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  1. i`m falling in love with this story!!XDsay me what do you need!!!
  2. xXxIyaxXx

    Aveyond 3

    i`m obsessed in Av3 :laughing:
  3. xXxIyaxXx

    Aveyond 3

    i can`t wait for AV3!!!!XD
  4. i have yahoo messenger 9 ....sorry :cry:
  5. i`m from romania i don`t have email i have messenger
  6. thank u!!but there`s another problem...how can i find the dynamite to enter in that volcano???
  7. it`ll be cool like rhen to be lars fiancee :D:DXD
  8. it happens with every chest:( i don`t know what can i do :cry:
  9. can anyone help me?how can i obtain a signature to pass off the knights???
  10. it didn`t work!!!it appears every time when i want to open a chest :cry: :cry:
  11. if you mean stuck do you refer at that you don`t know where can you get the goose???
  12. i`ve open it and it shows script is hanging i don`t know what to do
  13. it`s the chest from that upper earth and you`ll see it
  14. and i don`t know because i`ve tried to save my game and open the chest it isn`t working :cry:
  15. and if u buy the grimm`s farm you`ll find the giant chicken and you`ll need to fight with it you`ll find a giant chicken transfigurine:D
  16. before to buy the rope in the graystone pass you need to go in that caves and find the giant chicken nest then head to seri and buy the rope go back, and you`ll find only the egg in the nest then you give it to the sultan of seri
  17. please post because i don`t know what to do!!!:cry:
  18. i`m dispered please help me!!!it keeps showing me that message!!!
  19. when i want to open a chest it shows me script is hanging and i needed to start the game again :cry: please help me!!!
  20. ahriman`s prophecy is the first rpg game i think then the others started aveyond aveyond 2 etk...u know but ahriman`s prophecy is cool too i like very good game the others too!!!
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