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  1. mara34

    ending dialogue

    I'm pretty sure it makes no difference. The attraction points, as far as I know, are a red herring to make the ending pack more punch.
  2. mara34

    house warming party help

    @shaz: So, he doesn't think that she's just a figment, like Edward? And he takes her seriously, unlike June, et al?
  3. mara34

    house warming party help

    When I did this, I didn't have Ulf back in my party... Can someone tell me what he says to Nox? It's the one party interaction I missed, and I don't want to re-play it right now just to find out.
  4. mara34

    Bug maybe? Not a bad one...

    No, no it was TLO. I had Yvette and June. As well as Edward and Mel. I know it sounds like I'm mistaken, but after I loaded and Mel wasn't in the final battle, I had to travel around to equip Ulf with stuff and I was frustrated because the first time I battled, I didn't have to use him. That's why, in anohter post, I posted that 'Ulf was virtually useless as a character' because before I loaded after losing, I never had to engage Ulf.
  5. When I went to do the final Gyendal battle the first time, Mel and her buddies took him together. After I lost and loaded the save file, it went 'normal': Mel alone at first, then her friends without her. I don't think I did anything to trigger them to battle together the first time. It's not a big deal, but I was totally surprised after I lost that Mel wouldn't be joining in. Unless this was supposed to happen. It was pretty late when I was playing, maybe I did something different and didn't notice? Or is this a subtle plot device that I didn't get?
  6. mara34

    i need help with game save

    LOL, I thought this thread was titled 'Help with Flies.' I thought there was some sidequest that I missed XD
  7. mara34


    This win is signifigant since we're the only nation to not have won gold while hosting the olympics. And we've had it twice before now. @Jay: I know! Begg-Smith did /not/ look happy. He pretty much told the media to stick it before the race and that he hates Canada (I'm paraphrasing, but not exaggerating). Now I'm gloating. Bilodeau is so gracious. If it were me, I'd have to laugh at him. Out loud. On national television. To those who've missed it, I wouldn't worry. If you are in Canada, it's sure to be replayed a gazillion times. Even in the states, I've noticed NBC has good coverage. Especially since he's an amazing guy and his family is awesome... Just Google it. It's a great Olympic story. His brother has Cerebral Palsy and the CTV brought them all in, gave them champagne, and Frédéric (the brother) gave a toast, en Français bien sûr... Just great.
  8. mara34


    Woot! Anyone watching Men's Moguls tonight, Alexandre Bilodeau took it! Finally got gold in Canada. No longer the laughing stock of the Olympics :)
  9. mara34


    Super into the Olympics right now, yes, mostly probably because I am also Canadienne. But yes, the luge totally put a damper (obviously) on the ceremonies. I was really sad that the hydraulics didn't work on the final cauldron erection in the stadium, but hopefully the world didn't notice Besides, Rick Hansen being a final torch bearer makes up for it :) The fiddling/tapping tribute portion was fantastique. It's Festival du Voyageur right now in Manitoba, so it totally put me into the spirit. About the safety: they've made adjustments, but I agree, too little too late. Apparently the track has 20km/hr speeds faster than anticipated and the final curve is ridiculous. When they built it, they wanted the 2010 track to be the most challenging in the world, but I guess they didn't factor in potential casualties. Especially since the track has been used for events for almost a year now without anything major. Of course, visiting atheletes can't be expected to be as familiar with it as the team Canada. Apparently the Federation International de Luge is going to make regulations for track building that they never had before. Anyway, they've made some adjustements: higher barriers, changed the grade/curve on the final (16th), and they're now using the Women's start instead, which cuts out two curves, has a slower start for overall reduced speed (which is still around 140 km/hr). Trial runs are happening now, if you want to tune in.
  10. Yeah, that kind of sucked. I mean, I figured, but still. Kind of sucked.
  11. mara34

    Essay Advice?

    @Belinda Awesome, this card business will be really good even though most of my secondary notes are in the notebook. Once I figure out my thesis, I can re-write the relevant notes onto cards and then, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. @Canta I actually found some solid secondary articles at Pubmed, thanks for that. It's a really good database for my field. My uni totally has a subscription to it, but I never would've known if you hadn't suggested it. Awesome.
  12. mara34

    Essay Advice?

    Thanks Canta, will check out Pubmed, never used it before. Even if it's no good for this essay, I study the History of Science, so it could factor into other topics. Modern stats may be helpful for some conclusion on this topic too. Belinda: Unfortunately (for this paper) I'm in Canada, so no British Library for me. Tell me more about this 3x5 card method... I usually write all my notes in a notebook, but maybe I should try something new. I've pulled some names from one of my secondary sources, thanks for the suggestion. I have access to a database for 18th Century Collections Online, hopefully armed with the bibliographic info from my secondary sources, I can narrow my search. Problem for me was if you searched 'smallpox inoculation' you got about 3000 hits. Too much info. But if I focus on some of the sources of my sources... JSTOR is usually great, yes, but I'm doing actually a kind of obscure topic. Inoculation of smallpox is actually very different from vaccination of smallpox (we now use the words interchangably, but that's wrong). Apparently no one cares to write about the former. I have pulled a couple articles from there, but it's slim pickings. Guess this what happens when you do most of your research through one database. D'oh. Live and learn.
  13. mara34

    Essay Advice?

    Hey, this is more for the older crowd, have you got any essay writing tips? Particularily thesis formulation? I usually have no trouble getting ideas, but I'm really in a slump. And this is a 5000 word honours paper, so it's something I have to iron out soon or I'm screwed. So far I've been doing a bunch of reading of secondary sources, but I've no idea where to start on my primary. I've never even used primary sources before. Anyway, I'm trying to figure something out for smallpox inoculation (variolation) in 18th century Britain. Any general help would be appreciated. What do you usually do when faced with a gargantuan research project?
  14. mara34

    Do You Eat Chicken Soup When You're Sick?

    I rarely take cold medication, but I like Advil Cold & Sinus. It's more expensive than some other ones, but I find it works best for me.