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  1. Hmm ok. I cheked the staus of the site on virtustotal https://www.virustotal.com/url-scan/report.html?id=e266fa0b1826f6ec30635ac36375a087-1316364233 Apparently, several antivirus programmes list the site as malware/phising...just makes me wonder why. But thank you for the response.
  2. Is giving off a trojan alarm. or is it a false positive? I'm using Avast...I never have false positives with it. Unless the new build has issues? I really do hope it's only a false positive but I thought I'd post and hopefully get some response re this matter. Apologise of its in the wrong place but I don't want to enter the warafare forums just to be sure for now.
  3. This IS the future. For every commodity there is a price. In the case of technology- vredit cards, mobile phones, iphones, our computers with internet connections... and others, we've basically put on and agreed to wear an electronic ID tag revealing all sorts of data to various authorities and institutions and sometimes unwated third parties. It's a matter of regulating personal data privacy policies, how they are handled, from now on. Not how to protect privacy because privacy in cyber world doesn't seem to be a relevant concept anymore. We share and store so much data with and at various institutions. But I hear you should turn off gps on the iphone to make it invisible. For these reasons I always keep my bluetooth off and my device insible to others. Better keep yourself as low profile as possible, though it's not entirely possible anymore unless you disconnect from internet, throw out your credit cards and just live as if these things never happened. Which I don't think will be possible anymore as it has become embedded, rooted in our lives, something we tend to take for granted, as if a given these days. For young generations and future generastions it will be impossible to imagine how could people function without these things at all. They will laugh at the big (but suprisingly more reliable) mobile phones of the past decades.... It's a matter of change and privacy or lack of it is a part of it and as a concept it has to be redefined in these progressive and changing times.
  4. Well. I have to say this- I am glad you returned with the game again. It's been a long time. There are things I cannot forgive you for but this time only I'm willing to give you the benefit of small trust, see how you handle things now. It is great of course, stands out from the crowd artistically. Haven't gone too far into the game so not sure about bugs but the lag is a little hard to bear. Even in this 2.00 version. The maps are big, the colours really nice- you've made a great job creating the feel of the whole game. My only request and hope is that this time you will make sure to continue fixing the bugs and not disappear like last year. As you may suspect, this left a LOT of players, including myself, angry at you. I brushed off the 20 bucks but all this also affected some teens who scrape their money working hard. It's not a nice thing to dowhat you did... It was a huge let-down and I sincerely hope you will not let the situation repeat. That said, thank you for the re-release, I really liked Whisper of a Rose as imperrfect as it was in its in itial release. Keep working for your success and I hope that you will be able to redeem yourself by showing us all your dedication and hard work. I'm counting on that. The first- tentative-step has been made through this re-release. But there is still a long way to go. Much room for improvement. The best of luck and fair winds.
  5. Hi there, Robm from distant Australia! Nice to meet you. Hpe ou have lots of fun posting, discussing or just spamming! I look forward to seeing you around! :amaranth:
  6. My dreams are fairly simple and normal, I should say. I've never dreamed of being a hero myself. I work towards being useful to someone who also might want to support me. Towards having that little cosy corner of the world of my own. I work towards being a good translator (this dream has not changed since childhood. I loved learning English and put a lot of effort in order to master it. I knew what I wanted. I am a translator now but I can be better) and maybe a writer. I work towards being a literary scholar since that is what I'm good at and which I can enjoy if I have the freedom to chose the subject of my study. I work towards being given chances and realising them efficiently.
