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  1. Hmm ok. I cheked the staus of the site on virtustotal https://www.virustotal.com/url-scan/report.html?id=e266fa0b1826f6ec30635ac36375a087-1316364233 Apparently, several antivirus programmes list the site as malware/phising...just makes me wonder why. But thank you for the response.
  2. Is giving off a trojan alarm. or is it a false positive? I'm using Avast...I never have false positives with it. Unless the new build has issues? I really do hope it's only a false positive but I thought I'd post and hopefully get some response re this matter. Apologise of its in the wrong place but I don't want to enter the warafare forums just to be sure for now.
  3. This IS the future. For every commodity there is a price. In the case of technology- vredit cards, mobile phones, iphones, our computers with internet connections... and others, we've basically put on and agreed to wear an electronic ID tag revealing all sorts of data to various authorities and institutions and sometimes unwated third parties. It's a matter of regulating personal data privacy policies, how they are handled, from now on. Not how to protect privacy because privacy in cyber world doesn't seem to be a relevant concept anymore. We share and store so much data with and at various institutions. But I hear you should turn off gps on the iphone to make it invisible. For these reasons I always keep my bluetooth off and my device insible to others. Better keep yourself as low profile as possible, though it's not entirely possible anymore unless you disconnect from internet, throw out your credit cards and just live as if these things never happened. Which I don't think will be possible anymore as it has become embedded, rooted in our lives, something we tend to take for granted, as if a given these days. For young generations and future generastions it will be impossible to imagine how could people function without these things at all. They will laugh at the big (but suprisingly more reliable) mobile phones of the past decades.... It's a matter of change and privacy or lack of it is a part of it and as a concept it has to be redefined in these progressive and changing times.
  4. Well. I have to say this- I am glad you returned with the game again. It's been a long time. There are things I cannot forgive you for but this time only I'm willing to give you the benefit of small trust, see how you handle things now. It is great of course, stands out from the crowd artistically. Haven't gone too far into the game so not sure about bugs but the lag is a little hard to bear. Even in this 2.00 version. The maps are big, the colours really nice- you've made a great job creating the feel of the whole game. My only request and hope is that this time you will make sure to continue fixing the bugs and not disappear like last year. As you may suspect, this left a LOT of players, including myself, angry at you. I brushed off the 20 bucks but all this also affected some teens who scrape their money working hard. It's not a nice thing to dowhat you did... It was a huge let-down and I sincerely hope you will not let the situation repeat. That said, thank you for the re-release, I really liked Whisper of a Rose as imperrfect as it was in its in itial release. Keep working for your success and I hope that you will be able to redeem yourself by showing us all your dedication and hard work. I'm counting on that. The first- tentative-step has been made through this re-release. But there is still a long way to go. Much room for improvement. The best of luck and fair winds.
  5. Hi there, Robm from distant Australia! Nice to meet you. Hpe ou have lots of fun posting, discussing or just spamming! I look forward to seeing you around! :amaranth:
  6. My dreams are fairly simple and normal, I should say. I've never dreamed of being a hero myself. I work towards being useful to someone who also might want to support me. Towards having that little cosy corner of the world of my own. I work towards being a good translator (this dream has not changed since childhood. I loved learning English and put a lot of effort in order to master it. I knew what I wanted. I am a translator now but I can be better) and maybe a writer. I work towards being a literary scholar since that is what I'm good at and which I can enjoy if I have the freedom to chose the subject of my study. I work towards being given chances and realising them efficiently.
  7. I do love long long games. For this reason, Everlong belong to my all time favourites. And it's free. It' fun and I gotta admit once I finished it, I still wanted it to go on for much longer. I have Game+ for that, though. Which means, Everlong also offers replability values- the replay Game+ option has more extra dungeons. Apart from, of course, the alternative paths you can take with the good man Glen. Other than that, I like game series. I was brought up on old King's Quest- and am currently awaiting the realse of the fan-made, huge Silver Lining. My other favourite from Sierra is Quest for Glory series, particularly the last one, number 5. That game series had a nice replayability value sice you could choose three -or four- different paths. You could be a warrior, wizard or a thief. Or if you became a paladin in Quest 1 or 2, you could be that as well. It was a well-made mix of adventure and rpg. And frankly, length aside, the most important thing is the replayabilit factor. Something that gives good value for money. uest for glory was the first such game I played. Cute Knight Kingdom which, while relatively short, offers an excellent replayability value. I am a strong proponent of choices in games but if a story is well-written in good English such as Eternal Eden was, I am more than happy to accept the choices of the authors. But for that, you need to know how to write to engross your players. If I don't feel such a quality, I simply cannot enjoy a game, not even if it has brilliant custom graphics or thousands of events. It jut has to be well-written for me. The creator of Deadly Sin knows how to write. I immensely enjoyed his Dondoran legacies, it was really well-made and hit me las an excellent game right from the start. Everlong for one, despite being one of my all-time favourite indie rpgs, has several script flaws mostly concerning character storlines, which seems to stem from a desire to flesh out characters as much as possible. Sometimes adding too much may just have an opposite effect. Sometimes it may turn your character from fairly belivable to terribly cliched and easily forgettable, I believe. But then..as long as I see a soul in the game-like I do in the game called Aquaria- with everything carefully elaborated with sensibility and a love and respect for one's own work and for the player, I can even accept an arcade exploration type of game, though my reflexes are really bad. As long as I see the work and effort in there and carefully elaborated details (including language) I might enjoy it. The free web games, orisinal: http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/ are a breath of fresh air too. The are simply beautiful and very enjoyable. I do look forward to checking out Baldur's gate one day though, hoping that I might enjoy it.
  8. Sounds all black magic to me. Let me just wish you good luck with getting this to work and all the best in further studies, much success.
  9. Well, what I did and still find somewhat annoying, is having to fight the respawned monsters at higher levels. It's just a nuissance. For this reason, I tend to choose easy level in latest installments. That way at least a part of the monters does not reappear again. If I can I tend to chose story mode in games to eliminate battles for the most part and only adjust levels before boss battles.I rarely ever skip those though, since they tend to be very interesting. That is not to say I don't like levellig up on my own; I do, it's part of the rpg charm. I simply do not like to procrastinate too long in one levelling area, chosing to move on as soon as possible. And if I have to return to a previously visited rea, I really do not like having to fight all of the old monsters again. particularly if I can one-hit them already and their drops are no longer profitable either.
  10. Hi there, Pinky. Nice meeting you! Have fun!
  11. Aww! But that's so sweet of you! I'd support KTC's idea in making an album- it's a lovely idea, it's personal and sincere. A flower would be nice too. You could go to the cinema if she has the strength. But hanging out together, maybe wathing something she likes at home could be nice too. I hope she will regain her stregth after the recent accident fast and of course that both of you will enjoy a wonderful anniversary. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for reading. Next updates will be up soonish.
  13. Hi there emdt, hope to see you around soonish. Good luck with your studies.
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