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  1. Kami's eyes welled up with tears, and she turned her head away. "He...he's gone." She murmured. Ankoku's face dulled, and she turned back to the classroom, and headed in. Kami slowly followed.
  2. Ankoku turned to the boy. "Hello there, my name's Ankoku." She dug in her pocket, and pulled out one last pen. She handed it to him, and said. "Use this one. And don't me why." She spoke quietly.
  3. Kami took one of the pens, and heard the microphone announcement. "Who would be stupid enough to steal from the headmistress?!" Kami muttered. Without Kami noticing, Ankoku smiled. At least Nee-chan's acting like her old self again.
  4. Honestly, I see no difference. I'm sure raccoons are still in the game, just in a different area. The same with dragonflies. Besides, as long as the storyline is the same, and you can join guilds, I see no problem. ._.
  5. Ankoku pulled out 5 pens. "Just enough for all of us." She handed one to everyone. Ankoku looked back at the door. This teacher...what's he up to, giving students energy-draining pens?
  6. Ankoku shrugged. "Beats me. I don't know why, I just know he is."
  7. Ankoku turned to the girl who had walked up to the room. "They're energy-draining pens. There are different types, though. I can't tell which type these are." She whispered.
  8. Ankoku looked at Kami and smiled. They sat down and ate quickly, then walked down the hallway. "Oh yeah, I figured out that we have the same schedule as a girl named...Night, was it?" Ankoku explained to Kami. "Night...?" Kami whispered. "Hai. Is she a friend of yours?" Ankoku asked, trying to get Kami's mind off of Blade. Kami's face lightened up a little bit. "Yeah. Come on, I'll introduce you." They ran down the hall, and stopped when they saw Night. Ankoku looked at Neo, her eyes glaring. Kami nudged her to stop, and Ankoku looked away. Kami slowly walked up to Night, trying to seem happy. "Hey there, Night. This is my twin sister, Ankoku." She motioned to Ankoku, who smiled and waved. Kami looked in the room, and saw the pens. "What is it, Nee-chan?" Ankoku whispered. She shoved her way in front of Kami, then her eyes grew serious. She backed away from the door. "Those aren't normal pens on our desk." She murmured.
  9. Neko nodded at Neo, her eyes half shut from the tears, and grabbed Kami's arm and tried to help her up. Kami didn't move. "Kami? Come on, we have to report Blade-" "No." Kami said quietly. "We are not reporting this." She looked at the cemetery grounds. "Not until I find the &$#%ard who's responsible for this." Kami hissed coldly. She got up and walked back into her dorms, seeing Ankoku still in the window. "Nee-chan...you're going to miss breakfast." Ankoku said quietly. "Don't care." Kami muttered, then lied on her bed. ~Ankoku's sheet~ Username: PokeGal Character Name: Ankoku Character Age: ??? Gender: Female Breed: Witch Looks: Long white hair, red eyes, pale skin Secundary breed (if he has): Goddess(Kami literally means "god" in Romanji. XD) Main Job: Spirit 2nd Job: Necromancer 3rd Job: Assassin Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): Was used as a human experiment, and has an extremely bloody past, but not much else is known. Personality (stick to it): Likes: Her nee-chan, Neko, and Blade. And the shadows. Deslikes: The idea of a "pure world." Weaknesses: Can be comical in the wrong time, no one particularly thinks of her as good. Strenghs: Knows how to keep her cool in bad situations. Elements controlled (if so): Darkness, partially Death Weapons: Assassin daggers. Faction (if wishes to enter one): Neutral ~ Ankoku jumped inside. "Well, I think I should go to the dining room, seeing as I'm a student." Ankoku murmered, then turned to Kami. "But I won't leave Nee-chan to go hungry." She grabbed her arm and pulled her up, but Kami resisted. "No! Let go of me!" Kami yelled. Ankoku looked sadly at Kami. "Come on, Nee-chan. Blade-san wouldn't have wanted you to be down in the dumps about this." Kami hesitantly followed Ankoku into the dining room, and saw some others there. Kami said nothing, but Ankoku waved her hand and yelled, "Hello, everybodyyy~!"