  7. I do love long long games. For this reason, Everlong belong to my all time favourites. And it's free. It' fun and I gotta admit once I finished it, I still wanted it to go on for much longer. I have Game+ for that, though. Which means, Everlong also offers replability values- the replay Game+ option has more extra dungeons. Apart from, of course, the alternative paths you can take with the good man Glen. Other than that, I like game series. I was brought up on old King's Quest- and am currently awaiting the realse of the fan-made, huge Silver Lining. My other favourite from Sierra is Quest for Glory series, particularly the last one, number 5. That game series had a nice replayability value sice you could choose three -or four- different paths. You could be a warrior, wizard or a thief. Or if you became a paladin in Quest 1 or 2, you could be that as well. It was a well-made mix of adventure and rpg. And frankly, length aside, the most important thing is the replayabilit factor. Something that gives good value for money. uest for glory was the first such game I played. Cute Knight Kingdom which, while relatively short, offers an excellent replayability value. I am a strong proponent of choices in games but if a story is well-written in good English such as Eternal Eden was, I am more than happy to accept the choices of the authors. But for that, you need to know how to write to engross your players. If I don't feel such a quality, I simply cannot enjoy a game, not even if it has brilliant custom graphics or thousands of events. It jut has to be well-written for me. The creator of Deadly Sin knows how to write. I immensely enjoyed his Dondoran legacies, it was really well-made and hit me las an excellent game right from the start. Everlong for one, despite being one of my all-time favourite indie rpgs, has several script flaws mostly concerning character storlines, which seems to stem from a desire to flesh out characters as much as possible. Sometimes adding too much may just have an opposite effect. Sometimes it may turn your character from fairly belivable to terribly cliched and easily forgettable, I believe. But then..as long as I see a soul in the game-like I do in the game called Aquaria- with everything carefully elaborated with sensibility and a love and respect for one's own work and for the player, I can even accept an arcade exploration type of game, though my reflexes are really bad. As long as I see the work and effort in there and carefully elaborated details (including language) I might enjoy it. The free web games, orisinal: http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/ are a breath of fresh air too. The are simply beautiful and very enjoyable. I do look forward to checking out Baldur's gate one day though, hoping that I might enjoy it.
  8. Sounds all black magic to me. Let me just wish you good luck with getting this to work and all the best in further studies, much success.
  9. Well, what I did and still find somewhat annoying, is having to fight the respawned monsters at higher levels. It's just a nuissance. For this reason, I tend to choose easy level in latest installments. That way at least a part of the monters does not reappear again. If I can I tend to chose story mode in games to eliminate battles for the most part and only adjust levels before boss battles.I rarely ever skip those though, since they tend to be very interesting. That is not to say I don't like levellig up on my own; I do, it's part of the rpg charm. I simply do not like to procrastinate too long in one levelling area, chosing to move on as soon as possible. And if I have to return to a previously visited rea, I really do not like having to fight all of the old monsters again. particularly if I can one-hit them already and their drops are no longer profitable either.
  10. Hi there, Pinky. Nice meeting you! Have fun!
  11. Aww! But that's so sweet of you! I'd support KTC's idea in making an album- it's a lovely idea, it's personal and sincere. A flower would be nice too. You could go to the cinema if she has the strength. But hanging out together, maybe wathing something she likes at home could be nice too. I hope she will regain her stregth after the recent accident fast and of course that both of you will enjoy a wonderful anniversary. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for reading. Next updates will be up soonish.
  13. Hi there emdt, hope to see you around soonish. Good luck with your studies.
  14. Hmm Let's see. Just a few out of a bunch of quotes I like to keep. Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly -Langston hughes. here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart) e.e cummings It's extraordinary how we go through life with eyes half shut, with dull ears, with dormant thoughts. Perhaps it's just as well; and it may be that it is this very dullness that makes life to the incalculable majority so supportable and so welcome. Nevertheless, there can be but few of us who had never known one of these rare moments of awakening when we see, hear, understand ever so much — everything — in a flash — before we fall back again into our agreeable somnolence -Joseph Conrad There is a weird power in a spoken word... And a word carries far — very far — deals destruction through time as the bullets go flying through space. -Joseph Conrad There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery. -Joseph Conrad We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, -Pink Floyd The Poet and the painter casting shadows on the water as the sun plays on the infantry returning from the sea. The do-er and the thinker: no allowance for the other as the failing light illuminates the mercenary's creed. -Jethro Tull Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile; So ere you find where light in darkness lies, Your light grows dark by losing of your eyes. -W.Shakespeare There's music in the sighing of a reed; There's music in the gushing of a rill; There's music in all things, if men had ears: Their earth is but an echo of the spheres. ~Lord Byron Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one's bottom. ~Taki As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold. ~Author Unknown
