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  1. Kami looked at the teacher. "What's he doing...?" She whispered to Ankoku. Ankoku shrugged slightly. "No idea. Maybe, getting ready? Maybe Neko did more than defending?" She guessed.
  2. esturia: Sorry, I kinda freaked too. I'm kind of the opposite, I don't like the taste. My parents tried to give me a hot dog when I was little, and I spit it at their face. XD And what I lack in protein, I make up in calcium. Milk, cheese, milk, chocolate milk, macaroni, cottage cheese. That's the food I ate today. No joke.
  3. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    Neko turned to Masana and smirked. "Who said I was going to let her fall?" She giggled, raising her hand as one of her eyes lost it's pupil and turned completely red. Her abilities were, persay, useful. They were rare, even for a necromancer/vampire. Her ability with blood allowed her to control ones body once she had gotten a good whiff of them, which she had done both when she shielded Ren and when she had grabbed Gringe's broom. ((It doesn't matter if someone finds out. She's a vampire, she can suck you dry. XD Neko: *smacks head* Why do you always lie about me? You know that I hate blood. Me: You hate blood? It's the source of your power. Neko: ...I...well..erm...I hate drinking blood. Me: That's what I thought.))
  4. Quote: vegetarianism is not the answer. Does that mean people will stop being vegetarians? No. Sorry, but I'm still not going to eat meat. That's just not me. Trust me, I'm a big christian, but I'm not going to change who I am. I do, however, believe that those "activists" need to find a different method of getting their opinion out. As you said, talking to the cruel farmers would be a good, peaceful start.
  5. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    Neko turned, her face wide. She hadn't noticed that she had just saved her acquaintance. She shook her head, this wasn't the time for reunions. She shook off the plants that remained from Masana's spell. "Thanks." She murmured. She looked up at Gringe, who was in the air. "Trying to escape on that broom of yours won't work." She taunted. This is where things would get fun. She jumped up with ease to Gringe's height, smirking. Being both a necromancer and a vampire had it's advantages. She grabbed the broom, and dragged it down as she landed, almost cat-like. ((I looked it up, and I didn't even know. Neko means cat in Japanese. O_o I seriously had no idea.))
  6. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    Neko dodged the roots with ease and sighed. "Well, there goes not making a scene." She muttered. She continued to dodge the roots easily, she was far too nimble for them. I only have to wear her down. No point in spilling blood... She thought.
  7. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    Neko smirked. "I'd very much like to challenge you, but I'm afraid it'd be too easy. I might as well be challenging a spider." She wiped her neon-green bangs from her eyes. She had grown her hair considerably longer in an attempt to hide her identity, now it was down to her waist.
  8. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    ((Tei: Really? Interesting. XD)) Neko turned, and saw a necromancer and a girl. Curious, she walked over, just in time to see a hand throw a potion on the girl. But, Neko created a shield over the girl with ease, blocking the potion. She grabbed the girl by her arm holding the potion, and dragged her out of the bush more. "I'm surprised that you didn't take the precaution to add myrica infusion and elephant garlic so someone couldn't block it. If you don't learn how to make your potions fail-safe, you don't deserve to call yourself a necromancer." She noted nonchalantly. She turned to the necromancer and the girl. "Are you okay? I would hope this wanna-be didn't get either of you, but there's no problem making sure." She asked.
  9. PokeGal

    Witchrot (RP)