  10. Raven heard Ceres crying in the bathroom, and started panicking. "Oh my God, what about Aaron?! What if she got Aaron?!" As if he read her mind, Aaron walked in. "Raven? Where were you?" He asked out loud. Raven ran over to him, hyperventalating. "I...she...Ceres...Lily...we...don't..." Aaron shook her slightly. "Raven, snap out of it. Tell me what's got you freaked." Raven looked down at the ground, her eyes still wide. "Ceres...we think that...th-the witch...took her f-f-friend, Yousuke." Raven fell to the ground on her knees. Aaron got down on his knees so that he was level to Raven, and shook her a little more. "I know that isn't all. Raven, did you have a vision?" He whispered. Raven put her hands on her head. "Nononononononononononononononono...this can't happen..." She murmered to herself. She got up and looked at Lily. "Cartal. J-joshua Cartal. Do you know him?" She whispered.
  11. "There's only one option: go and save Yousuke." Raven stated. This could be a chance to get Rei back, as well. Raven mentally noted.
  12. Kami sat down. Her sister had been correct. Kami buried her face in her hands, and small sobs escaped her mouth. Neko smelled blood, and ran outside. She saw Kami sitting on the ground, and saw the blood. Her face scrawled up in horror as she realized who the blood belonged to. "B-blade...no...!" She whispered, and fell to her knees beside Kami. Her eyes remained wide open, though, and she continued to stare at the blood. It's this academy. It's just getting to my head. This isn't... A single tear rolled down her cheek. He isn't gone. Oh, God, please don't let him be gone. Neko clutched her arms.
  13. ((Well Night, think about it this way. This will have many benefits. Kami will go freakin insane, Neko will most likely have OCD with blood, Kami's mischevious nee-chan will be in the RP. XD)) ((Might as well get it over with. Here we go...T-T Bai bai Blade-san...)) Kami shook her head and ran after Blade. Blade, I'm sorry. I know it's selfish, but...I love you too much. I've never understood why I did what I did myself, but now I know. I want to stay with you, even though these moments may be... ~Meanwhile~ Blade ran outside, ignoring all other happenings. He ran all the way into the cemetery, and stopped when he reached the farthest edge of the school grounds. Suddenly... ~Cliffhanger~ Kami could tell that Blade had run outside. She ran out as well, yelling his name. "Blade! BLADE!!! Please come back! You don't understand, I-" Suddenly, she screamed. Blood was on the ground. She could tell, it was his. ((To all who like Blade's comedy: Gomen. T-T Trust me, after this, things are going to get real interesting. :evil: ))
  14. Kami looked around, choosing to look away from her sister. "Whatever. It's already morning, and I don't have the time for this." Suddenly, Blade slammed open the door. "What the hell?! This is why you refused to talk to me all these years?! I can't believe you! You took the body of an innocent girl for your own selfish deeds!" He yelled, then ran out. Kami stood there, horrified. "Blade...no..." She murmered. Ankoku's face went dead serious. "Nee-chan, you know too, don't you? That boy, the one you love..." She pointed out the window. "This academy is his death-site." ((Ok. So, I've decided, I'm kinda hopin Blade will die. That way, I can put Ankoku in, and Kami will be less nicer. >.< I don't like to have nice characters.))
  15. Raven suddenly gasped. "H-hold on a second! The witch might've done this! It makes sense! After all, she'd want to go after those close to us, and Yousuke wouldn't be expecting something like this to happen!"