  15. I've been at the whole story today in between doing other things and I've just finished. This is really interesting and involving, and made me chuckle here and there. I really enjoyed it. The "fillers" were funny and sensible too. Your style is light and to the point, characters are very well portrayed, as they should..in short, i love it. You do seem like a really good writer. I'll keep an eye on this from now on. Bookmarked in Amaranthia folder in my browser. keep up the great job ^^
  16. ******* “The only other thing I remember about the journey that night were the eyes the colour of a ripe plum. Deep-set and attentive. Understanding and warm, like the eyes of a guardian angel, the kind you hear about in rural legends with a happy ending. They seemed to be emanating an aura..…but of what nature, for some reason that I cannot understand till today, I was too weak to sense. I slipped into darkness almost instantly and woke up only after I reached my destination at dawn the following day. The Eyes were gone when I woke up and so was “Gotard”. I was alone. The ride, I thought, had been suspiciously short but at the time I had no knowledge to question anything. And of course it was not Veladrah that I ended up in at that time. ******* Where exactly they were, she was unable to tell, except that it looked like somewhere underground for she could not see any trace of sunlight in the god-forsaken, ill-omened place. The aura it gave off sent chills down her spine. It was not a place she would like to be. This couldn’t be Veladrah, could it? Soon after arrival, she was dragged out of the relative comfort of the cart and, without much ado, led further into the thickening darkness. She failed to perceive the faces of her escorts. She could not even determine whether or not they were humans or perhaps something else- from head to toe they were tightly wrapped in dark cloaks. The costumes were clever, too for they blended well with the surrounding darkness. That much young Cirith was able to conclude. She dared not speak. There was no point, she most likely would not be answered. These individuals had a job to do and that was to escort her to wherever it was that they were taking her. Initially, deadly silence greeted them but as they journeyed deeper, she concluded this must be a cave of some sort for the air was becoming thicker and breathing gradually became a struggle. Soon enough she heard hammers clashing against the rocks, with loud thumps. Many hammers, much noise. They must be close to their destination. Mines. These must be mines, she realized. She only knew mines from vague references here and there but she understood it was not a nice place to be. Too bad she was one of those who would have learn why it was so. Much to her surprise, they did not continue towards where the sounds were coming from. In the winding, narrow corridors they took a turn in the opposite direction. How long they would still have to walk, she wondered. She felt like crying. She needed to pee and she was hungry. As if on cue, one of her guards responded to these thoughts. Could they read her mind or something? “You should get used to that, girl. Ask no questions, it is seen as disobedience. And disobedience is instantly and severly punished. Think nothing, for even in your thoughts you are not free. Talk to no one lest you might be suspected of plotting. In this place only the strong or those who serve to please may survive, although for what purpose other than more endless torture.. I do not know. Yet perhaps if you stand strong and unyielding, you may yet live to see the light of day. Hush now, silence your thoughts. We are approaching our destination“ The voice was distinctly male, deep and rich, although at the same time rather strained and tired but not in the least threatening. Why were they doing this, then? A thought occurred to her. Maybe these individuals were being controlled by something or someone? Something they could not resist. In the past, Cirith recalled, she would hear stories of men or women possessing strong magic who, deemed dangerous to some evil doers, were simply bound by a portent spell. They were thus forced to do the spell caster’s bidding, whether or not they were willing. Thus, they themselves were neutralized while their powers remained usable. Was this some sort of a geis, as some seemed to call it? Or maybe not, she reflected. She did not know, she had little understanding of magic. She was confused. He did not speak again. But he had told the truth. Shortly afterwards, darkness gave way to light. It was dim and cold…usually you could call it “romantic” even…but under the circumstances Cirith was finding herself in, it did not bode well. Nothing bode well. The narrow corridors gradually stretched to the width of a balcony as they eventually came to a halt upon a cliff. The view that opened up to her in that light…took her breath away. There, several feet below, lay a thriving metropolis, set in sandstone glimmering with its quartz grains. It was a genuinely breath-taking sight. She had to marvel at the clever architecture as she took in the buildings and districts, each built on its own layer. It was a complex construction, that city. In the distance, on the opposite side of the vast canyon, a huge building, all made of gold, stood out from the rest. Its spires loomed