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  1. (( Ok we'll think of ideas and then we'll talk but I don't think I'll enter AM so soon because this week I'm in Vien with my family and yeah I got some net here, at the hotel, but just in the morning I'll be here))
  2. (( Ok I already thought of a new story line, but if we would to keep this one, as Ko and theAdpet said, the plot sucks so what new plot could we have?))
  3. ((Ok at last it's working. @Ko: Thanks for telling them . I couldn't log in yesterday, but now I can. @Shaddy: It's my fault I didn't let enough places. I thought 5 would be enough, with me, but for next I'll make much more. You'll get one too ))
  4. ((Ok then. Different one. I'll think of ideas for that one))
  5. ((Ok...BTW should we make a different RP or keep this one?))
  6. ((Hi. diamondmist's cousin, I suppose?))
  7. ((Well I'd wish too. RP are fun, but at most times someone forgets to write and it gets boring waiting and yeah))
  8. ((@diamondmist: Thanks ^^ so still 1 or 2 RP-ers? @Ko: No need to think like that. Look, if you'll write each time a paragraf or so, be more into it, then you can join it. and shaddy will have to wait first, because we need to see if the first RP-ers want to join it, then will ask for new ones.))
  9. ((Oh, so it looks like my RP was a disaster X( Nothing to see here people, keep moving on. PS: I think we need some good RP-ers, someone that actually post. If you find 4-5 of these people we may do a new RP. I think diamondmist is perfect for this, but we still need people))
  10. ((Oh Ok if you say so, I'll delete you character a bit later))
  11. ((Why would you want to do that? You just need to post, that's all.))
  12. ((We can't actually continiue without theAdpet's reply. And people, please post in the RP, otherwise I'll have to kick you out!!! diamondmist seems the one that posts the most, then the adept, then Meroko and iPink. About iPink, I think I'll have to kick her out. *sigh* She said she just moved to a new house and barely has internet.))
  13. ((Yes Ko-sensei, present yourself. I really want to meet you XD EDIT: Nobody posted in a while... what happend? Come on, let's continiue the story!))
  14. So it looks like she can even read minds. If she really can, then she'll get this too: Demon woman, please respect our privacy. I, and I think the girl too, don't like someone looking through their thoughts. He thought all these as he cleared the last part of the derbis. "Sorry to say it then, but what you say lacks sense. If you actually removed yourself from our thoughts, that means we just imaged what was behind you?" Just then, an idea struk Angelo: "If you can make yourself desapperar from our minds, then can you make all three of us desappear from the soldiers minds? That would make things a lot easier."
  15. "Coming."Angelo said to the girl. She somehow run faster than him until the drebis and already started cleaning them. He grabed a stone from the entrance and continiued with the rest of them. "Where's the demon woman?" he asked the girl. Getting a bit nervous, he thought that maybe the woman stopped and was now fighting the enemies. If it were that case, then she was unwise to make such a choice.
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