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  1. In the Ice Castle

    Yay! I finished the final battle in like 2 minutes. I had Ean, Iya, Emma, Gavin/Nicolas (played 2 times). Gavin's North Wind spell is gooooooood, and Iya's Siren Song is awesome. Ean should be in his Dragar form and shoot fireballs at the Snow Queen. Emma's most powerful sword has great effect.
  2. entrance to graystone pass

    You must trap the beast in Shadow Woods and open the chest in the woodman's cottage. There is a stick of dynamite there.
  3. Guild

    You actually do not need to join, a guide, but personally I feel that you should join the Enchanters because the timing is right. You should have finished learning your sphere (Oracle one) songs. The Necromancers are the best guide (most difficult spells) to join, but I think that one spell in the Butterfly Sphere let you have 2 goes???
  4. help......(Jack in the party)

    But alternatively, if you have Nicolas, then bring it to the troll and get the kit back. Choose the smelly shoes. Do this before you go to the Land of the Dead so you don't need to fight the bats.
  5. help......(Jack in the party)

    If you have Gavin in the party, I recommend bringing the North Wind back to Obert. He would give Gavin a spell that is very powerful.
  6. [Help] Karma Points

    You must go to the Land of the Dead and find Grandma Nora. She would tell you to search in her drawers and bring her Halibut's love letter. She would then be restored into her youth again, and you would get 1 karma point.
  7. Making a game

    Does anyone know how to make a game? I got a few good ideas but I don't know how to make one!
  8. i need help here

    You need to upgrade your weapons at Thais then they should be quite manageable. Otherwise, use the weapons from the weapon goodie cave (although not advisable).
  9. Need Advice Please!

    If Ean has the Ice Claw already, then it is very easy to kill the Fire Birds and the Elementals. Blizzard scrolls work well too, but you have to get the whole party to use them.
  10. help with the troll!!

    You can find the North Wind at White Pass.
  11. the red egg

    If you know it is going to hatch soon, you should just explore around Seri Desert and open all the chests.
  12. Nymphs blessing

    Bogwood, Fairytale Forest, Stardale Glen, Back garden of Candar Castle, Eredar, Final Battle
  13. Eans Quest

    Yes, it is in Thais. It is in the North, in one of the shops above the stairs.
  14. Help me!

    You must go to Seri, and speak to the Sultan, Firoz and Simini. The "something exotic" is a giant chicken egg in Graystone Pass. Then give it to the Sultan, and go to Firoz's house and get your sonnet.
  15. mirror manor

    By the way, blizzard scrolls work very well in Mirror Manor. Just make everyone in your party keep on using them, unless Ean has Ice Claw and Emma has her most powerfull weapon.