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  1. Sorry, but my honest opinion? It would have to have an EXTREME storyline. Like, exciting, dramatic, and all that jazz. XD
  2. Kami heard a scream come from the school. "The headmistress!" She yelled out. She ran inside, Ankoku at her heels. ((When you say "green-haired girl" do you mean Neko? XD I just can't tell.))
  3. Ankoku shrugged. "Why are you even worrying about it? Plenty of bad things have happened, and you've never cared. You can just hide all of it out. You have no ties." She scolded herself. You're wrong. "Shuddup." Ankoku hissed to herself. She shook her head, and walked inside.
  4. I could help with ideas and stuff, but like Mika, I know nothing about the codes and stuff. Oh! And I could do artwork for the website too! :3
  5. ~Chapter One~ Shinsei looked up, as someone knocked on her door. "M-mistress? You don't need to knock..." She murmured, too scared that if it was her, she'd get angry. The door slowly opened, and a girl with vibrant red hair poked her head in. Shinsei eep'd and hid in the corner. The girl walked in slowly, her hands in the air. Her expression was apologetic. "I'm sorry to intrude. My name's Rena. Yours?" She tried to make small talk with the terrified Shinsei. "Sh-shinsei." She murmured. Rena smiled. Fushichou glided in, and Shinsei ducked again. Fushichou, however, landed right in front of Shinsei. Child, you needn't worry. I mean you no harm, and neither does my friend. Fushichou comforted Shinsei. It worked, and Shinsei looked at both of them with uncertain eyes. "Wh-what do you want...?" She asked shakily. Rena laughed nervously. "Well, that lady left, so I figured this was the best time. I need a Light Magis with me for the area I plan on traveling to. And, well, I sensed a Light Magis here...would that happen to be you?" Shinsei looked up, surprised. "You can sense it? I'm not very good, since my mistress doesn't approve of it, but I can perform the basics." She replied. Rena smiled. "Would you be alright with coming along with me? I could really use your help." Rena asked. Shinsei looked at her feet. "Well, I have no actual travelling clothes, and I don't think my mistress..." She murmured. Rena winked. "Don't worry about that. I've come with enough money to buy traveling clothes, and your mistress already has a clean house, so it shouldn't matter." She assured Shinsei. Shinsei smiled. "Okay!" They headed out immediately, so as to not be caught by Shinsei's mistress. When they were far away enough from the manor, they stopped to sit on a hill, and Shinsei relaxed a bit more. "Phew! I thought we would never get out of there! What a giant house!" Rena moaned. Shinsei looked out from the viewpoint. "Oh yeah, that reminds me. Is there any other Magis that you need?" She asked nonchalantly. Rena looked up at her. "Yeah. We need a Dark Magis." She replied. Ankoku woke up. "Hm. Why the Hades would a Fire Magis and a Light Magis be partnered up?" She muttered, sensing a prescence. Ankoku shrugged. "Who gives a crap." And fell back asleep. ((Wow. So much for being motivated, Ankoku. XD))
  6. Ankoku tch'd and jumped over her gymnastically over to Night and Kami. "You guys okay?" She murmured only loud enough for them to hear. She turned to Night, not waiting for an answer. "My name in this life is Ankoku, but I'd much rather prefer Karasu." She spoke hardly. Kami frowned slightly. "I can't believe you actually told someone..." She grumbled, then stood up. She took an offensive position.
  7. Kami turned serious and rushed through the secret entrance and growled. "What is that girl doing?!" She hissed. Ankoku walked beside Kami with a smirk. "Shall we, sister?" Her voice chimed with a bit of evil. "Tch. Whatever, let's get this over with." Kami agreed. She drew her long white sword. Ankoku giggled with excitement and held her hands in the air. A black mist surrounded them, and it disappeared, leaving two daggers connected by a black chain. Kami teleported herself inside of Night's barrier, and blocked the rocks with her sword. "Are you okay, Night?" She asked while blocking them. Ankoku moved lightning fast behind the girl, and put the chain around her neck to choke her. "I'd rather you stop, little girl. Blood tends to make me a little...scary." She cackled. ((O.O Ankoku's creepy.))
  8. Ankoku giggled. "Why thank you, Mister!" She chimed, gleaming at the fact that she had arranged the makeover for both of them. Kami blushed in embarrassment. "So...what's going on?" She asked, as soon as she had regained herself.
  9. Everyone thanks for the support. But I'm sorry if the chapters come only once in a while. I have a lot of homework lately, but this is my last full week of school. A week from this Thursday, I'll be free on summer vacation!!
