happened, her face nonchalant as if she were bored of the previous events. "Whatever. Ranting about things that didn't even happen won't get you anywhere." She muttered. Kami stayed right behind Neko, for some odd reason. She jolted as she realized why, and was silently struggling not to cry at the thought. Neko's all I have left of him.
  21. Well Ceres, you were with Kalanie waiting for Hikashi and Aleria. ^^
  22. >.< Oooooooohhhhh noooooooooooo!!!! We've fallen behind!!!! Sorry, but BUMP!!!! O3O Bump bump bump bump bump...*new bump obsession* bump bump bump bump
  23. As the girls ran up the staircase more, Neko started choking. Kami turned back and helped her, while Ankoku kept watch for whatever might be waiting to ambush them. "You okay, Neko?" Kami asked, worried. Neko coughed, but then breathed easier again. "No. We have to get out of here. If we don't, we won't be able to save Rosalinda." She muttered, her eyes darting everywhere. Ankoku looked at Neko, her face annoyed. "What do you mean?! I can sense her, she's just feet away!" She protested. Kami stood up and turned to Ankoku. "Ankoku, you know just as well as I do that we have to get outside." She murmured. Ankoku turned back to the top of the staircase, only steps away. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something watching... Red eyes glared at them, though the other two seemed oblivious. Ankoku shook her head and looked again, this time they were gone. Kami became worried. "What's wrong?" She asked. Ankoku growled. "Nothing. Let's just get out of here." But when they turned around, an eerie voice cackled through all the girls' minds. Come, my panther. Come, my snow leopard. Come, my lynx. The girls ran outside lightning fast, terrified at the voice. By the time they were outside with everybody else, Kami and Neko were panting, sweating from fear more than exhaustion. Ankoku, however, just kept her back to the others, looking at the school with wide eyes. The voice appeared suddenly in her mind again. My little Panther, the Raven has failed. The Nightingale reached her too fast. I'm counting on you. You understand, yes? I can give you the family you never had. Ankoku gasped quietly, then held her arms as she shook, crying. ((Wintet_Vivaldi: I hope it's okay to use the whole animal thing. I just went with cats for mine. XD))
  24. ((Wow, what does it say about you when you hear a screech in a haunted, zombie-filled, asylum-like school and don't react? XD)) Neko woke up suddenly when she heard the scream. She sat up quickly, and gasped with terror. "Why is it that whenever I'm sleeping, I always have bad dreams?" Neko muttered, getting changed into her "battle fit" clothes. When she was all changed, she ran out into the hallway. "Dang...I can't locate the scream from inside my room...I'm going to have to use magic." She hissed under her breath. She closed her eyes to focus. Bloodtrace...call. Nin, kokutan washi... Kachoufuugetsu, shin wo yuuki... Kodomo, namidaame... Yume, akebono buyouka... She opened her eyes, which were now bright yellow. She darted her eyes everywhere. "I can't sense the headmistress...no...there's something concealing it...Kami and Ankoku are headed towards her." She noted to herself. She closed her eyes and opened them again, and they returned back to normal. She ran towards where she had sensed Kami and Ankoku, and saw them running up the staircase. Kami turned her head when she heard someone. "Neko! Did you hear that?!" She asked her when Neko was running beside them. Neko nodded. "Yeah, it was just enough to wake me up." She muttered.
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