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  1. I am playing in medium dificulty and my equipment is upgraded as much as it can
  2. Where can i find Hector? He is the guy that gives you the glowberries mission. And another question... I am level 75 and im still having trouble at the dark caverns, and as i remember from the last time i played i was about level 65 when i got here so something must be wrong
  3. Is there any walkthrough for build c?
  4. thks, ill let it like that
  5. you will find some maps here: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=783&forum=20
  6. dont worry for her, the one who needs a shovel is you, youll get it by geting stinkroot and doing something for another with there.
  7. maybe you could try mystery manor, or sandstone caves
  8. thks, do you think i should put sparkles on the avvy?
  9. nice everyone! i changed mi siggy
  10. the first daeva, (the one you need to defeat to save vohu manah) naginathia, is on mt oreon, wich youll find on lands end, defeat it and take its soul, (the colored orb) to him on his temple on lands end. try to take as much lightning scrolls as you can and use them on battle, also graduate from school and get an orb staff with and orb for lars, get elini, and equip everybody the best you can. you can find some maps here http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=783&forum=20
  11. yes, im playing build b, it really doesent bother me but i wanted to know, thks. another thing, in dreamland near the glowberries bush theres a part where you can go out and walk on the sky, is that normal?
  12. when i first entered ice caverns and dreamworld i didnt saw any monster!! but after entering a cave or something like that all monters appeared,is something rong or just a glitch?
  13. sorry for posting late, but i was on vacations, ill try it
  14. i downloaded the guilds goodie and did everything that said on the instructions, but it doesent worked, and it said that if it didnt worked it was cause i didnt have version 2, i thought it was meaning to build b, but i do have build b and i dont know what is happening. please help!
  15. to finish the puzzle you have to push the color blocks to the correct description. BLUE - I hold the sun, the moon, twilight and day rise. (Meaning sky) YELLOW – My light fills your days with warmth and joy. (Meaning Sun light) RED – I bring love to your heart, roses to your cheeks. (Meaning Blood) GREEN – Upon my carpet you run and play and slumber away. (Meaning Grass) if you make any mistake youll find a lever that will restart the game if you have more questions of this kind look at the walkthrough
  16. you can call me jesu, and dont worry cause i dont know why but now i see it!
  17. i guess nobody is near me...... im from chile
  18. nice avvy mika, but i have one problem, i dont see your siggie, maybe it is my computer the one failing, cause i dont see most of them.
  19. youll also find a lever that you can use to restart the game
  20. this shouldnt happen, i dont have that problem. maybe it is cause your party members are poisoned or with weevils, if they do youll see red sparkles while you walk, or it may just be a bug.
  21. you first need to finish the quest of geting the lamp for the genie, then talk with the queen and youll get the nightingale quest, after that youll be able to get birdseeds.
  22. check in your inventory, some things really know how to hide, do you have leyrvos lamp? you also need it to unlock the secret passage
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