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  1. i`m falling in love with this story!!XDsay me what do you need!!!
  2. xXxIyaxXx

    Aveyond 3

    i`m obsessed in Av3 :laughing:
  3. xXxIyaxXx

    Aveyond 3

    i can`t wait for AV3!!!!XD
  4. i have yahoo messenger 9 ....sorry :cry:
  5. i`m from romania i don`t have email i have messenger
  6. thank u!!but there`s another problem...how can i find the dynamite to enter in that volcano???
  7. it`ll be cool like rhen to be lars fiancee :D:DXD
  8. it happens with every chest:( i don`t know what can i do :cry:
  9. can anyone help me?how can i obtain a signature to pass off the knights???
  10. it didn`t work!!!it appears every time when i want to open a chest :cry: :cry:
  11. if you mean stuck do you refer at that you don`t know where can you get the goose???
  12. i`ve open it and it shows script is hanging i don`t know what to do
  13. it`s the chest from that upper earth and you`ll see it
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