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  1. We got 20-25 songs (still trying to count them since some sent a MP3 by email...) which I think is not bad considering not everyone is able to sing or "brave" enough (I wouldn't be for example!). Thanks and remember only 3 days left!!!
  2. Hello all, I'm an indie developer and wanted to ask you a question, as players. Would you play an sci-fi RPG? Similar to Aveyond, but with sci-fi settings. Robots, aliens, lasers, such thing. Art would still be manga though. Does the setting puts you off immediately or you would still try it and buy it if you like the gameplay / story ?
  3. Hi all, I'm doing a sort of RPG/VN in space It's called Planet Stronghold, you can see some videos about the inventory/battle system here: hope the space/futuristic setting will be cool for everyone. Anyway, I'm writing the battle engine in a way that can be reused also for fantasy settings in another game
  4. game author here I'm from europe so probably different view from US people on some topics. Yes, Rena is right, even if the right word is "Love" and not sex. I think is quite different - the scene is a love scene between Luke and Helen (two engaged persons!) and shouldn't be anything bad to see/read in any book/tv series. As for the rest of the game, I think the demo shows it well - you won't find anything worse in the full game than what you see in the demo. I know many people don't like those kind of games, but I suppose those people never watch House MD? or other popular tv series featuring sexual jokes, gays, dating and so on? that's what games like that one are aimed at. Of course I don't think kids should play at all my game or even fatal heart one. But 16+ years and above? is likely they know about those things already from real life experiences, at least here in europe hope this will help!
  5. I agree, and that's why I'll never put my games anymore on portals like Amazon/Reflexive. Creativity and innovation needs to be preserved. Amanda games are really great, and I think she should do like me and avoid those portals
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