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  1. ooh. ok shud keep tryin i guess. thx aisling
  2. i tried to hatch eggs but every egg i hatch turned rotten. i donno wat to do. about 12 - 15 golden eggs lost
  3. the door is probably the other side or the inhabitants forgot to build it ;P
  4. Lavender

    Swine Flu

    Here in India about 50 cases are reported M al worried.. @avery: hope u get well soon
  5. I too need to work on making a siggie myself.. Lara's is a masterpiece.. I still love u lara for make mine Your so helpful. Saw u helping others in the siggie shop too. Btw i wanna knw hw to make an animation avvie & siggie?
  6. @Athene: How can u club the two things together i mean games together. Yes i too would wanna know wat happened to Theodore, But unfortunately that game was very difficult to continue. The wolves were hard to beat. Neways Correct me if m wrong I like you other points about having greek mythical creatures. but m afraid that they will have to come after a higher class since they will be difficult to beat. I also want not collectables like in 3 star of destiny. :oops: I too love to play them all
  7. oh dear.. the whole class must hv roared with laughter..
  8. m really sorry guys m not able to come online these days m just held up with my office work hope everyone doesnot mind my absence
  9. yeah I got the newsletter about the release & stuff thou he has not mentioned about the dates thou cant wait for the release.
  10. Lilly looked thoughtfully around and spoke in a low voice "Every that is destined to happen has to happen. We have come to this place becoz ther is somthing here" Lets look around and see if there is anythin." Squirrel said." also u need to increase ur class so u need to practice. I sense that there are some monster which you all can take in your present class. so start leveling up. We wll go out in the morning & will return to this place in the nite. Ah!! its turning nite. we need shelter" He moves to a distance & performs magic & a beautiful double storied tent appears. He says its ready we all can take rest for today" And they all rested for that day.
  11. (( well the story is goin pretty good nice to see lotsa people joining in ))
  12. All this while lilly stands on a near by cliff with a sad note in here face. "I gotta save Rose. I wonder why The evil lord had kidnapped Rose. And all of a sudden here head starts paining. She feels like the pain will slipt her head into two she cries in pain & collapses........ Somewhere Far away in a Dark Dungeon A girl is lying unconscious. She has been knocked out for hours. Slowly she regains her conscientiousness & looks around horrified. When the other day she had come with her friend lilly to the park to take some fresh air, she was attracted by this very strange looking thing, it was like a butterfly but with a human form. I was like a fairy that she had seen in the animated series in Tv. she was too amused to tell Lilly about it & she followed the fairy to try & capture it so that she could show it to Lilly. When she turned round the corner. The fairy disappeared & there appeared two huge monsters. She saw the monster & before she could react the the monster took her & disappeared. The monster took her to the land of Evil where the Evil Lord resides. The evil lord gives an evil laughter. He said " Well done my loyal subject. you have done a good job." "She is the Royal Princess of the Universe. If I marry her i will be the master of this Universe" & gives an evil Laughter. He then orders the monsters to lock her up in the castle dungeons. Rose cries hard "what have I got myself into"....... "Lilly are u alright" Said the Squirrel. Lilly sits up. she had been knock down. she was drenched with sweat. Mizuki offers her hanky to wipe lilly's brows which was dripping with sweat. The Squirrel asked again "Are u alright" she sat up & said " I guess so." The squirrel asked " wat happened?" Lilly recites wat she had seen in the vision to everyone. everyone were awestruck. The Squirrel exclaims "Rose in the Princess of the universe!!!!"
  13. Devin its really a nice story i liked it. Thou it sounded familiar. Have u read this novel Phantom by Susan Kay. its a story about a guys names Eric who is born as a monster & is rejected by the socity.-Click Here-
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