high over the city and sparkled with thousands of gemstones embedded in their roofs. Whoever thought of this, clearly loved excess and riches. Surely, this place couldn’t be that bad? But then her eyes caught a vastly different sight. One huge area of the city was all dark. Noises and shouts were heard coming from that direction. Apparently, huge crowd were gathered there and her initial though was that it was a market on a busy market day. She was right. It was the Market. The Market where, as she soon found out, captured children were measured, valued and sold into slavery. **** “We passed through the market on our way. These were mostly children there, of various races. They were touched and groped by potential purchasers, like some objects..It was disgusting.. They weren’t undernourished, though. On the contrary, they were well-fed and well-groomed. Neglected children sold for less, did not bring in profit. They made sure to feed them well. They were mostly magical children too. See, Lars. Thing is.., children with strong magic abilities were the most sought for. Others, either “weaklings” or “non-magical” were usually at once sent back up since they were deemed unworthy and useless for the purposes they were supposed to serve. “As magic channels bound by geis? “ Lars deducted “Sometimes, that too. I will tell you all about it soon.” “All right. “ Lars was liking it less and less. Was…could Rhen even be aware of how intricate the slave trade was and how well they were able to mask and hide their activites? Underground in an unknown place.. even Cirith did not seem to know where that slave trader city was.. He listened carefully and with each further word, his hair rose and disgust crawled into his heart. At the things he heard, at the double-faced hypocrites who ( as he was soon to learn) commonly respected in Thais and elsewhere, gained wealth through illegal means, at the expense of innocence…He was mad at himself, too. Once more, he recalled the days when he bullied Rhen and instantly felt burning shame. There was so much that was going on right under the noses of unsuspecting citizens. “The worthless” , Cirith continued, “ were either discarded or sent to serve in the houses of the rich. The lucky ones were sometimes restored back to their families but I can’t imagine how hard they must have found it to readjust. That place, Lars…that place taught survival and mistrust above all else. “ “You said you didn’t end up in the market. Where were you taken, then?” “To the very heart of darkness, Lars. to the lion’s den that initially captivated me so. I would live to curse my initial fascination. I was taken to the palace”. *****
  17. I'm working on the next parts and polishing these as we speak. Thank you for reading.
  18. Hi there, have lots of fun and make loads of friends Jayjaykirby :amaranth: See you around.
  19. The story continues. Not much action yet but getting there. ******* “It seems to me”, interrupted Lars “like they were specifically avoiding the name. Cirith nodded. “You are right, Lars. They knew very well what they were doing. Everything had been calculated and planned, typical for mother. But let me continue” “Very well” Her saw her drifting away to the days of old. It was obvious it was as painful to her now as it had been when it happened. The night was slowly turning into day and though he was tired, he wanted to hear the whole story. **** “Yes mother”, replied Cirith. Isis said nothing. “Now, now, Elinor, don’t be so strict”, the man interrupted “The little one is very loyal to her sister and she has courage “ “Don’t be so kind to her. She’s a good for nothing spoiled brat, her father made sure of that” “Elinor, Elinor”, mocked Henry in his distinguished tone of voice “That’s not nice to say” “Isis there, well she has flair and talent. She might be useful. But this one here? I can’t imagine why would anyone want her” “Mo-mo-mo-therr..” Cirith was in tears. How could her mother say such nasty things? She was always strict with her but Cirith thought she though it was necessary. But now, she was at a loss. “That’s enough, you little fool”, the woman snapped. “This man here is Henry and he’s a old friend of ours. Tomorrow, he will take both of you to school, where Isis will be training her skills and you, you ungrateful wench, you will be learning discipline” Isis snickered. Cirith froze. “So, we’re going away?” Cirith inquired timidly. She feared her mother’s wrath at this point but she felt she had very little to lose The mother nodded. “Are you deaf or something? Now, go to your room and prepare. For your impertinence and disobedience you will not get any dinner tonight.” ************** “I hung my head but did as told, while Isis stayed behind. “ Cirith sighed. Lars did not know what to think. The mother was obviously abusive of her. It was hard to believe Cirith and Isis were natural sisters, given the difference with which, according to Cirith, they were treated by the annoying mother. For a moment, Cirith seemed to be lost in her memories, a myriad of emotions flickering on her face. Impulsively, Lars reached out and held her hand. His touch was warm, it electrified them both and once she looked up at him, for a brief moment, they connected through a mysterious, inexplicable, intense link. Something clicked and then…Lars backed away, awkwardly, while Cirith froze somewhat puzzled. Emotions weren’t Lars’ forte. Neither were hers. “Ah, Cirith, if you’re uncomfortable we don’t have to continue”, he cleared his throat, trying to cover up his own embarrassment “N-n-no, Lars, I-I’m fine, really. I want to tell you”, she insisted. “All right, if you’re certain it’s what you want. But before we go on, there was something that puzzled me. “ She raised her eyebrows “What is it, Lars?” “Are you sure Isis and you are natural siblings? I mean, given the way your mother treated you and her…so vastly different…” “I see your point, Lars. I can’t answer your question, though, this is something I don’t know myself. I wanted to believe Isis is my true sister but maybe your suspicions are not unfounded. My father was always good to me but since the day he had passed away, my mother started mistreating me, for what reason…I cannot fathom..though, as I will tell you in a moment she was a woman full of surprises.