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  1. varina

    help with golden frog

    er... i haven't i talk to inspector. He said he'll throw me into the jail.(but he doesn't) then i search evidence in Lady (i can't remember her name.) manor. i find business ledger in her bedroom.so i go to tavern to talk to Edgar. after this, the lady is under arrest...
  2. oh i've read FAQ. but i've finished baby trade sidequest and haven't thrown into jail. and Rat is in the jail... what should i do?
  3. varina

    Quarter Keys Locations

    er... distract? Oh... Time is up I should go to bed before 4 o'clock. Thanks for your help
  4. varina

    Quarter Keys Locations

    Glue Quest? A small music box right? I don't know how to use it. (and I don't have Ulf in party)
  5. varina

    Quarter Keys Locations

    er... I'm... again... I have 3 Quarter key and the last is in Orc Kingdom. I have thrown out from the castle and can't go inside. I try to pass but the guard said only "move along" What should I do?
  6. varina

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    oh sorry I don't see your reply... Thank you
  7. varina

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    um... In chapter two I found only 4 point. From faiara,venwood,witchwood and tar vedron. But I don't know where's the missing point. Where's I miss?
  8. varina

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    er... I have take candy to Mel. I see the topic about attraction point (I'm not expert in English.) and I have a bit confused about that... In witchwood there're two attraction points?
  9. varina

    Attraction Points and Marriages

    er... Now I have only 6 attraction points. I can't remember where I have got attraction point. I can remember only 4 places... faiara,venwood,tar vedron and witchwood(candy) er... Where's missing point? (I didn't buy flower and sonnet in orc kingdom)
  10. varina

    When Talia can...

    Thank you very much And Mysterious Spell...
  11. When Talia can learn Tornado Field Spell? Thank you
  12. varina

    Screen Size of AP

    I press F4...