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  1. Hitarla

    Super old registration keys not working

    Unfortunately not, I think she's still working on it? I'm waiting for a response.
  2. Hitarla

    Super old registration keys not working

    Thank you, I went ahead and emailed her! 🙌
  3. Hitarla

    Super old registration keys not working

    Ah, it says She can't get direct messages though, any other recommendations?
  4. Hello all, So I'm not sure who I should talk to but my registration keys aren't working anymore, I recently got a new computer and was attempting to reinstall the game and luckily I had an old email from Bryce with my reg keys (from about 4 and a half years ago). However, no matter what I do It's telling me that it's incorrect. I already sent a message to support maybe 2 or 3 days ago but have yet to hear anything back. I'm just wondering if there's someone specific I should message from the forums? Thanks in advance! ❤
  5. Hitarla

    Tile set help?

    Thank you! Also i have a quick question about sprites, how do you make them? >.< I mean I was able to get Jensen305's sprite maker but it doesn't have a few things (Witch hats, elf ears, tails/wings and such) How do others normally make sprites?
  6. Hitarla

    Tile set help?

    I'm using XP :x Course i just got it so I'm kid of flopping around trying to figure out everything still and Av3 ^^ As for the indoor/outdoor set question, it's both and A night time set would be wonderful Also I don't know how to edit tiles yet >.< Help would be most appreciated ^^ Thank you both and I'll see about becoming a member on the forum asap ^.^
  7. So I'm starting to make a game for the first time and I'm working on a witchy dark area and was wondering if there were any tile sets like witch wood around? Thankies.
  8. Hitarla

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I'd love and be honored to beta test Aveyond 4 ^^
  9. wow i thimk i'll marry alicia to devin then