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  1. Grace

    Techical problem with Aveyond 4

    I am giving up the game, never had this problem before in any of RPG games. The worst happened when I went to fight Hercules, I went all they way up without a problem, I went around the mages and I got to Hercules. I did saved all steps in different slots, I want to be ready if I got killed I would have a safe file near to continue. I got killed when Hercules got the gem, when I got back to continue to fight, all my save files on Skull mountain was GONE.....It has been 3 days that I am trying to pass through the mages and I can't no matter what I do or change party. The same happened on the tournament on the last fight, save everything and I lost everything . Re download the games and nothing. My party 55-58 Very very frustrated, angry
  2. Grace

    Skull Mountains

    Boyle doesn't have ''devastate'' spell , where and how do I get that spell?
  3. Grace

    Skull Mountains

    I already kill Kubaba, and 2 more, in Ravwyn it won't let me in the protection or whatever is, still up, what should I do? On his demon hunting page only says go to Ravwyn Please don't double post. Just use your edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  4. Grace

    Villain's Pendant

    Thank you very much, I will going to try
  5. Grace

    Skull Mountains

    When I go to Skull Mountain Phye says that "The blade is not strong enough yet" What should I do? What I am missing? Please help me. Thank you
  6. Grace

    Villain's Pendant

    I am at the final round of the tournament, I already try 4 times and keep loosing it, what can I do? who should be on the party? level 50 to 54 please help me, thank you
  7. Grace

    Night Watch

    thank you
  8. Grace

    Night Watch

    Thank you, I did all that and I talk to Banana Boy and he ask me to investigate, how do I do that, I talk to a lot people but so far nothing, what do I have to find out? Thank you again
  9. Grace

    Night Watch

    What do I have to do to improve the night watch? I can't find any more feathers on Gingernut forest and silverspring wetland, is there another place to look for it?
  10. Grace

    Where to find witch in Tor?

    Where can I find the witch in Wyrmwood, I went all over and talk to all the girls nothing.....I need for the coven quest, thanks
  11. Grace


    How can I reach Loralai's house? I have been there before but for the love of God I can't go there now, I see the house but there is no way to go in. I went from both entrance and still I can't reach please help me
  12. Grace

    Blood of the Ancients

    Can anyone please tell me how to kill Icetooth - snow caves? He already kill me 3 times, the lowest level in my party it's 48. Thank you
  13. how I Re-download and reinstall the game? please let me know, would I loose anything? thank you
  14. Grace

    Rescuing Turtles

    I am still missing one egg I have 5/6 Please where is the last one?
  15. Grace

    Daintree Forest

    Sorry, but I can't find Miles...........