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  1. Neko slowly opened her eyes, groaning. "What in the heck..." She muttered. She slowly lifted her head off the pillow. Wait just a second! Why is my head on a pillow?! She looked at the blanket. Why is there a blanket covering me?! She looked at Rosalinda. Why is SHE here?! ((Neko's wounds are healed, but her body's still in shock from the pain she received. That's why she's not talking.))
  2. Kami suddenly started running down the hallway quickly, with Blade standing there. She got to her dorm, went inside, but instead of sleeping, she opened the window. She climed out with the border of wood on the window, and used the small crevices in the school's exterior to climb up to the top of the school. She stood up, put her hands out strait, and closed her eyes. She loved the feeling of the wind... Suddenly, she realized what this impulse was all about. It's more than likely...that I'll never feel the breeze again.
  3. "Meh, then it was probably some stupid kid from my school. They seem to get a kick out of that." Raven said calmly.
  4. Even though I agree with KTC, I also understand why you'd be freaked out. I mean, you dedicated that to a special thing in your life, and I'd be angry too. Let's just be glad it's still here, kay?
  5. Blade got to the infirmary, with Kami tailing him. He placed Neko on the bed, then sighed. "Sun's already going down? Oh well." Kami said nothing, thinking about the torture room. "Excuse me. I should be leaving." Kami murmered, then walked out. Blade followed her, and when she was halfway through the hall, he grabbed her wrist and stopped her. She turned around. "Kami, promise me something." He said, dead serious. "Hm? What is it?" She asked. "Promise me that you won't go back there. What happened to Neko...she's half immortal. Astrals like you..." He trailed off. "That's why I'm getting stronger, don't you understand? And besides." She suddenly hugged him. "I'm worried about you. They said astrals were last. So, shouldn't you be more worried about yourself?" She whispered. "Traditions have a tendency to end sometime, Kami." He replied quietly, hugging her protectively. ((Don't ask why I did a mushy-gushy part. It's not like me at all, I just had the impulse. X3))
  6. Blade motioned Kami to let go of Neko, and he carefully picked her up in a better position. He looked at the teacher, and calmly stated, "Sorry. Me and my cousin don't do so well with teleportation." And, he sped off. Kami sighed. She turned to the teacher, and murmered, "Sorry. They're really good people." She started running after them, yelling, "Blade! Wait uuuup!"
  7. Raven giggled. "No worries. I'm not leavin my prince. Oh yeah! You've never met Aaron, have you?" Raven asked out loud. "Oh well, that's for later." Suddenly, Raven remembered seeing something in her house. "Hey Ceres. Did you...get a note? I got one this morning, talking about meeting them, and some weird "no running away" part." Raven asked.
  8. Blade turned to Gonzo. "Yeah, but I can't remember where the infirmary sign pointed to." Neko mumbled something incoherent in her unconcious, and Kami gave a worried look at her.
  9. Kami and Blade lifted the unconcious Neko, and started walking towards the exit. When Kami saw the headmistress, she looked at her and asked, "We need to know where the infirmary is." "Now." Blade added quietly, looking at the still-bleeding Neko.
  10. Raven giggled slightly. "You eat like my little sis used to." Then, Raven raised her hand. "Itadakimsasu!"
  11. I think you got it right too, Enchantress! X3
  12. I'm assuming that we can also have more that one character, nee-chan? :3
  13. Kami heard the whispers as well, and stared at the black liquid. "Is that...blood?" Kami whispered, looking at it. ~ "Well, it's better someone who's half immortal to face this, right?" Neko muttered, grabbing her bleeding leg. For some reason, her powers were on the frit, since she couldn't stop the bleeding. Blade looked at her then turned to Neo. "What she really means is thank you." He told him. As Neo walked off, suddenly Neko had a dizzy spell that wasn't even regular with all this blood-loss. Colors flashed everywhere, and then her vision shattered like a mirror as she passed out. Kami ran over and started shaking her shoulders, but Neko didn't respond. ((Again, not trying to kill Neko. "No pain, no gain" right? ))
  14. "&$%#!" Neko cursed under her breath. Like her brother, she wasn't fully immortal, she was reminded that again due to the pain. Kami ran over to her, but did nothing. "Neko!" She cried. "Are you okay?! I could..." She trailed off. Blade stopped her by placing his hand on her shoulder, and Kami walked away. Blade tried to lift it off, then turned to her. He tried to lift the bookshelf and failed. "Dang, I almost asked you to help." He half-chuckled. Neko grinned, then winced. A large piece of wood had pierced her left leg, and it was bleeding badly. Blade covered his nose. "Can't you make that bleeding of yours stop at least? I can't concentrate on lifting this thing." Neko remained silent, but shook her head. She grabbed her leg and writhed around, trying to get out. Suddenly, she screamed as another piece of wood cut her other leg. "&$%#!!! &$%#&$%#&$%#!!!!" She hissed, and stopped moving her legs. ((No, I'm not trying to kill Neko. I just felt that I was focusing too much on Kami. Oh, and in the game, Kami or Neko could be a playable character. :3 Pick whicheve))
  15. Neko looked around. "What is it?! What do I need to chop?" Neko muttered, looking around. Blade stopped at the sight of the headmistress, and let Kami down. Kami silently looked back at the entrance. Neko... Kami thought.
