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  1. Me, too! Just finished LoT myself. *sighs, checks calendar, fidgets*
  2. I just finished it. God. I missed the Aveyond story! Cant wait for the Gates of Night one. I loved seeing familiar names in WitchWood. That was super cool. I also really liked that the dead creatures disappeared after clicked upon; let me tell you, that saves me alot of time and frustration. I am a bit puzzled about the ending, however. But, I have faith in Amanda and her team. They usually do a super job and make our wait worth it.
  3. I need to download alot of stuff to get the walkthru?
  4. The ghost is similar to the bad guys with the orbs from Aveyond 2??
  5. I read from start to finish....sooo funny! I liked the chocolate bits and the sunshine one too. LOL!!
  6. Poor Alon!!! He doesnt understand what's happening to himself!!! Thumbs up, Heimdall.
  7. Welcome, Leelah, LinkPF and browneyedpixey!! It's good to have ya!!
  8. Hmmm...if I had to guess...I would say, girl. Long hair, hood over head to conceal identity. I am sooo sorry for Alon,but Janice makes a good point. Drat it! *waits for next update with caramel popcorn*
  9. Mikasalla, Sorry. I didnt mean to be a pest. Forgive me? Heimdall, I look forward to reading some more. Best story I've read in ages!
  10. Kalia

    Avvies and Siggies

    Wow, Abby! Very pretty! @SilverMist: Yes I like dragons, but I am fussy about how they look. I am not a fan of the cartoonish looking ones. I have to have things a certain way and the way this siggie turned out...like Mojane said...it surprised me as well. It is one of the keepers.
  11. Ok.. twins theory is out then...hmmm... brothers separated at birth? It doesnt seem probable, as Saim seem to know him, but how does Alon NOT know him? Or does he and it just isnt mentioned yet? Has it been??
  12. *blushes* Well... what's a girl to say when someone says such nice things like that??? smile
  13. Kalia


    @nic_c12: me, a DL? You never know... I just wanted a different pix than the ones offered in AM's database. Too many people use "my" face and I wanted my own. @elm: Thank you for noticing my *looks around, whispers* siggie. Wink.
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