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  1. LawMan247

    User Names

    The first half of my username is from my initials (LAW) and the second half is because I'm a man 24/7. (I think I'm a man anyway. *Rubs beard and mustache.* Yup, I'm a guy!)
  2. LawMan247

    Obama vs. McCain?

    What do you mean "started lying about things"? That's what she does best. Her and Bill both.
  3. LawMan247

    ~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

    I wanna become myself when I grow up!!!
  4. LawMan247

    The Pendragon Family Tree

    Someone maybe have too much time on their hands? LOL!
  5. LawMan247

    Obama vs. McCain?

    Can't find my post in this thread where I "predicted" Obama would win a couple months ago. But I was right, and I'm not gloating.
  6. Yet another good chapter. Keep 'em coming.
  7. LawMan247

    Obama vs. McCain?

    I think that McCain should stop speading lies bout Obama. Ads are saying that Obama wants to get rid of guns. False! Obama wants guns just as much as McCain, he justs wants to make it harder for the wrong people to get them. About Obama being a Muslim, that's true IF McCain sold government secrets to get out of being a P.O.W. As neither one is true, I don't see why religion is an issue, especially since there are MORE white Muslims than black Muslims. Does that mean that McCain could be a Muslim? He could be. But he's not. Obama's mother is American and his father is Kenyan. He had no Muslim upbringing and was raised Christian. I say we get off race and religion and get down to true politics. About Palin: the country has already spoken about a female president. We didn't want one when Hillary was running, why would we want one now? (BTW, the VP is one heartbeat away from becoming president, and as McCain is advanced in years like he is, he could croak at any time, which would thrust Palin to the presidency. That's why we need Obama.) Obama also wants to keep US jobs here in America, not send them overseas like McCain does. McCain admitted that in his own commercials. What's up with that?
  8. Unless I'm reading it wrong, aren't they Irish living in NY?
  9. Very nice story so far Gen. I believe that this is where the plot is starting to thicken, as they say. Can't wait for next update.
  10. LawMan247

    Mentally Ill or Not?

    I also have some first hand experience with mental illneses. One of my brothers, one of my sisters, my mother (if she can be so called), my wife, most of her family and a friend all have bi-polar disorder. From what I've seen in them, none could use it as an excuse to commit a crime unles they were not taking their meds.
  11. LawMan247

    Mentally Ill or Not?

    I just asked Crazy_Lady, and said person IS taking meds.
  12. LawMan247

    Mentally Ill or Not?

    Mopiece, you said "Well some illnesses should be an excuse, because without medication it can cause a problem. But the problem there is you can't force someone to take the medication." The part about the meds is true, but what Crazy_Lady meant was if a person with *insert mental illness here* is taking the meds for it and is stable, should that person just be able to go out and do whatever s/he wants?
  13. LawMan247

    Mentally Ill or Not?

    No, I don't think that mental illness should be an excuse. I'm sure that even I could fake some of them if I had someone with that illness "coach" me. If I was "coached" to fake it, then I definately could spot the fakers. Right now, I just go by my gut instincts and the vibes they are sending out to determine if said person is faking or legit.
  14. LawMan247

    The Elements Quest

    I like it so far. Keep the chapters coming.
  15. LawMan247

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Well, welcome back anyway.