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  1. Can anyone tell me where I find my house so I can get to a save crystal? I just keep wandering aimlessly; so far I haven't run out of time even though I know I have played over an hour. I am keeping the game open and hoping someone has an answer-quick!



    EDIT: Never mind-found it! I was just afraid that the game would cut out before I found the crystal-didn't realize the demo doesn't end until you find it!


    Seems like a massive game so far! I will order it asap.

  2. I also can't get into the tournament-I get an error message "can not open file khwakka"


    also have same problem with crashes and get the message about lack of memory. It happened 2 or 3 times. I noticed that the background music stops playing, then after a few moments the game crashes with that message (sorry I can't recall it exactly). At one point I was actually saving when it crashed and when I restarted the game the slot I tried to save into was greyed out and nothing was saved. I did download the fix that DSquall recommended, but haven't had a chance to get further into the game to see if it worked because of the tournament bug.


    Otherwise it is a great game that I am enjoying immensely and I hope that DSquall can fix it so that we can progress.


    BTW-somewhere near the beginning of the game I recall an item for sale somewhere that allowed you to walk in very hot or wet (I think) places. I couldn't afford it at the time-now that it would be very useful, and I can afford it, I can't find it. Did I lose my chance to purchase it?

  3. Yup, that was it! And since Ark was dead at the time of the first defeat of the dragon, I was thinking of replaying it anyway. I replayed-all allies were standing at the end, and no more error messages!


    The strange thing is that when I hit F12, there was no immediate problem. I went thru a fight and a cut scene before it happened, that is why I didn't connect it to F12. I'll remember not to hit that F12 again!




    I'm enjoying the game but getting error messages that crash the game. The first was after defeating Undine the Frost guardian and I got a stack level too deep error. I replayed and this time got past that part but then after losing to Terminus the first time I got "unable to find audio/BGM/A+aeka." So I found that file in another audio folder and pasted it into the BGM folder and after replaying the entire sequence it worked fine after that.


    Now I just got another crash after defeating the Dragon and watching Terminus leave the Forge. This one was "Trick CaterpillarSys line 202 System Stack Error stack level too deep." I am too tired to beat the dragon again right now to see if it is a fluke. I don't know how to fix this one!


    Help appreciated!

  5. To Dark Gaia-very glad I decided to check here after a couple of months away and see if anyone was talking about a new free game. I am enjoying Legionwood very much-more than some games I have paid money for recently. In fact, judging by the first hour, I would have paid money to continue this one! I hope you continue to make great games.


    The storyline is good, the towns are full of people and things to interact with. I don't much like random encounters but they aren't too close together and you can choose to flee from some and actually are able to flee a good percentage of the time! Also there is plenty of time for eploration between dungeons which I like. I just started chapter 2 and am looking forward to continuing the story.


    Thanks so much!

  6. I encouraged moam to post this here. I am currently playing UW2 and really loving it! And moam helped me get through a few difficult spots! UW2 is a very good game and has a very unique battle system-takes a while to get used to but it is fun. There are also other challenges along the way that require more than just battles (these are where I have trouble, since I am older and my reflexes not as good as they once were).


    I am not sure if you need to play the prequals but from what I read above, it looks like it can stand alone. I know I didn't play UW1 and 2 stands alone just fine.


    I hope you all will enjoy moam's games!

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