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    I loved Wall-e. I thought it was super cute and funny. Who would of thought that a robot would have that much expression. Its like an updated version of Short Circuit teehee. BTW did anyone get how funny Wall-e's pet was? Those things are suppost to be around long after the end of the world...and it was! Only Disney could make a roach look cute. Oh and for those of you who have the DVD, check out Wall-e's Trinkets on the bonus disc. They are HILARIOUS!!!
  2. @ iya Elephant cave= gorgeous! I love places like that. The states dont have cool things like that. We are pretty "new" still. Everyone has amazing thigs where they live. Truly our Earth is spectacular.
  3. Okay something unique where I live was that 2 years ago we had wild fires. This is a haunting but beautiful pic of what it looked like a mile from my house. This is looking over the man made Mission Viejo Lake. This was the Santiago Canyon fire.I had to evacuate my horse and helped move 18 others. LONG WEEK that was. It was arson. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/JKsocr4/santiagofire.jpg[/img] And if that isn't unique enough. Here is a famous steak house. It has California Live Oak Tree growing through the middle of the resturante. And if you wear a neck tie...tey cut it off and hang it on the wall. There are hundreds of them up all over. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/JKsocr4/TOsteakhouse.jpg[/img]
  4. So very sorry to hear of your loss Snowbunnies. I know exactly how you feel. I had a baby black dwarf bunny who met her fate with my neighbors Beagle. That darn dog! Since that moment I will never forget the sound my poor bunny Velvet made. She was actually screaming. I don't mean for this to scare you. Snowball hopefully died of a heart attack, like mine did. Their tiny little hearts can't take alot. It sucks that she was attacked by a dog. The even poopier thing is that Holly the dog prolly thought she was doing something good. Dogs are natural hunters. My thoughts are with you and your family SB! Rest in Heavenly Peace Snowball. Say Hi to Velvet for me.
  5. I did a search last night and had it go through all hidden files. I even refined my search and had it look in all hidden files that where SaveXX.DSO No such luck.
  6. I am using Windows XP. I am still looking for those darn files. LOL this is a game in itself.
  7. Oh thank you so much for your time Brycej! I truly appreciate you and everyone else who is helping me on my quest to get my goodie where it needs to be. Im not completely computer savy but I can find things with guidence. I still cannot find my save.dso files for GH. I have looked in every GH folder and I know where they should be but they are not there! Its funny cause I know what folder you are talking about but there are no save files to speak of. None! This may be my blondeness but do I have to beat the game first to use it? Also I know my games are saving because I can load previous played games when I open the game to play. Can I find those files on my computer though? Haha nope. I think i'll call in a PI to help me look.
  8. Nope I cant find the savefiles anywhere. Gaw how annoying. Thanks for the help though
  9. Thank you! I have one problem. I did the "Run" program and the %appdata% but there is only and Aveyond 2 folder. No "Amaranth Games" folder. I looked around in other folders and still couldn't find it. I'll just keep looking. Thanks again Brycej. Edit: Could it be that it isnt there because I got the game from pogo games and not AM?
  10. Okay so I dowloaded the insane goodie but have no idea where to put the unzipped file. Im guessing it has to replace my save game in slot 3 but where is that?
  11. Woot to my peeps from the USA. *Gives high fives* Im jealous of everyone else that doesnt live in the states. Other places always seem far more exotic. You lucky dogs you!!
  12. I love it! We all have such sweet pets oh I fixed my pics in my post. Now you can actually see my guys. Sorry all.
  13. JKsocr4

    Flu season

    Isn't it cool that you never have the same cold or flu bug ever!? They always change. Crazy little things.
  14. Yay I love this topic. Here are my furbabies! This is my old boy Toby. He's 13 http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/JKsocr4/toby.jpg[/img] This is Mika(Pitbull Mix) and Maddie(Lab Mix). Both are rescues. Mika was found in a box in the desert. Only her and her sister survived. Maddie is a goof ball. They love eachother and play constantly! http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/JKsocr4/mikamaddie1.jpg[/img] And here is Melody. Here full registered name is Ladys Music Melody. She is the love of my life and the biggest brat! She is a Quarter Horse. Shes 5 in this pic. Now all her tack is Pink, not blue http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/JKsocr4/melremake.jpg[/img] There is one pet I didnt put up here only cause I dont have any pics of him yet. I got a 2 month old kitten. He is an orange tabby named Julius like an Orange Julius. Hes a fiesty one. Welp those are all my pets!
  15. JKsocr4

    Flu season

    The flu isn't fought with antibiotics tho. Its a virrus.
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