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  1. Ibyki sniffed the air and growled. "Yeah right, I can smell the Lord and Keiichi!" She hissed.
  2. Ibyki looked at Yoru. "Mizuki's right. How are we supposed to trust you after what you did?!" She hissed.
  3. ((I think if Speedy and Aisiunia edit their posts to make it as if they're in a desert then Mizu and Kaji can teleport to follow them. But then again, I don't know.))
  4. PokeGal


    *is seriously wondering how I didn't notice this* Seriously, how the banana-split did I not know about this?! D: Epic phail. *is wishing I had RMXP* Damn, I need to stop thinking before my head explodes. ._." *is thinking how awesome this looks* DAMNIT ALL!!!! DX *looks around* O.O Meh bad. *creeps away, leaving note* Note says: Awesome game~!
  5. ((Why can't it be a normal desert?? :S Lol it could be clay dirt.))
  6. Mikio looked away. "I...I can't sense them. Sorry." She muttered. Ibyki turned to Mikio. "I know I shouldn't be surprised with you lying, you've already done it once. But don't lie to us about something like this! Do you want to destroy a kingdom with your actions again?!" She yelled. Mikio cringed, starting to cry. She stood up and looked at Ibyki with a desperate sort of anger. "I...I don't want to! That's why I can't say! What if I'm wrong?! What if it's a trap?! It'll be my fault if anybody gets hurt! I hate myself! I hate being looked at like that! People look at me like I'm Fate itself! I can't control any of that stuff!!" She yelled, crying. She ran off. Katanya looked at Ibyki coldly. "What did you say about "last time"?! Are you saying you blame mother being captured on Mikio?! For God's sake, she was five years old! It wasn't her fault!" She growled, and ran after Mikio. Ibyki sat there surprised. "I...I didn't mean for her to cry...I swear. But, she...each of us represents a Destiny Key...Mikio's fate...was it really that wrong to think she could change it...?" She whispered to herself. ((Contrast!!! Tryin to add drama. XD Oh, and I'll explain somethin. Katanya represents Passion, Mikio represents Fate, and Ibyki represents Courage.))
  7. ((Nic_c: I don't know. Ceres and Kalanie are saying they're on Mars, and Aaron's there too. I honestly have no idea. XD))
  8. Mikio looked at Mizuki. "I...I can sense auras." She whispered. Katanya turned to her. "Oh yeah, I forgot bout that." Ibyki didn't look at Mikio, and looked in the opposite direction instead.
  9. Aaron put on a doubtful face. "Oh yeah, I'm sure they were expecting to meet us on Mars, right?" He mock said.
  10. Raven giggled while smirking. "Oh, I can manage that. I've got a really good idea, but you'll have to wait." She tugged herself out of their arms and kept pace with them. Aaron frowned and ran after them. "Hey! You guys!" He yelled, and was by them in under five seconds. "What was that all about? Getting me worked up and dismissing me for nothing?!" He whined, trying to catch his breath. "That's not very polite for a princess, y'know." He grumbled, wiping his dirt-covered hands off the dirt. At the same time, he secretly sent a message to Raven. Raven, I've got two senshi here, relatively new. I think we're on Mars, though. Raven gasped suddenly. She turned to Rei, her eyebrows cocked. "Why the hell is my prince on Mars?" She asked calmly, despite her question. ((Whines at the littlest things, is fine at bad situations. That's the new Raven for ya. XD))
  11. Raven bowed as well. She smirked to herself, brainwashing the prince was an opportunity to see her powers' effects on senshi. She stood up again. "Your highness, I've asked my prince, who is still with the senshi, to get information. I have no doubt he will stay loyal to me, and so we can get information through him." She noted. I just hope that he can get that damned information fast, I'm startin' to miss the b***tard a lot. ((I have no idea where Moony went. I haven't seen her here in ages.))
  12. Aaron looked over his shoulder, seeing what he could tell were senshi. His sight was five times more accurate than a hawks, and he sighed. "Time to get this show on the road." He muttered, then waved and walked towards them.
  13. Katanya shrugged. "How would I know?" She muttered. Ibyki sighed. "Of course you don't, Katanya. When we find out where the lair is, we need to launch a surprise attack." She noted.