“ “I see. What happened afterwards, would you care to continue?” Cirith nodded, took a deep breath and went on. *********** It was the middle of the night when something shook Isis out of her sleep. She didn’t open her eyes instantly as in her semi-conscious state she felt a disturbing, distinctly unfriendly presence. She didn’t want to see. And yet, she was forced to. “Come, get up, you little whelp! It’s time to go”, the strange voice shrieked. And then she knew. It was her mother. Reluctantly, she was compelled to obey. There was no need to antagonize her further then. She would probably never see her again, either. Through the corner of her eye she noticed Isis was still asleep. Lucky her, the spoilt favourite. What was going to happen to her, defenseless and helpless little creature? There was fear, of course. Her heat was furiously beating against her mother’s shrieking coldness. Maybe, she hoped, she would have a better chance of survival wherether it was that she was being taken. There couldn’t be any other reason to her being woken this brutally in the dead of night. The Witch was going to send her off somewhere. And it was highly unlikely it would be the same place that beloved doll, Isis was going to. “Yes mother”, she sighed. Her mother appeared even more brusque and short-tempered than ever. “Why do I have to make sure you do things right, you lazy girl? You’re going to school, as promised.” “Now?” “You ungrateful whelp! Instead of asking me silly questions you should be thankful you’re going there in the first place! They will teach you some manners there, I’m sure!” Cirith felt further comments were unnecessary. She nodded and immediately followed her mother outside. Well, to be fair, it was more like the mother was pulling her behind, Cirith could barely walk from undernourishment. Cirith was half expecting to see Henry waiting by the cart. But it was someone else. A man she had never seen before. “Cirith, this is Gotard. He teaches at the Veladrah school of magic.” She wasn’t expecting that. What was that all of a sudden? Gotard, a tall, pleasant man with long, dark hair laughed gently. (was his hair dark blue, though? The night was dim, the faint light of the moon was cloaked by ominous clouds so Cirith couldn’t really tell) “She looks confused, Elinor” “I know, Gotard. She should be. I haven’t exactly treated her fairly. I’ve been very harsh, practically cold to her, all because of her talents. In turn, I have been spoiling Isis just a little too much so I’m quite sure she thinks I’m some sort of a bad witch. It’s time for her to go out there and unleash her talents. I know she can do a lot of good.” “Are you sure, you will be fine? Has Henry been giving you trouble?” From the sound of it, it was something serious. But little Cirith was too overwhelemed with this turn of events to ever notice. So her mother behaved this way- on purpose? So she wasn’t an evil witch? Did she love her then? If just a little? Within Cirith’s hearing range, in the meantime, Elinor was brushing off Gotard’s concerns. “Nothing I can’t take care of myself” “What about Isis?” “I will do what I can to keep her away from Cirith and Henry. It was bad enough Henry came by yesterday. He gave Cirith his ring while she was out in the woods looking for Isis. I feared he would learn too much from it but nothing bad seems to have happened.” “You do realise Henry will likely teach Isis to unleash her talents. That would make him very powerful” “I know, Gotard, but I have no other option. My only hope is that by the time it happens, Cirith will be able to face her sister” Gotard nodded in understanding. Cirith did not really understand what they were talking about nor was she interested. She was too busy trying to understand what her mother's words implied. Her voice when she spoke about her, Cirith, was now soft and caring and the little girl did not know what to think. “You should talk to your daughter, Elinor.” observed Gotard "She looks like she needs it right now. I will leave you two alone for a while” And with these words, he just disappeared into thin air. Cirith didn’t question it. That’s what magic users would do, right? “M-m-motherr? Stammered Cirith ucertainly, her beautiful eyes brimming with unshed tears. Elinor took her into her arms and for the first time in her life Cirith felt the warmth of her mother’s love passing through her. “Please forgive me for treating you this badly, Cirith. It broke my heart to see you cry but I needed to teach you to be determined and brave. I had known for a long time ********* “There were, I suspect, other reasons she didn’t tell me about. I’m sure Henry had something to do with it. But once the cart left the village, I never heard a word about either Henry or my mother or Isis for that matter”. “Ok, wait. But how is it possible that Gotard came to fetch you? You know him know. Explain” “Yes, Lars, I learned very quickly that he wasn't the man he told everyone he was” replied Cirith, “I will come to that in a minute. My mother’s clever planning, all the years of preparation, failed in the end, or so it seemed. But who knows, really. Maybe it was another of her wicked and very intricate schemes aiming at elevating Isis and giving her an advantage over me? I don’t know. I