  16. Blade took Neo's advice and grabbed Kami's hand, but instead picked her up and ran. For a split second, Blade looked at Neo, with a worried look on his face. Neko ran next to the door and pointed to it. "I want all of you running like hell's flames are chasing you! Understand?! You do not stop running until you are out of the library, and in your dorms!" Yelled Neko, as she sheathed her staff again. Suddenly, the spear-point started to glow. ((:3 Neko's got a big-sister complex.))
  17. Neko solemnly shuddered. The sight of blood wasn't new, sure, but she hated when it was spilled for torture. "Who would do something like this?" Kami whispered, leaning on Blade's shoulder. Blade himself said nothing, but he refused to look at the room after a first glance. ((Guys, I'm tryin to decide whether Blade and Kami should get back together or not. Any ideas?))
  18. ((Well, you know what Kami looks like, if you check the Collegium, and Blade. If you look back far enough, you should see Neko there too. XD I should do a piccie of them soon.)) Kami tried to ignore the man, it was because of him that they were here in the first place. Neko, however, turned to him with fierce eyes. She pulled out a small extending spear, and pointed it at him. "What's it to you where we go?!" She hissed. She wasn't taking second chances anymore. ((No more Ms. Nice Neko. X3))
  19. Neko put the book down, and strolled past everyone strait into the passageway. Blade followed behind, but stayed back just enough to where the others could see. Kami, however, stayed back with everyone. "Thou shalt not cower in thy dark, thy's light shall illuminate the darkness and purify the evil..." Kami chanted sullenly, her voice seemed much different. She turned to everyone, smiling nervously. "Sorry about that. I get little historical spells from my past lives. It was probably in one of my favorite books." Kami turned around, muttering. "Yeah, a book from the 1500's. Feh." ((Great. Kami sounds whack in the head. And I soooo wish that I had the ability to make an RPG, I'd make one for this. Guess what it'd be called? Spirituallya Academy. Original, I know. XD))
  20. ((That. Would. Be. SWEET!!! I've actually been considering what this RP would be like as an anime...but, unfortunately, I suck at drawing animations. If only...)) Kami looked over at the paper with the sum. "5? Isn't that a divine number or something?" She pondered out loud. Neko waved at Min'hira and Masana, then walked over to the fountain. She looked in, whispering, "Dang, if this were a blood fountain, I could have this stuff floating in the air with ease." She shrugged. "Oh well." She sat down, and started reading some books on human physics. ((Kami's the nurse-type, and Neko's the physics girl. XD But, then Neko makes sense, her controlling blood and all.))
  21. "Hey Ceres, this is the new girl, Lily." She pointed to the girl. Raven's face became slightly more serious. "So, Yousuke disappeared, right?" Raven smiled. "Well, then, there's only one thing to do."
  22. "But, they only suspected, right? Right??" Kami muttered. She did not like the idea of ghosts being able to communicate with the students like the hooded man had.
  23. Kami ran over to where Night was standing, and read the book over her shoulder. She gasped. "You mean, there's a chance that...Rosilinda...?" Kami whispered. Neko, who read Kami's mind with her blood abilities, simply shrugged. "Wouldn't surprise me." She looked out a window. "This land's covered in enough blood, what's the difference if it belongs to a certain person? Blood..." She walked closer to the window, and reduced her voice to a whisper. "...is blood." A blood-covered land...wouldn't that be my haven? A place covered in that which I control...but, even so, this place... Neko's eyes narrowed. Something's not right about this place. Why would Rosalinda kill her own brother, knowing that all of the principal duties would be left to her alone? Especially with all these creatures. That's like commiting suicide.
  24. This is an RP, which means Roleplay. It's like an RPG, only written.
  25. Raven heard Ceres yell to stay there. "Alright!" She replied. Then, she kept on explaining the things that had happened so far with the senshi.
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