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  1. ((Haha, is Keiichi from Higurashi in this RP? )) Koneko stretched and opened her eyes. Ibyki flew in and chimed, "Good morning, Konekoooo!" Koneko grumbled and sat up. "I...dun...wan...do...dis...." She mumbled. Ibyki gave a sympathetic look. "Don't worry Koneko , I know a way for you to live your normal life." A small staff popped up in front of Koneko suddenly. "Use this to transform. I can do the rest, then you can go home." Ibyki explained. Koneko did so, and when she transformed, she had a long white gown on. Her hair was a light pink color, and her eyes were a sky blue. "Mama-san!" Ibyki exclaimed. Then she quickly said some incoherent words, and Koneko lit up. Her form split in two, one being Koneko, the other, her transformed self. Ibyki turned to Koneko. "You can go now, Koneko." She said, a hint of sadness in her voice. Koneko nodded slowly, and ran out and back home. "I know the girl will be very happy with her life." The girl murmured. Ibyki nodded, then turned to her. "Mama-san, what are you going to do now?" She asked. "I'm grateful to these children for finding you and saving me. And we need to find your sisters." She answered. Ibyki nodded. She suddenly transformed into a larger size, gaining the size of a 10-year old. The girl got up, and held Ibyki's hand. "Let's go outside, where your friends are waiting." She murmured. "Hai!" Ibyki exclaimed.
  2. Aaron tsked multiple times. "Wow, I never expected you to really be so dimwitted. I'll make a proposition. I won't chop you up into little bits and feed you to falcons, if you take me to my princess." He yelled out. ((I'm gonna go ahead and use Raven, if that's okay.)) Raven woke up, her vision foggy. "What the hell..." She muttered. Her voice had drastically changed, it was no longer middle-pitched and musical. It sounded slightly lower pitched, and sounded groggy. She looked at the door. "Oy! Somebody mind gettin' me outta here?!" She yelled out. Damn, my hair's probably screwed up. ((I felt like makin her a more look obsessed, and "cooler" XD))
  3. Awesome story! ^^ Waitin for more.
  4. Ankoku slightly nodded. "Hai." She whispered, and helped Kami up. They walked out to the dining room, and sat down. "Everyone's had their bad pasts, ne?" Ankoku murmured. "I guess so." Kami murmured, then grimaced. "What's wrong?" Ankoku asked, worried that her sister would have another attack like the one in class. "What I did...I made both of us look bad. Sorry. But it wasn't me. Someone took over my body. He told me that...he was getting revenge." Kami slightly shuddered. Ankoku looked at the ground in concentration. "This school...whether it's alive, or it's something alive in the school, it's trying to tell us something." She muttered. Suddenly, a loud hiss echoed through the school. Die. ((Hope it's okay that I did that. X3))
  5. Aaron chuckled. "No wonder that old hag sent you to go after us. She knew you couldn't handle all the rest of them, right? You're too stupid to figure out how to separate the rest of the senshi." He yelled out.
  6. Aaron pulled out his sword quietly. "Oy! Hiding idiots! You can come out now! I have no need for this place anymore, I'm not afraid to cut it all down in order to destroy you!" He yelled harshly.
  7. Koneko curled up to sleep immediately, but Ibyki stayed awake. She looked at the stars, her face filled with worry. What if this ends in the wrong way? What if...these children are not enough to defeat him?
  8. Koneko jumped into the tree just before the girl woke up. Nya, this girl messed it up. Now it's "Koneko Xas here." Ankoku had jumped in another tree, her face as grim and creepy looking as ever. She's awake now...should I kill her? I wonder...
  9. Ankoku got up and walked to the door, then turned around. "Nee-chan, you comin?" She asked. "I..." Kami whispered. Leave. This. Place... Kami put her knees in front of her face in a folded position, and held them with her arms. You. Don't. Belong. Here... She buried her face in her knees. He. Didn't. Belong. Here... "Sh-shut up...." Kami whispered in a pleading tone. That's. Why. He... "Please...stop..." She whispered even quieter. Died. "STOP IT!!!!" She screamed. Her pupils disappeared, and she kicked her desk over and screamed. Ankoku pinned her to the ground, Kami still trying to fight her. "Kami! Listen to me! Don't let this hellhole control you, got it?!" She yelled to her. Kami calmed down, her pupils returning. "What...happened...?" She whispered, horrified. Ankoku let her go, and smiled gently. "It's okay. The school just got to you, that's all."
  10. Aaron stood quietly. "Huh. Alright, whatever." He muttered. I see no point to this....I should've gone with her.
  11. Ankoku sat up. "Hai sir, I did as well." Kami narrowed her eyes. "As did I." She mumbled. ((Oh noes. >3< Short post!))
  12. Ibyki giggled. "Arigato, Mizuki-san! It's very likely that the person who is responsible for Eternis' fall was none other than the kidnapper of your friend!" Ibyki sighed. "Kya, they took my youngest sister as well. And I have no idea where my older sister is..." She muttered.
  13. "Nya? Jyapa?" Koneko meowed. *Huh? What?* Out of nowhere, a tiny girl popped out of nowhere on Koneko's shoulder. She had bright red hair and pink eyes. "Ne, what'd I miss, Koneko-chan?" The girl asked. Koneko turned to her with a confused face. The small girl turned and floated to Mizuki and chimed, "Arigato. When you read my Mama-san's note, a small piece of the curse was lifted. My name's Ibyki." ((Technically, Ibyki is Koneko's former form's kid. I've got two more coming, so brace yourself! XD BTW, Ibyki's pronounced like this: I= short i by=bee ki=key Hope this clarifies. ^^))
  14. Koneko pointed at her mouth and shook her head no. She pulled out a note from her pocket, and handed it to her. Dear reader, If you are truly reading this, it's likely that I've lost my memory of my past life. I was once a princess, but no more. My kingdom has been destroyed, laying a curse on me. I can no longer write or speak human languages. My home, now destroyed, was named Eternis. My new form will call it a different name due to her/my memory loss. I ask that you lift the spell from me. In order to do so, you must ----------pri------univ-----...----plea-----th-------dep-----it... The rest was blurred.
  15. Koneko took a step closer. "Koneko..." She murmured. "Caaaaat...niiiiiiiip....Paaaaa...aa..laaa...ce." She whispered even quieter.
  16. PokeGal

