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  1. I understand the whole respect thing. I, however, am perhaps, "socially deprived". I can't make small talk, which doesn't help you get new friends when you're moving from school to school. XD
  2. PokeGal

    Swine Flu

    O_o When did this become a debate? Lol Well, I've heard that in my school district there were 5 confirmed cases of the swine flu, yet they kept the school open. -_-" Yeah, that's real smart. @UnicornLady: Wow. Those statistics are frightening to me. I should really check on Kansas' statistics now. I know the point wasn't to be scared, but it's human nature.
  3. Aaron thought he heard some voices, and turned to it's origin. "I can hear you there! Come on out! It's now or never, bozos! You're really starting to piss me off, y'know!" He yelled out. ~ Raven thunked her head against the cold metal. "Whatever." She muttered, and tried to sleep. When it didn't work, however, she decided to try something. She extracted a small amount of power from her mind, concentrated it, and aimed it at the bars holding her hands down. Immediately, it melted. She did the same to the other one, and got the same result. Soon, she was free. She walked to the door. "Heeeeey! I'm ooooout! Now, mind openin the door?! I don't wanna blow it up!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.
  4. Honestly, I have one solid opinion about swearing. They're words. I've never, in my whole life, gotten the big deal. I 've been exposed to those words all my life. Even when I first started hearing them, I never made a big deal. And I do not get this at all. I do believe that there is a thing as being oversensitive. One of my old friends was talking to me once, and a minor swear word slipped out of my mouth. Next thing I new, she was screaming in my ear that I was going to hell. Again, keep in mind that I said old friend. Also, there are so many other things that people can, and should worry about. How about disease? Starving kids? War? Should I continue?
  5. ((Lol poor Neko...oooh, we can say their crushes? Naaaah, I shouldn't. XD)) Ankoku walked down the hall, Kami slowly following. Suddenly, she stopped. "Hey, you get it now, don't you?" Ankoku muttered. Kami slightly nodded. She pulled out her sword. Ankoku turned, amused. "You still have Mrovai?" She mused quietly. "Hai." Kami murmured. "And I'm going to use it to destroy you..." "Karasu." Kami snickered. Ankoku grimaced, then sighed. "Oh well, you got me. But, then again, there's only one person who could reveal my identity...Shinsei." Kami/Shinsei growled in frustration. "Dammit..." She put her sword back, and looked Ankoku/Karasu in the eyes. "I'll keep your secret, you keep mine." She muttered. Ankoku waved with her eyes closed. "Whatever."
  6. Ankoku came back to the dining room, half-smiling. "Nee-chan, we should go back to our dorm. Rosalinda sounds serious." She chimed. "Hai." Kami muttered, then followed Ankoku back to their dorm.
  7. Mikio got up and followed Mizuki. While they were running, Mikio looked at the ground, her eyes uncertain. Ibyki...there's no way to deny it. I'm going to have to see them soon. What will they think of me?
  8. Mikio looked at Mizuki. "I've been wandering this area for a few years, especially the park. So, I know it's anatomy. We might be able to use the landscape to our advantage against them." She explained, then continued drawing. When she finished, she spreaded it on the ground, and pointed to important areas. "There's a lot of rocks, which can be used as shields, jumping points, or weapons." Mikio explained.
  9. Raven yawned. "Come on people, I'm gettin older by the second!" She yelled. ~ "Tch. Tough crowd, eh?" Aaron muttered, when he recieved no response. She's awake...Raven...
  10. "Neh, you know me pretty well. Fighting's not my thing. But, I do have a good idea." Mikio mused. She pulled a notebook out of her pocket, and started drawing on it. "Rocks...water...enemies...grass...they're all variables...weapons in the battle..." Mikio muttered to herself.
  11. The girl shifted nervously at Mizuki's question. "I'll go with you, but I'd rather not Ibyki or Shimo come. You see...I wasn't kidnapped. I ran away on my own. I'm ashamed to look at them again." She muttered. "But I'll be a big help..." She added quietly. She looked at Mizuki and slightly smiled. "Anyways, my name is Mikio, and I'm the Guardian of Fate." She smiled wider this time.
  12. Raven scoffed. "Helloooooo?! Anybody with a brain out there?! I'd like some assistance gettin these freakin bars off my hands, please!" She yelled. Damn Natzies. ((That's gonna be Raven's new catchphrase. XD It doesn't even make sense, but that's the funny part.))
  13. The girl on the roof overheard Mizuki, and floated through the window. "Neh, AngelLily! Don't you get it? You are nothing without your friends. They want to be by your side to help you, so let them!" She scolded in her quiet voice.