wish I knew her true intentions.” Lars nodded. The mother seemd somewhat twisted, at the very least, playing with Cirith’s emotions to such a degree. Was she deliberately playing with fire, genuinely hoping it would help Cirith go above and beyond? Or was she, according to her seemingly usual pattern of mistreating Cirith, still trying to hurt her and raise Isis, the more talented one in the eyes of many? What was she, that Elinor, Lars wondered. He distinctly remembered how in his youth his mother treated Rhen. But Rhen had been “acquired”, a slave. A slave to look down upon and disdain. An inferior being. A thing to manipulate and discard when deemed useless. Now Lars would shudder at this but back then he himself was inclined to agree. It did not help him to feel any better now. In the meantime, he observed Cirith go back into the memory mode again. Her spirit was drifting in the past, bringing the story to the light. ***************** Mother and daughter remained in an embrace for a long while. “You believe, do’t you?” Elinor;s voice seemed full of sadness and..and..pain and something else which Cirith could not name. “Please tell me you do” Mother’s eyes…had a desperate plea in them. A plea to forgive and forget. At that point Cirith could afford to do that, in her innocence. “It’s okay, mama, I understand”, she whispered “ As long as I know you love me and that I’m not a worse child, it’s ok” “NEVER think that you are worse in anything, sweetheart. I know my sudden outburst of caring is all too sudden but I had to be that way for your own good. One day, you will understand. But now-we have to part”, she added seeing Gotard reppear beside the cart. “Will I ever see you again?” asked Cirith hopefully “Maybe. Time will tell. For the time being, Cirith, you must grow to be strong and brave, all right? Promise me, you will be brave.” “I promise” These were the last words the two spoke to each other. After one last hug, Cirith was ushered into the cart. Her senses were stilled by the emotionality of the recent parting and thus she was numbed to the alarming signals that usually warned her of approaching danger.
  20. Hi there, Pegasus and Kuro-kun. Nice meeting you ^^ Hope you have lots of fun around here.
  21. I just completed Gates of Night (finally had the time for that. s I thought I"d post some thoights.Given this has some freh ideas off the top of my head, though mixed with impressions relating to the game itself, I decided to post it here. I hope you won't mind, most of are just speculations of a fan girl expressing her fan-girlism First of all, storywise- I was hoping- nay, I kind of suspected something like this would happen (referring to Galahad et al) haha. Good thinking there, very nice. It's only fair that something like that should happen. He and Te'ijal are the most interesting tory-driving characters to date, it wa a great idea to launch a series where the fcu would more on them. They have a very strong pontetial for further development. And I for on keep thinking that Galahad should eventually just grow up. I"m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to push that storyline into interesting directions and that's where choices could also be a useful tool as a means of player creating their own version of the story thus something a bit greater than attraction points, which are very nice and nifty by the way. I'm a strong proponent of choices but I have to say I was glad that Aveyond 1 had a preferred ending. It shows me that the respectable makers of the game had their own vision of what it should be like and that is very appreciated, too. If choices sacrifice a protagonist's nature and make them out of character, I tend to think it;s better not to include them. In general, the good thing about Aveyond is that it tends to avoid gory massacres, which I've seen in other recent and notable rpgs, which put me off playing them for good. Aveyond is a well-told fairy tale which keeps things light but coherent and enjoyable. Personally, I like this better this way. The sidequests are always fun, the references to fairytales as well, the mapping abolutely gorgeous. Naylith and Faiara (yay, fairy kingdom!) have got to be my favourite places in Gates of Night. I hope we will have to return there somday. Actually, the vampires could look more vampirish. Very white skin is not that uncommon, either. I myself have a rather white shade of skin and in comparison to others around me, I look rather vampirish myself, gah. Also, I'd love to see Hercules annoying us a little more. There could be something for Ulf in store too. I like him, but he tends to get a bit snobish about his talents and just maybe he should have some humbling experience. But just maybe, the way things are going so far, his thrist for knowledge could be used against him-and his friends- as his major weakness. And then Gyendal and Heptitus. What could they achieve when paired together? Major havoc. Or maybe Heptitus would rather see Gyendal dethroned since hes competing with her position as the mist wicked witch of all, thus Mel could gain a bery unlikely ally. Day/night system so far is very nice and has more potential to be exploited as well. Crucial places that only open at night. Also..the compass took you directly to the ship is a great solution. Saved gold and walking and that's very useful much more useful than the wagons we had in the first Aveyond games. All in all, I have enjoyed this. Although I was objecting to installments at first, I find myself warming to it, but only in Amaranth edition. Its well written and designed and gets you right where it wants you to get- looking forward for more. So I hope you don't mind my reviving this thread but I thought it best to post it here rather than suggestions for Aveyond 3-3.