  10. ~Rena's Prolouge~ Rena's mother walked into her room, her face furious at the sight of her still in bed. "Rena! You are to immediately get ready!" She screamed. "No! I don't want to be the next one!" Rena yelled in protest. Her mother threw a kimono gown on her bed. "I don't care! Now, Rena! Get ready!" She screamed again, and left the room, slamming the door. Rena sat up. "Damn moms..." She muttered, and looked at the kimono. "I don't want to be the town priestess. Those people look at me like they should bow before me. What the hell's up with that?" She muttered again, scowling at the kimono. Rena opened her window, and raised her hand. A flash of fire appeared in the sky. A small pheonix flew in, and curled up on her shoulder. What's wrong, Rena? The bird cooed with telepathy. Rena sighed. "Fushichou, I don't want to be the priestess." She complained. You can always leave, Rena. You have power over them, they can't deny you. Even so, that only proves your duty. You are the descendant of the Fire God, Kazan, after all. Fushichou contradicted her words with another. Rena sighed. "I guess so. Fushichou, could you handle carrying me to the next island?" She asked the garnet bird uncertaintly. Fushichou seemed to smirk. Of course. What do you take me for? Qwillie: Yeah, sorry they're so short. Hopes this makes the story so far better sounding!
  11. Shimo heard a blast, and woke up Ibyki. "Come on, let's find out what that was!" She whispered. Ibyki got ready quickly, and they headed out. ~At the same time~ Mikio turned back into her normal transformed self when Hikuro was gone. "That was a little too easy...especially since he was a General..." She mumbled. ~ When they were there, Ibyki gasped. "You!" She yelled at the sight of Mikio. Mikio turned with a scared face, and ran off. N-no! She saw me! She screamed in her head.
  12. Ankoku scoffed and walked back to Koneko. "Nya? Where we goin?" Koneko mewed. Ankoku got a little blood from her hand and drew a symbol with it. "Doramizuo, idiot." Ankoku muttered. She teleported them back to their lab/house/torture chamber in Doramizuo, and Koneko went inside immediately. Ankoku stayed outside, contemplating the actions that had taken place today. "Another necromancer...that thing awakening...this world's goin all to hell." She grumbled.
  13. I'm all for it. As long as you have permission, you should go for it. I'm probably one of the biggest AP fans there is, and I love the graphics the way they are. Even so, I think it's great that you're courageous to tackle something like this. ^^
  14. Ankoku sighed, then turned to Kami. "Listen. I hate you. You hate me." She said. "Let's get together and kill Barney..." Kami whismically whispered, looking at the ceiling. Ankoku covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. "N-not exactly what I was goin for." She coughed, then continued. "Don't get the idea that I had anything to with Blade." She explained. Kami waved her hand. "I know, Kara-er, Ankoku." Kami coughed, then muttered something incoherent. Ankoku looked at Kami's hair. "I liked your old hair better." She randomly noted. Kami sat up. "In our last lives, we tried to kill each other multiple times. And you're telling me that you paid attention to my hair?" She asked. Ankoku shrugged. "I've been considering shaping mine up like old times. Why don't you?" She asked. Kami sighed. "I...I don't know..." She muttered. Ankoku lit up. "We could give each other makeovers!" She giggled. Kami facepalmed. "Great..." She muttered. Ankoku immediately pulled a suitcase from under her bed, and set it on top. Kami walked over, her face curious. "What's in there?" She inquired. "Makeover stuff, silly." Ankoku chimed, and opened it. There were folded up dresses, t-shirts, mini skirts, and hair supplies. Ankoku got a brush and a pair of scissors, and turned to Kami. "Pwetty pwease?" She asked with a puppy dog face. Kami sighed in defeat. "Fine." She answered simply. Ankoku smiled, and started brushing her hair. An hour later, Ankoku directed Kami to the mirror in their room, and Kami gasped. "You...you did it!" She gasped. She had shoulder-length hair now, and the front two strands of hair on the sides were curled at the end. Ankoku smiled, and handed her a brush, scissors, and a band. Kami immediately got to work, and in half an hour, it was done. Ankoku turned, and giggled. "Yaaay, you did it!" She had her hair in in a ponytail, which went slightly further than shoulder-length. Her bangs, once messy and long, were now straight and just above her eyes. Ankoku pounted to the suitcase with outfits, and mischeviously smiled. Kami gulped. "Oh, crap..." She muttered. ((Extremely long post, huh? XD))
  15. ((I'll wait, but I hope no one let's this thread fall too far back! ^^))
  16. Just use your strongest attack, and I'll take care of the rest. Mikio explained. *Ryuu Unmei Activation!* She thought. She transferred all of her magic energy to Mizuki.
  17. The man charged at Mizuki, drawing a sword. Mikio's eyes grew wider, and instinct caused her to push her and Mizuki out of the way. "Haha! You really think that that alone can stop me, little brat?!" The General yelled at Mikio. Mikio stood up in front of Mizuki. She tried to threaten him into giving Keiichi back. "Give us back Keiichi and I won't-" "Hahaha! You won't what? You obviously aren't strong enough to defeat me!" He interrupted. "Tch! Dang, he's right." Mikio hissed. She turned to Mizuki. "Mizuki, I'm going to use my secondary form. It's called a power charm. When I transform, put the charm on your staff. It will combine our powers!" Mikio whispered. A swirl of sky blue light covered Mikio, and she transformed into a small charm with shooting star images on it. Now, Mizuki! Mikio's voice echoed.