    Neko stood on a corner, waiting. She sighed, when she realized she didn't know what she was even waiting for. With her entire hometown slaughtered, she decided it would be better to get away before people wrongly suspected her. Her bag ruffled, and a small kitten peeked it's head out. Shiko took the kitten and held it close to her, stroking it gently. Lilial, the kitten, had been the only thing besides herself that had survived that cold massacre. Lilial mewed, and Neko put her back in her bag and zipped it shut. There were young aspiring witches everywhere. Neko sneered. They think they need their mentors to get stronger. How puny. She thought. ((I'm using Neko for two reasons: 1. She's a necromancer 2. I need to put her in more RPs. XD))
  10. And asking for more than the awesomeness the Aveyond games possess would not be right, ne? Awesomeness shall not be tainted!!! XD
  11. KTC: The whole reason I mentioned the ASPCA is because I'm an aspiring animal cop. I cry whenever I see the commercials. XD I love ASPCA because they don't put the animals to sleep within 24 hours, and they don't charge you if you want to give up your animal(s).
  12. Wow. CloFu? Are you kidding me? And sea kittens I'm a vegetarian, but PETA's just taking this a little too far. We're humans, omnivores. We were made to eat both plants and animals. Are you going to shoot a lion because it kills animals? No, because that's how it survives. I may not like eating animals myself, but I'm a big believer in a little thing I like to call th food chain. As one of the top creatures on the food chain, humans do have the right to eat meat. Even so, there is another point. I'm fine with people sticking to animals that are plenty and numbers and in no danger of nearing extinction. It's those people in the world who hunt exotic animals that are about to disappear forever just because "it's yummy" or "it makes a really pretty fur coat". That bothers me. And I do believe that animals have feelings. Does that mean I'll run in front of a fly? Nope. Sorry, but if I'm really doing a bad thing by not defending a common insect, then I'll make up for it later when I'm involved in the ASPCA. EcoTerrorism? It just goes to show how some people don't have their facts right. I think that if everyone just had an open mind and learned to accept that some people will continue to eat animals to matter what, we'd have less harassment and bombings in the word. And chimera, you make great points, but my opinion is that we should be focusing on things one at a time. Tell me, would you rather save one animal that millions are already running to save, or try and help out in finding a cure for cancer? I'd choose cancer without a doubt. My great-grandmother died of it, and I know what it does to you. It makes people feel miserable. I'm sure all those animals feel pretty lousy too, but at least they have some hope since not all of us are scrambling to get some meat, but what do the starving children, those people being killed daily from wars, and those with incurable diseases have? They don't have all that much, honestly. If we tackle a problem at a time, it'll seem like forever. But really, don't you think those people would be ecstatic knowing that their mom's going to get a cure for her disease? And all the abused children when they get to have good homes with people who love them and care about them? What about those families, those children who get to see their dad come home from a deadly war? Note: I was not trying to add wood to the fire here, I just wanted to state my opinion on things.
  13. PokeGal

    Avvies and Siggies

    I'm in love with this song, Human Alice Sacrifice. Slight blood, but not terribly gorey. I made an avvie and siggie set for it. ^^ The pics are of the main Vocaloid characters, Kaito, Meiko, Miku, and my faves, twins Rin and Len. :3
  14. I'm from Northeast Kansas. :3 Being the in the center state is awesome! If it weren't for Kansas, there'd be a sea in the smack middle of the US!! XD
  15. Yes cheese is some very tasty stuff. :evil:
  16. You're prettier than I am. XD I can't get a pic of me up yet until I find the cord to hook my cell up to my computer. ._."
  17. Which I think is just plain stupid. >.> Nothing from animals? At all?? Edited. OK, that was flamy. Don't go overboard. ~Argoyle
  18. This is great! I always imagine the voices of characters as I read dialogue, now I get to compare what I come up with to the voice-acting! ^^
  19. I know I've basically said this already, but I can't resist. My friend said her family was having chicken for dinner, and asked if I wanted to have some. Well, I said no, and she just got in my business all of a sudden. She was saying stuff like, "Well, it won't kill ya! Come on, it's tasty! Just eat a little!" I, for one, get very angry at those who get in my business when they shouldn't be, so I replied like this, "Guess what?! It wouldn't kill ya to leave me and my opinions alone, now would it?!" It reminds me of my friend who's an atheist, everybody tries to convert her. -.-" Some people just don't get the word, "No."
  20. Hiya Ashen_Eclipse! Well, since you've already been lurking, there's no need to tell ya how great AM is! Yay!!! A Shugo Chara fan!! Sweetness! :3
  21. I'm definetely not a vegan. I drink almost 10 glasses of milk a day. XD My dad says what I lack in muscle, I make up plentily in bone mass. And I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to take that as a compliment. 0.o
  22. I'm a vegetarian. Does that mean I harass people about it? Heck no. I don't harass those who eat meat, just as I expect those who eat meat to leave me and my opinion be. I just don't like the taste, and I don't like the idea. And frankly, it becomes irritating when people around me try to make me eat meat when I've clearly told them no. I've never once bothered people about eating meat. But back onto the PETA discussion, they've taken it too far. If they want to "defend nature and animals" I don't think it would be such a great idea for them to harass people, and as KTC said, to go so far as to bomb a place full of people. After all, humans are considered mammals, which is a group of animals. So if these so called "activists" want to save the animals, they should get their facts right and be more peaceful about it.
  23. Maybe I'll get to beta test along with others this time! XD That's what's called, "wishful thinking" XD
  24. PokeGal


    Neko: :evil: Unfortunately, I sometimes tend to... Me: Dear God, it's out again. *runs* Kami: *sweatmark* Here she goes again... Neko: Anybody got an apple? I like sucking the juice from it. Keeps my fangs sharp. :evil: Kami: *facepalm* -.-"
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