  14. Kami looked down. "To have one life...that is what I want. I'm sick and tired of living the same life over and over, dying the same way." She whispered. Behind the door, Ankoku hid, listening in. When the girl ended her little speech, she ran off. Sister, eh? Yeah right. These people believe that? ((O.O Plot twist with Kami and Ankoku!! X3))
  15. ((Ok, here's the other girl's profile: Name in story: Mikio Name such as: Guardian of Fate Age: 14 Palace: Destiny Palace Appearance: Waist-length dark green hair, brown eyes. Personalize character: Shy, quiet, reserved, yet kind at the same time. Likes: Reading, drawing Dislikes: Loud noises Attacks: Psychic Slash, Mind-beam Name of transformation: Destiny Henshin! Motto: "Leave it to destiny..." Here's Shimo's: Name in story: Shimo Name such as: Guardian of Eternity Age: 20 Palace: Eternis Palace Appearance: Elbow-length icy blue hair, bright blue eyes. Personalize character: Spunky personality, isn't afraid to kick some bad guy butt. Likes: Kicking bad guy butt Dislikes: Bad guys kicking her butt Attacks: Ice sword, Chilly Wind, Eien Tsuki Ryuu Name of transformation: Eternal Henshin! Motto: "Let's get this show on the road!" I edited Ibyki's profile too.)) The girl flew to the top of the building, then sat down. "Nah...what to do...should I help Ibyki and Shimo...?" She murmured to herself.
  16. A small entity like Ibyki peeked quietly through the doorway and saw Mizuki crying. "Stop crying...turn from a girl...who is scared...to a girl...with courage...AngelLily..." The girl murmured, then floated out of the house. ((Oh, I'm gonna post the new character's profiles. Sorry I dropped Koneko, but I just felt the need to use my newer chars. >3< Name in story: Ibyki Name such as: Guardian of Courage Age: 13 Palace: Kokoro Palace Appearance: Has short, rusty orange-colored choppy hair, bangs just above eyes, and light green eyes. Personalize character: Is very energetic, usually rushes things. Is positive in bad situations. Likes: Almost everything. Dislikes: Evil Attacks: Supersonic Slash, Heart-beam, Fury Shield Name of transformation: Courage Henshin!Motto: "Hell yea!" Edited.))
  17. Kami turned back, just in time to see a zombie to explode into dust. She saw that the nameless girl had shot it. Ankoku nodded, and ran off to check other students. Kami's face turned emotionless, as she turned to the girl. "I never told you when we first met that teacher...but...I did have a request." Kami murmured to her. "My wish..." She slowly quieted her voice. "Is to die." ((I guess you can say Kami's emo now, she feels no need for life. ;-; Poor Kami.))
  18. "It's most likely that he just teleported back to his Lord." Shimo muttered. "I didn't feel any dark energy disspell." "B-but you did great, Shimo! Now we know you have great power!" Ibyki fretted.
  19. Yeah, but it's so bad with my parents, we can't even keep the window down on the highway. o.o
  20. Me? I never swear to people. I was raised in a family where it's considered rude. Now, when I'm alone, that's a different story. XD I'm not saying I'm swearing every other word when I'm alone, but it's maybe one swear word every 7-8 sentences. That's like being a saint compared to my parents when they're driving. XD
  21. "Eien Tsuki Ryuu!" A dragon made of white energy slashed through the Guardian, and he dissolved into light. Shimo put her staff down, and tried to catch her breath. "Shimo! I didn't know you could do an attack like that! Are you ok?" Ibyki exclaimed. "Y-yeah...just outta breath." Shimo panted. ((Her attack means Eternal Moon Dragon. Me loves makin Romanji attacks.))
  22. Ankoku slowly nodded to herself as they reached a small cave. "Ankoku, this looks like a good place to rest!" Koneko called. Ankoku walked towards it, and thought about the girl. I wonder why I didn't fell the need to kill her...could she possibly have been a necromancer? Ankoku quickly dismissed the thought. No, there can't be any other necromancers around here.
  23. Ibyki heard Mizuki and became distressed. "Mizuki! What's going on?!" She yelled. "Only one way to find out!" The girl replied. They both ran out to where Mizuki was, and saw Keiichi hurt with Mizuki next to him. The girl stepped closer, but prepared to defend from an attack instead. "There's more coming. Ibyki, take care of the wounded one. I'll finish these ones off." She directed Ibyki. Ibyki did as told, and healed his wounds immediately. "Mizuki, take Keiichi back to his house. He needs to rest. I need to help cous-I mean, Shimo, fight the creatures." Ibyki instructed. ((Shimo isn't Ibyki's mom, her mom's captured by the dude. XD Shimo also means frost in Japanese.))
  24. Koneko jumps from branch to branch, leaving Ankoku in thought in the trees. Something...is definetely going to happen. Ankoku looked at the clouds. No dark skies...bah, who cares? I thrive in bloodshed. Ankoku followed Koneko, who was much farther ahead by now. I don't care...but...what's this feeling?
  25. Kami looked up and dropped her fork on the ground. "Holy hell! Is that a zombie?!" Kami yelled. Ankoku immediately grabbed a dagger from her coat and threw it at the zombie's head. It disintegrated, leaving a pile of dust on the ground. Ankoku walked over to it and whistled. "Woah. That's some zombie. Look at all that dust! This thing could've ripped the school apart!" She muttered. ((As far as I've heard from where I live, zombie's turn to dust if you stab their head. Also, I've heard the more dust they leave behind, the stronger they were.))
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