  18. @Enchantress: Well, the next two are going to be short as well, since they're prolouges. I'm gonna post the second prolouge since it's already done, but I'll need more time to work on the third one. ^^ ~Karasu's Prolouge~ The leaves rustled in the trees. He stood inches away from her, his sword at her neck. She was crying, not in sadness, but in disbelief. "No...this can't be the end..." She murmured. She squinted her eyes, and pushed him away with a quick strike. He stepped back, stunned. She immediately pulled her pistol on him. "I know you are a mortal." She hissed. "And mortals," She muttered, "do not deserve mercy." She pulled the trigger without hesitation, ending the man's life. A loud crash of thunder echoed through the sky, and it started drizzling. Yet she stood in place, over his body. Soon, it was pouring to the point of pain. The girl closed her eyes. "Death. Heh. Like I care much." She muttered to herself, and walked inside an abandoned barn. She curled up on a hidden haystack, and attempted to sleep.
  19. This is my first every story. >3< *is nervous* Well, this about the beginnings of Shinsei, Karasu, and Rena. Yes, the "sweetheart" Rena. Turns out, she's actually a serial killer. O.o Well, here's the first of the three prolouges: ~Shinsei's Prolouge~ "You are to never disobey me again!! Do you understand?!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. The small girl covered her eyes to hide the tears. "Y-yes..." She whimpered. She crawled off to her room, shutting it quietly as to not anger her master again. She looked up. The dim lightbulb, along with the steel walls, was the only thing she had in her room. There was a scratchy rug for her to sleep on. She looked down at her bare feet. "Love...what is it?" "Is it...um...er...could it be...no...what...?" She whispered. I have no past...but...everyone has one, right? But mistress said...that I don't even deserve to live. Yet, she doesn't let me kill myself, and end it altogether. I wonder why... Sorry it's so short! >3<
  20. (( :oops: My bad. :oops: :oops: I've got an infection, so my brain isn't working. All the A's and I's threw me off. XD))
  21. Mikio sniffed the air. She frowned slightly. "Fighting. Dang. Guess it can't be helped..." She muttered, then held her hand in the air. "Unmei Transformation!" She yelled. A blue light surrounded her, and when it disappeared, she was wearing a short navy blue skirt. She had a long staff in her hand, and her shirt was a tanktop, navy blue as well. She went in an offensive position. "Well then, General Snots-a-lot, you're going down!" She yelled. She charged at him with incredible speed. "Unmei Fiinikkusu Blast!" She yelled, and a large energy beam appeared out of the staff and shot at the General. It exploded on contact, leaving only a cloud of dust visible at the moment... ((I'll leave the next part to you, Asia. XD))
  22. Koneko looked at Ankoku. "Mah, Ankoku-chaan, are you comin?" She meowed. Ankoku shook her head. "Stay here, I'm going to town. You'd be too noticable." She replied. Koneko shook her head, and walked into the cave. Ankoku ran back to the town they nearly entered. She looked around, trying to find that girl's energy trace. She squinted her eyes, this ability had always been a pest. "Honey, you have a special power." A man kneeled so he was face-to-face with her. "But daddy, I don't want to be special. I want to be normal, and stay with you and mommy." She moaned, tears in her eyes. Her dad hugged her. "There, there. I know that when you're big and strong, you can come to see us." He comforted her. She sniffled. "Stupid magic, stupid necromancers." She muttered. Ankoku scoffed. "Otou-san never meant it. He killed Ma and herself."
  23. Mikio slowly nodded. "Hai..." She murmured. ~ Shimo looked at the sky. She reached her hand out towards it, and clasped her hand in a fist, as if holding something. "The sky is your domain...thou shalt not interfere in thy kingdom, in the eternal heavens..." She whispered. She closed her eyes, and remembered a moment of her life. "Shimo!! Hurry up! If you're late, everybody'll be angry again!" A boy with copper-brown hair beckoned for her to follow. She sighed. "Ryo-kun, I can't run with my cast." She complained, pointing to the cast covering her left foot. Ryo made a frowning face. "I can't just leave you here." He pouted, and ran back to her and picked her up without a sweat. She blushed. "R-ryo-kun, I can still walk." She muttered. Ryo giggled. "If you trip, you'll mess up your pigtails. Plus, I can't stand waiting. You know that, Shimo-chan." Shimo sighed. "Ryo...I'm going to do my best. I'll make your dream come true, no matter what it takes." She whispered.
  24. Neko stood in her dorm, her hands clasped as if praying. "Blade...why the hell did you leave? Especially now that I need you...your jokes would help in this time." Neko murmured. She looked out the window, and she shuddered as a wave of energy was flung from somewhere. I've felt this before...it was... She gasped in alarm. It was when we first met Kami! She ran down the hallway, to Kami's dormroom, and hissed when she opened the door. Her hiss was directed towards Ankoku. "You! Are you here to kill us or something?!" She spat. Ankoku shrugged, and fiddled with her hair. "Nu-uh. I'm here with Nee-chan." She mused. Kami sighed, then fell back on her bed. "Neko, this isn't that girl. This is my younger sister, Ankoku." She muttered. Neko shifted in embarassment. "O-okay...sorry bout that." She grumbled, then ran back to her room. Sister...as if. ((Actually, it would be poor Neko. She's really got a sweet disposition, and doesn't like to fight. Timid...:3))
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