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  1. Well heck, might as well join now. XD Username: PokeGal Name in story: Koneko Occupation: none Age: 12 Palace: Katnip Palace Appearance: Tan skin, bright blue eyes, short brown hair Personalize character: Comical, high-spirited Like: Balls of string, mice Dislike: Catnip, dogs Attacks: Nya to Death, String Whip, Stare Name of transformation: none Motto: "Nya." ((I'm not sure how to enter with this char. >.>))
  2. Guess so, no one's taken Chance. Sis, isn't the position for Nightmare available as well?
  3. "Listen! If you really are friends with her, then you should understand that Raven isn't one to be pitied. She did what she did on her own will. Now isn't the time to be crying!" Aaron yelled. ((Aaron's not bein mean, that's just how he encourages someone.))
  4. PokeGal

    Swine Flu

    I've heard that it's already coming up to the middle states in the US. Frankly, I'm terrified. I live in Kansas, and if it's traveling as fast as it seems, it'll be up here in no time. My mom keeps telling me that people are blowing it out of proportion, but I still can't help but wonder... Please everyone, stay safe. And my opinion on it's name? I'll stick with Swine Flu, thanks. No one's likely to start calling it N1H1. And I'm not dissing the pig. Pigs are awesome, along with all other animals.
  5. Aaron shook his head in disagreement. "No. This wasn't a mistake. Raven wanted to keep you safe. And...she'd been talking about going with Rei to the witches side." He murmured. And I...wanted to go with her.
  6. Aaron lowered his sword. "Ceres, huh? Raven said she was going to visit you." He mumbled. ((Hey, is there something that needs to happen, or can I continue using Raven now? XD))
  7. Aaron passed out, and woke up back in the real realm. "Wha..." He shot up like a bullet, looking around. "Raven?!" He yelled. Instead, he saw Ceres and Lily. He slowly drew his sword. "Who are you? Where's Raven?" He asked harshly.
  8. Raven lost unconsciousness quickly, but her mind was racing. ~In Raven's mind~ Midnight remained quiet. Well, they all remained quiet. Raven shifted uncomfortably, then looked at the wall. The once brilliant purple walls were being engulfed by a black mist. Kuvarii spoke up. "I know this is our last time talking to each other. I just want you two to know...this isn't what I wanted. I would put my plan more of a 'show' than an evil scheme." Midnight nodded slightly. "Yeah, I guess no one thought it would end this way..." She murmured. Raven had a guilty look on her face. "Guys, I'm really sorry. I-" "No need. Me and Midnight here would've done the same thing." Kuvarii spoke quietly, as if they were being listened. Midnight looked at the ceiling. "It's getting darker..." She whispered. Soon, the black mist engulfed the whole room. ~ Aaron looked at the portal in horror. "RAVEN!" He yelled.
  9. Ankoku saw the girl yelling, but her expression was no more than mere curiosity. "Meh, she might need the infermery, but it shouldn't be too much." She said plainly.
  10. Raven looked at Rei. "Rei...let Yousuke go. I don't want him to go home so he can help the senshi, I...I know Ceres misses him." She murmured. She closed her eyes. Aaron...is Aaron still back home? I know it's selfish to think this, but...I never want to be separated from him... ((So, did Aaron get transported too?))
  11. ((I'll be sure to tell you. Well, Nee-chan's comin back on, so "I" will be goin. XD))
  12. ((Yes, this is MischeviousAngels. PokeGal let me post here, coz she's doing her homework on the computer as well. XD Sorry I didn't say.))
  13. Ankoku woke up. She growled. "I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to actually awaken it!" "Nya, Ankoku-chan, you shouldn't be so surprised. They really sounded serious. But, isn't it quite a problem that the beast has been awakened." A voice chimed. Ankoku sighed. "I know, Koneko. I did expect it, but...I thought they'd chicken out or something." She got up, and a small brown tabby cat dashed out of the room. It jumped in the air, and turned into a girl. Ankoku sighed, irritation obvious on her face. "Why are you such a showoff?" "Nya. Can't blame me. Besides, are we going to experiment today?" She chimed, her voice sounding oddly evil. Ankoku snickered, her eyes shining black. "Yes, Koneko, yes we shall." ((EEEEBIIIIIIIL!!! XD))
  14. Ankoku and Kami ran, trying to catch their next class. They got there just in time, and when they were teleported to Madagascar, Kami slapped her forehead. Ankoku waved her arms, as if she was dancing along. "I like to move it move it, she like to move it move it, he like to. MOVE IT!" ((All I can say: XD))
  15. Raven got her message, and replied immediately. Ceres...please don't hate me. I feel like I'm being torn in half, making this decision. I'm...going with him. Take care of Lily. I think we were good friends in our pasts lives. I will get Yousuke out before I completely turn bad, okay? I promise, and... A final tear went down her cheek. I hope someday, you'll forgive me.