  22. Ha, a twist for Galahad and Te'ijal sounds interesting...I just hope that in the end neither of them will remain in a hopeless or irreconcilable position. Well, looking forward to that. Atually, I think that no matter what this adds depth to Galahad who is no longer a mere shallow knight but has become more in touch with the darker side. So whatever happens, I think this is a good experience, as long as it doesn't turn into the other extremity. No unbalance is good. I also can't wait till chapter 2 and further character development. I'm warming up to the idea of chapters. The more I think about it, the more advantages it has. Thanks to this the game might grow insanely and what surprises there might yet be....and I'm positive this will be only the best stuff, inciting imagination and inspiring . I kind of appreciate the idea that many twists and turns and side-quests and possibly player determined choices might eventually affect the ultimate outcome of the trilogy, in the distant future. This is definetly big and I'm actully glad. I'll be rooting for your further efforts and hopefully return to discuss things once I can do it in peace and quiet. Many thanks. I'm rarely this eited and right now I do feel like a kid with an early Christmas present
  23. Well, I"m still ofciialy struggling with my graduation which hjas moved its date to 11th July but for a reak from all the intellectualising I bought and tried the game. It really is a very strong position. I do mind that it has been split into chapters because that way i will have to spend more money. Even if it;s just 10 dollars, in the long run, when it all accumulates...I'm just in two minds about that. I like how you switch between parties. I like the choices that you can make for Edward. More things like this and fans of each character may be content, Ibelieve. I love the day/night system. The story is unique and very well written. And i love the interaction between Galahad and his vampress. Haha, they are funny. They are the ones I am most fond of, the other characters haven't really grown on me yet, aside from Mel. She is very likeable ad a nice change from Iya and Ean, whom I thought were too wishy washy. Edward is annoying, to be frank. I don't like him at all but maybe he will become more pronounced, stronger in the course of this life-altering journey. Stella is a charming creature though I started dreading the day when Ldia joins the company..even though she might evovle and even though she is likely to be an asset. I love the maps, with beautiful, clear, lush graphics. I love the fact that you go to Aveyond and that it has evovled so much, heck I even love the witches, given that they connect with all previous games. the music is great. I sense this chapter could lead in gazillions of directions, including a potential threat for Pendragons. Spying reeks of some potential forthcoming political disturbances and from my perspective this has a high chance of becoming really epic in scope, with many plot elements, which might be an advantage of "serial" prodution. I think this is going to be the best game of the series so far, even if Av 1 the way it was released will remain my personal number one as it had my top favourite characters. I think Av 2 wuld be the weakest one. But av 3 is so unique in so many ways...the story is running very strong so far, it is logical and emerges from itself. It;s a blast to be offered somehing this well written. The strength of your games lies in good scripting and making characters very likeable.And original soundtracks, too. It's really hard to describe but it just hits home with me. And it takes something unique to suck me in given that I'm a picky gamer. In other words, despite it being completely convicned about chapters, I will definitely continue to support and purchase your games. You have showed me your hard work and quality, and I thank you. It's worth its price, divided or not. Now back to that dissertation of mine. Regards to all and see you in a month.
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