    Swine Flu

    I believe it was an upper-respiratory infection of some sort. We didn't learn much, as our teacher didn't want us more worked up.
  17. Koneko stopped. "Mimi." She muttered. She looked around. "Hiaha. Miamlo." *Labryinth. Darkness.* ((Ooooh, Koneko's onto the bad guy! XD))
  18. PokeGal

    Swine Flu

    I agree with Aeternus. Nature is nature. A world without disease would be a world with no news, honestly. And this is as good as it will get. Imagine all other epidemics and pandemics that have happened in the past. This might be close to half as bad as those diseases. Our government may be stupid, but living in America, our medical orginizations have got this under control. Humanity isn't going to end, people. A girl in my class has been absent from school from a few weeks, saying she has a chest infection. Now everyone in my class is freaked out that it's H1N1. As far as I knew, those two were different illnesses, correct? :roll:
  19. Koneko walked ran to the scent, and looked at the girls. "Diam mion shia?" *Who are you?* She looked at them all. She could recognize them. She pointed to Mizuki. "Mimi." She pointed to Lilly. "Lili." She pointed to Aaroha. "Aahaah." She pointed to Rinaii. "Riri." She pointed to Gonzo. "Gogo." She looked at the squirrel. Her eyes sparked with excitement. "Blashnoque!!!" She yelled, and ran after it.
  20. After a few minutes of their very fast running, Koneko sniffs the air and stops. "What is it, Koneko?" Ankoku asked. "I smell somethin." Koneko muttered. She trotted off towards a tree, and sees a girl. "Oy, Ankoku-chan! Found someone!" Koneko yelled out. Ankoku walked over to the girl, and shrugged. "It's no fun if they're already unconcious." She stated. "Can I? Pwetty pwease?" Koneko asked, holding her hand out. Ankoku sighed, and put a black marker in her hand. Koneko giggled evilly, and wrote on the girl's forehead. Kitty-chan wuz here ((Sorry Speedy, I couldn't resist. XD If this's okay.))
  21. Koneko shot up. "Meos nash mahi?" *What was that?* She walked outside, and sniffed the air. "Miiiiiii.....zuuuuuuuuu.....kiiiiii...." "Riiiiiii.......naaaaaaaaa.......iiiiiii...." "Liiiiiii....lyyyyyy....." "Gooooooo....nzooooooooo...." "Aaaaaaaa....roooooooo.......haaaaa...." Her eyes shot open. "Blashnoque!" *Squirrel!* ((Well, it's a start. XD At least she can say their names.))
  22. ((Me and my Sis decided that Rinaii would be the translator. Of course, it'll take her a while. XD))
  23. Koneko stretched and rolled off of her bed, hitting the ground with a thud. "Nyaaa...." She moaned quietly. She sat up, rubbing her head. "Nya...neh moanoa?" *Nya...what happened?* ((Okay, so here's the thing. Koneko's half cat, so she can't speak human. I'll be using the star symbol to translate her words, though none of the char's will be able to understand her. XD Felt like addin comedy.))
  24. Koneko jumped outside, and smelled the air. Ankoku followed, and looked around outside. Nothing new. At least, nothing new for Doramizuo. Ghosts, vampires, you could basically find any "evil" being here. Koneko jumped impatiently. "Ankoku-chan, let's goooo already!!!" She moaned. Ankoku turned to Koneko, her face showing no emotion. "Got it. Let's head out." They ran off towards the Southern Forest.
  25. PokeGal

    Swine Flu

    Nothin's changed for a while now, that's more confirmation for me that the people probably are blowing this out of proportion. Or my family needs to watch the news channel more. XD Sorry, no time for jokes. :oops:
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