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  1. I don't know, I'm being a luddite I know but I miss the site how it was c. 2005/2006. Guilds were pretty awesome too The MP/HP system was quite brilliant though, too bad it's gone too.
  2. Busy now, I'm sorry to put the project on hold. Very time intensive, and right now I don't have time. Sorry.
  3. ... Okay people, post screens so I know what you're talking about. I've been testing the early game countless times and it's working...So I really think the diary's misleading you or something.
  4. Look on the map above. The diamond cave is tucked within the starter mountains, it's even got a little pink crystal next to it. Perhaps you can upload a screenshot or give me the name of the location you're into (it's in your menu)? There is a mountain pass you have to cross later in the game, but which is blocked for now.
  5. Download link! This link should be final and the host is reliable, therefore you shouldn't have problems downloading from there! The game itself went through a small overhaul of its intro, but nothing terribly bad either. I suggest you try the latter link still as it's the "official" game version. NOTE : Redownload if you have problems with missing RTPS.
  6. New Download Link! Here : Download! You need to make a free account there. This is a temporary solution while I find a better host, which is why it's not yet in the Download section. You can also just wait a few days till I get this sorted You just need to run the .exe file inside and it will unpack the game, after that just find the unpacked folder and start the game. There might still be bugs. I managed, however, to go from the beginning to the end without any problems, so I dearly hope there is nothing bad. If there -is- something bad, please tell me, and I'll fix it asap. If you can't open the menu, please let me know. I have put in a fix which should work, though. If you're stuck at the beginning when Lilyth asks you to fetch her sword : you need to go back to the Crystal Spire you came from. In the water there's a sparkling thing. That's where the sword is, take it and bring it back. If you're stuck after being let on the world map and at any point after : check your diary. It's in your inventory. It will always tell you where to go, or at least give you hints as you progress through the game. Since I've been going back to RPG Maker XP for the sequel, don't worry about using items and all. the RMXP game will begin 'anew'.
  7. Evelong? If you mean Everlong there is already a thread for that. You can find it here http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=569&forum=21 Or you can go to their actual website here : http://everlongrpg.proboards.com/
  8. I've reworked the game a bit and a new version should come soon ^^ As for people being blocked by boulders. CHECK YOUR DIARY. Seriously, it tells you where to go...in your case, advancing the main story by going to the Diamond Mine. :] In the meanwhile, enjoy the updated maps of the so far playable area I'm currently fixing many typos and trying to make the game clearer, and also finding a GOOD host -.- http://imageshack.us/a/img600/9214/elvenwyyr.png[/img] http://imageshack.us/a/img221/3825/avillion.png[/img]
  9. I'm so sorry, but I'm still very busy with my studies and everything. A possible solution may be to have someone fix and arrange the game if they wish (and be credited for it). Until then, and at least until June, I am far too busy to even touch it.
  10. How about riches to riches? XD
  11. More same-sex relationships, because this is 2013. Less "get those six orbs to win the game", because this is 2013.
  12. I'm taking it down for debugging, but my busy college life prevents me from working as fast as I want (when you spend DAYS making stories up and fall asleep as soon as you're done you tend to leave other writing stuff aside). Sorry, will try to work on it asap.
  13. I'm checking this deeper. I had no problems at all, but I'm going to look into this ^^. The Elvenwyyr map has been expanded, too.
  14. Reuploading fixed file. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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