  16. Rinaii just stands there, looking irritated. "Guardian? Ma wasn't crazy after all. Huh." Rinaii muttered. She turned to the girls, and explains herself. "Okay. I've known something's up with me since I was 5 years old. I can...transform...into a wolf. I think that's what it is." Without another word, she walked up the hill. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why the hell did you just tell them that?! You don't even know them! What if it's all a joke?!
  17. Raven stood up, tears falling from her face. "Stop! I'll...I'll come with you! Just promise to stop hurting them!" She yelled. "Raven..." A voice muttered. She knew it was Aaron, from the sound of his voice. "I'm not about to leave you. I'm...I'm going with you." He continued quietly. ((Raven's just a pacifist. Plus, now that I'm not using Kuvarii so much, I need to have at least one evil char. XD))
  18. Ankoku scoffed. "Why in the name of Hades are we back in your dorm? I should be kicking that Von Talen's a&% right now." Kami slightly nodded in agreement, then shook her head. "No. He's still our teacher, we should..." She trailed off. "It's no use, Nee-chan. The guys gotta be screwed up, giving students those things." Ankoku muttered. Kami sighed. "I know. The world isn't picture perfect. It's not that I expected everything to be perfect, it's just..." She looked up at the ceiling. "I was hoping it would at least be average."
  19. Raven hugged Lily, feeling some kind of protection towards the new senshi. "Ceres! No matter what he tells you, don't take it! I see no reason to trust him, especially after this!" Raven yelled, though it was likely that she could not be heard due to the winds.
  20. Raven turned to Lily and Ceres. She smiled slightly. "Alright. Let's go!" She yelled, then transformed. When her wings formed, she waited for the others to transform.
  21. Raven looked at Ceres, she wanted to comfort her as well. But, she finally had enough of a good reason to go to the witch's lair. She turned to Aaron. "Help them out. I'm going to get Yousuke. I need you to keep an eye on Joshua." She murmured. Aaron hesitated to answer. "I need to-" "Aaron, no. Please, keep an eye on him. For Lily." Raven whispered, then walked out of the house. Aaron didn't follow, looking at her as she walked out. Rei...Yousuke... Raven looked up. Don't worry. I'm coming.
  22. Ankoku woke up, Kami with her. Kami immediately ran down the hall, just in time to hear Haylee yelling. "What the hell?" She whispered, staying hidden. Ankoku was beside her, her face filled with frustration. "The bastard tried to drain the students' energy after all!" The two ran back to their dorm, making sure the teacher didn't spot them.
  23. Kami fell asleep quickly. Ankoku sat over her. "I want...Nee-chan to have a proper goodbye." Ankoku whispered, and touched Kami's forehead. Instantly, she fell to the floor unconcious. A voice echoed in the room. Don't be worried. I'm taking Nee-chan to meet Blade. If we don't wake up, put my hand to your forehead. ~In the Death Realm~ An empty world...it's pure black, but it isn't darkness... Kami opened her eyes, and realized that Ankoku had taken her to the Death Realm. When she saw her standing at the door that would take them back, she nodded and ran off. "Blade?" She yelled. "Kami...?" A voice quietly whispered. Kami looked and saw Blade. She smiled. "Blade! My God, I'm so glad!" She ran and hugged. Blade's face grew concerned. "Y-you didn't...?!" He whispered. Kami shook her head. "Nope, Ankoku enrolled here. She brought me here." She replied, her voice happier. Blade sighed in relief. "Alright. You saw me, now will you leave? I don't like you being in this realm." "I just need to ask you one thing. Do you-" "Yes. I'm sorry about that. No matter what body you're in, you're still Kami." Blade whispered. He turned his gaze back to her, his eyes showing a hint of pleading in them. "Now please, Kami, leave this place." "You heard the man, Kami." Ankoku yelled, and Kami hesitantly walked back towards the door. Kami turned her head back to Blade, and waved. She mouthed the words, "I love you." ((T.T I had to give some closure, right? Plus, I felt guiltly about getting rid of this pairing.))
  24. "Too bad!" Kami pouted, trying to get out of his grasp. "Butbutbutbutbutbutbuuuuuut!!!" She protested. Ankoku sighed as she followed. "Nee-chan, you really should. Stop fighting, you'll get a sprain, just like last ti-" Ankoku covered her mouth. Kami stopped fighting. "Last time was my birthday. I don't even age, but Blade wouldn't let me stay in my room." She whispered.
  25. Kami looked back and him, and faked a smile. "It's okay. I'm glad I didn't...see the body. I'm fine now." Ankoku took Sad'rian's side. "He's right, Nee-chan. You should rest. You were up all night, too."
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