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  1. Mopiece - I accidentally made the cookies to get to that second attraction point, and just decided to go with it. I hear you Valkyriet, But If Ingrid doesn't give Boyle a choice, I can't really see that as anything close to love. Feeding crab etc is just a master looking after a slaves well-being as a valuable possession. If that's really feels no one can love Boyle but forces him to marry her due to his power, of course she'd see to it that he got things to increase his power like the giant crab. Meanwhile, the only match Ingrid would deserve would be Hercules without a change of heart! I'm really hoping someone can tell me one of those other endings are more satisfying. Perhaps even if the curse is real and Ingrid lifts it to be with someone else, there'll be hints of her otherwise developing enough empathy for me to root for her in a match with someone else. I take it from Mopiece's comment that this didn't happen with Hiberu, What about Phye? Also, what does everyone think about Teijal and Galahad's "ending"? I would have agreed with you Valkyriet that they had become adorable through Aveyond 3, but I was hoping we'd get to see how that argument ended. If the door was locked after Galahad went in, I would have at least been able to assume the two of them were "making up" =)
  2. Hi all, if there's already an official place for people to discuss the ending of the game, let me know and I'll delete this. I just wanted to hear all your thoughts. Mostly, this was my favorite Aveyond yet, although apparently I hoped for a few more threads to untangle that never did. Ingrid and Boyle - I chose their ending mainly because of an accidental attraction point gain, and I went with it. Even so, I thought there was probably more potential for that match to add up with a few reveals I expected and didn't get. Here was some clues I thought would add up: 1. When the group is captured by goblins, Ingrid starts to say something about the curse and is stopped by the action. 2. Ingrid prevents Boyle from confessing his true feelings under the effects of the blabbermouth potion. I was hoping for an ending in which Ingrid reveals the curse was fake all along, and Boyle admitting he always knew. They both would have kept up the charade rather than admit their feelings, as both characters are just more comfortable expressing rage and vitriol than share their secret squishy hearts. That at least would have been a consensual relationship I could get behind. As it stands, if the curse is real and we know nothing of Boyles true feelings, it's a very sad ending. Boyle's a prisoner for life to someone who actually doesn't care about his feelings, and due to his loyalty to Fang (and eventually Mist, after a little development) he's a much better human being than Ingrid deserves. ='(
  3. I'm not sure... it definitely feels like things were left hanging. After Ingrid reads the book and reveals the details about the last Pendragon, Boyle said he "had an idea". No ending for Hi'beru, Phye or Robin. Boyle seems to have a conversation about an invisible gargoyle with someone else in his hometown shack and doesn't act on anything in the reveal. If this helps, I didn't finish the demon blood quest - I found one drop in the Windy Tower and another in the shadow isles, I expected the last one to come from the Ice Caves (or whatever they were called). Yup, that's probably my answer - I just saw the post about the blood of the ancients. I'm going to dig around for that last drop of blood and see if that changes my ending. =) Please don't double post. Just use the edit button to add more your post. ~Mopiece
  4. I crafted the love potion for Boyle and Ingrid said she'd give it to him when Hercules is defeated. I seemed to get an ending with no pairing.. How is that possible? I thought you couldn't craft the potion until you had all other possible attraction points lined up.
  5. So It took me until the Shadow Isles to realize that the golden statues teach Rowen new skills. I remembered the one n Gingernut Forest, but I seem to remember encountering at least 1 more. Does anyone know where the other statues are?
  6. I have the opposite problem - I found the person looking for the extravagant leather and I don't know where I need to go to get it. Can anyone help me out?
  7. I'm at what seems to be the Windy Hills goodie cave location (purple arrow). I've clicked around the area, and nothing seems to reveal itself. Anyone have any idea what's happening?
  8. If I remember right, I purchased it in the general item store in Halaina.
  9. Hi, to my knowledge I've done all quests that can be done on the Halaina continent, and I don't seem to have a way back to Tor. What I've done: Found, spoken with Hiberu. Found 2 of the 3 items in the werebear quest (missing the shrinking potion). Found Elizabeth + Dale after the Crusade. Checked back at the raft and the burning ships just in case either of those two were a valid boat option now (nope) =( Does anyone know what I'm missing?
  10. The food area for Halaina is in the northwest quadrant.
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