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  1. hello... i'm really an avid fan of aveyond & it;s been a while since i've played av2,now theres av3 wow! thanks also for nt revealing the location of the godie caves, it's a real challenge to find them... i've found the 4 goodie caves but i haven't been to stormbend yet, it's worth the wait! :goodjob: :goodjob: sorry if this caused an extra new thread i'm just very happy that i found the goodie caves aislingyngaio: Merged topics
  2. hi.. currently i'm in gheledon.. i want to get the level goodie in shadow woods, how do u go to shadow woods? and where is the cave goodie? also in brightwood forest where is the gold goodie cave? thanks
  3. hello... just wanted to ask in using the sphere goodie, when i already trapped the beast and got the transfigurine for ean, when i went back to the cottage, the squirrel is already gone, where can i find the squirrel again? tnx..
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