  16. Kami watched the girl walk out. Justice? Great cover, Nee-chan. Reeeal smart. Kami covered her ears and stomped out of the room, until she got to her dorm. She slammed the door, and slid to the floor. ~ Blade followed Kami silently, without her knowing. When she slammed the door, he listened in. His instincts were telling him something was wrong. He pressed his ear at the door... ~ "Why in the name of the Lord are you still here?!" Kami hissed out loud. The window to her room slowly creaked open, and a black-haired girl crawled in. "But nee-chan, you seemed so lonely." The girl giggled mischeviously. "Besides, I couldn't help myself. I got interested. Justice? You might has well've slapped her and called her a complete moron." The girl snickered. "Ankoku, I swear, I will not hesitate to destroy that body of yours for good!" Kami hissed, more loudly. Ankoku faked a frown. "Oh dear. Nee-chan's threatening me? How scary. Oh, wait a minute, isn't that what you said last time?" Kami winced, and Ankoku continued. "Because you know...this body isn't mine." She stopped for a minute, then broke the silence again. "Even so, I can't hurt you, can I?" Kami remained silent, which signaled Ankoku to continue. "I know you tried to look as similar as last time, but you couldn't remove all traces, could you?" She suddenly was in front of Kami. She put her index finger in her eye, and pulled out a contact. "Since when did Nee-chan..." Kami opened her mouth in protest, but no sound came out. "Have brown eyes?" ((>o< Cliffhanger!!!!))
  17. Kami turned to the nameless girl. "I believe...in justice. That's simply it. I'm unlike my kind, I want nothing in return." She smiled, then walked out of the room. ((Winter: Wow. I never thought of Blade's hair like that, but it seems...cooler. O.O))
  18. "Hai!" Raven yelled, giggling. "Save Yousuke!!!!" She giggled.
  19. ((Stardale: I'm a smiley person. )) Kami got back into the school and ran to where the fire was, and saw the nameless girl walk into the room. She followed, and saw the teacher enter. After his ranting, she spoke up. "It matters not to me, especially considering that this girl did not do this on purpose!" She yelled to the headmistress and the teacher in an irritated voice. "It's most definitely unjust to accuse an innocence of a terrible crime!" She continued. She turned to the girl, and smiled a little bit. ((Ooooh...Kami just went CSI mode!!! XD))
  20. "It's more than likely." Raven said, but her eyes were focused on the bent tree. "Your plant abilities will definitely help, Lily."
  21. Earth Name: Raven Kumiko Senshi Name: Sailor ShadowLove Princess Name: Midnight Eien Darkness Kingdom: Black Hearts Kingdom Senshi of: Darkness and Love Prince: Prince Konan (Earth Name: Aaron Haishi ~ Raven put her hand on Ceres' shoulder, in an attempt to comfort the fellow Senshi. "Don't worry. We'll find him, for sure." She murmured.
  22. ((O3O OMG Winter, Kami looks ADORABLE!!! Blade: *stares at picture of Kami* *turns to real Kami* You're cuter like that *points to drawing* BOOM! Kami: Shutup, baka.)) Blade ran out, seeing the fire. As quickly as it was there, the fire was put out by irrigation systems. "Gah, I hate water!" A voice hissed. Blade turned back and saw his cousin, her gown torn up, standing in the hallway. "Neko?" He asked, doubting his eyes. Neko looked at him like a woman scorned. "Blade, don't test me. Being this soaked tends to piss me off." Neko hissed. Blade sighed. This was Neko, all right.
  23. Neko slowly opened her mouth, but nothing came out. It didn't surprise her, so she just nodded slowly.
  24. "Hm..that, I'm not sure of." Raven murmured, her face red from embarrassment. Suddenly, she tried to change the subject from something that didn't make her look idiotic. "Hey, have you ever gotten flashbacks of your past life?" Raven asked Ceres. Lily wasn't likely to remember much, as she had just awakened as a senshi. "I remember little things, I remember when I met Aaron for the first time." Raven frowned. "I wish I could remember meeting the others, but I can't. No matter how hard and deep I dig, I get nothing." She sighed. "Oh well. What can't be done, can't be done."
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