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  1. Im kinda sad i had to change my siggie it was too big.I thought it was really cute.
  2. Thanks!-but dont get too disapointed if i change it.
  3. I always change mine cause its boring having the same thing for a long time,and right now mine are about ouran high school host club
  4. Well I cant get to angel city for some odd reason.Maybe i'm just missing something.
  5. So that's why I couldn't solve the fairy necklace quest,cause the game stops there?
  6. I finished it and personally,i didn't think it made any sense whatsoever. (but it was still good).
  7. Yes and of course when you finish that there is a slightly humorous moment after you use the love potion.
  8. Yeah basicly everything is the same,except for about 3 or 4 things.
  9. I never had the chance to play build a,because by the time i had found out about aveyond the game was already upgraded to build b.
  10. Yeah and if you have other side quests to preform it stalls your time even more before the end. (sorry if that's what you meant mopiece.)
  11. Yeah i always get that instead of the guass sheild spell,cause frankly i'm to lazy to fight those monsters on the way to ahriman's lair.
  12. yeah and when the game is challenging it's more fun.
  13. Yeah me being the precautionary nerd i am,i bought 100 scrolls but go with your instinct,80 is enough.
  14. Like everyone else the hardest part for me was ahriman's lair,but when i first played the game mt. orion was pretty hard,but i only died like 4 times so i had a tad bit more luck.
  15. What level are you on,I was on like 63 when I first got there and it didn't work out as well as i had planned so...level up if nescessary.
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