  14. Ibyki frowned. "No...I don't know." She mumbled. Katanya got up, growling. "What'd I tell you?! I knew we couldn't trust that cat-freak!" She hissed at Mizuki and Ibyki. Mikio simply looked at her pistol. I can't even protect my friends...
  15. This looks great!! Which is a lot from me, it's been forever since I've posted here, since I usually can find nothing that really grabs my attention. (Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are some amazing games here.) I've always loved the idea of bad angels. XD
  16. Raven rolled her eyes and shook her head a little, her short low ponytail waving. "I wish I could've gone with you. The prince that's here? His princess is such a crybaby." She smirked.
  17. Raven attempted to straiten up, obviously thinking about something. "Then that what does that make us...Salt Girls? Nah, unoriginal..." She muttered to herself. She looked up at Omi with an obviously faked innocent look. "What, you don't trust me?" She made the puppy dog eyes, then giggled and straitened up. "Don't worry, I'm not the one you need to be worried about. We need to focus on the senshi right now, ne?" She stated. ~ Aaron stood up. This was going to be the worst, and yet most interesting mission he had ever had.
  18. Raven crossed her arms and smirked. "Definetely. Who else am I supposed to be allies with if the witch turns on us? There's no way in hell I'm going back to the second generation of The Spice Girls." Raven giggled at the thought of the senshi dressed up as the spice girls. "They probably would do it, too." She noted, putting her hand over her mouth to keep from cracking up.
  19. ((It's Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep by AFI. )) Ankoku giggled. "Pretty lights." She chimed, whilst Kami just looked back at the school. I'll do whatever it takes...I'll burn the damned place down if I have to. This is the school that took Blade's life, and I plan on extracting revenge.
  20. Raven sat down on the cold floor and concentrated. Aaron...can you hear me? Aaron's eyes bolted open. Raven...? Raven sighed with relief. Yes, baka, it's me. I need to know...are you still on their side? Aaron growled quietly. Hell no. They didn't even try to keep them from taking you away. Why would I be on their side? I'll go wherever you go. Raven looked at the ground. Pretend to stay on their side. Get information. And when we come to get you, go along with the whole "kidnapping" idea. Kay? Alright. How long? Just long enough to find out when and how they plan on attacking. It'll give us the upper hand. I can't leave this room until I've proved my worth, and this might be a way. Alright. I'll be waiting. Raven got up and walked to the door again. "Hey! Aaron's going to get information from them! Is that enough?" Secretly, in her mind, she wanted to say something else. Isn't it enough that I'm seperated from him by my will? Doesn't that prove I'm really on your side?
  21. Kami looked back at Night. "Mind barrier? Nah, I use something much more effective and stronger." She replied nonchalantly. Ankoku smirked. "Trust me, this'll be simple." She chuckled. I hope. Kami turned back to the teacher, and overheard Night say something to Winifred. "Just one thing Winnifred. Not everyone here is trying to get you, many even share a story similar to yours." Kami sighed in her mind. You have no idea. ((Oh come on, nobody knows the song that Neko sang in her flashback?? XD I'm extremely addicted to it.))
  22. Manga!!! Mangamangamangamanga!!!! :3
  23. ((Unfortunately, it's Ceres. This is where the phrase, "It's not you, it's me" comes into effect. Raven's a baddie now, so I made her be a very bad baddie. XD)) Aaron shot up when he sensed Raven. He knew she was far away, but it felt like her energy had grown a thousand times more. And it was dark energy, too. He looked back to where he heard the voices and lowered his sword. "Screw this. If she's awake, and wants me by her side, she'll ask one of your smarter friends to take me to her." He muttered.
  24. When Raven heard Rei walk away, she hissed. "...Shit. I hate thinking. Um...let's see...saying that I want to drop a nuclear weapon on the Senshi would be too unoriginal, wouldn't it? Can't I get a chance to fight the senshi to show my worth?" She muttered to herself. Suddenly, she jumped up with an idea, an evil smirk taking place on her face. "Oh yes, that brat's princess is here...wonder if that can help me? I don't even know where he is, though...no point in trying to torment him if I might get the wrong person..." She mumbled again, her smirk turning into a frown.
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