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  1. Hello~ This is a Treasure Hunting Role Play. It's open for anyone to join, just follow the RP guidelines and rules. The setting is in a Pirate Ship. I don't have perfect knowledge of the Pirate genre so help will be appreciated. Please bare with me. (The below can be subjected to editing and refining as the story unfolds): RULES: o You may enter only as a new crew of the ship. o Joining as a "crew" will automatically put your character to the Labour Group (cleaning, errand boys of the ship). o Here's how the story will flow: 1. Signing up as a crew along "The Crystal Magpie" ship 2. Taking the Treasure Map from the First Mate 3. ____________________________ "Prison Oakley." He spoke his name clear and firm, leaving a strong impression on the recruiter. They called it "The Crystal Magpie", a relatively new (read: relatively newly stolen) ship from the English. It was an impressive shade of cobalt and black, with crystalline light blue lines going around it. Prison fancied it suited him well, as he liked shiny things as much as the next thief, and it seemed to promise loads of that. But it wasn't the ship he was keen on---it was its Captain: Moody Mister Mord. He knew the name better than he knew his own. "Prison" was an average word turned unusual name, as far as Pirates names went, but it wasn't his real name. No surprises there, since he'd been orphaned from very young. Forced to fend for his life---thieving and then piracy---he's had his fair share of the prisoner's life. One could say it was his home, even, though he would very rarely get caught recently and he'd like very much to keep that up. He did not like his would-be "home", his would-be "name" or his would-be "life". He did not like "himself", and it was all that Moody Mister Mord's fault. That Moody Mister Mord who abandoned him. Though he knew this name better than his own he had no intentions of knowing more. Prison would kill this man, instead. He will take his life, take his ship, take his crew and take his treasure. This he swore by his code as a Pirate, nay, his code as a Man. Character Information (Post #3)
  2. "Come back" Randy woke with a rather violent jerk. He immediately took notice of the harness binding him to the bed, the slight pain creeping to his senses. The ceiling was foreign. Where was he? He tried to sit himself up, failed, but tried once more, looking the room left to right. He was in a pure white box of a room, completely empty if not for the bed and the little table beside it. The door had a little square glass window, and it seemed to be sealed shut. Panic slowly struck him. He'd been in a hospital before, psychiatrist's, but never bounded like he was then. Lying back down from his awkward position, he tried to find a connection with the room, the harness, himself, the white walls. Nothing. There was nothing registering in his brain--blank. Much like the walls. The walls...? He squinted suspiciously, turning toward the ceiling, and then the other wall. The room seemed to be moving---or rather, everything was. Like he could feel the very Earth's revolution. His eyes bounced from wall to wall heavily, after image disorienting him further, provoking the already intense aching in his head. "Come. Back." a voice, from not too far, but he wouldn't've known. It echoed through his ears and faded away very quickly but very slowly, much like the after images of the walls when he shifted his eyes; and he couldn't quite tell if he even truly heard something at all. Nonetheless, he found himself replying. "Why would you want me back...?" He tried to say. But nothing came out, only hot carbon dioxide and a hoarse little grunt. "Come back here and close your cell door," the voice again. There were people. Syndicates? Maybe he was drugged, which would explain why he felt so heavy and confused. Or perhaps they were just common people... Either way, he did not enjoy being alone. He gathered his energy to sit up again in his awkward 45 degrees, repeating and repeating "Hello? Anyone? Is anyone there?" until his voice and the words came out altogether in a comprehensible manner, until someone would notice. ..
  3. This idea is awesome. Could I still join, maybe? I hope this is still on. :-) Mental Patient Name: Randy Clayton Age: 20 Race: Caucasian Height: 180cm Weight: 74kg Gender: Male Picture: image ---Randy has below-the-shoulder-length brown hair which he usually ties in a ponytail. His eyes are a soft blue, like cornflower. He is attractive, bit it is washed down (by society, he would say) by his wholly sloppy appearance. Condition: Borderline personality disorder and psychotic depression. Reason For Being Here (Why you were accused of being insane, what did you do): Murder of his closest friend. The incident left him with a nasty concussion, effectively blurring his memories and triggering hallucination. Personality: Rebellious, non-committal, closed-minded and easily offended. He has a thwarted sense of honesty. He is easy-going in the surface. Biography (Why you did what you did): Randy despised how society functioned, how other people acted, the laws and rules that bound everyone. He is offended by the existence of others, but even more so in his. Other Information: He likes to mutter to himself and hit his forehead with his fist under anxiety.
  4. Ah. I miss this place. My first mistake in Aveyond 1 is getting stuck in Ghalarah. After I did all the chores, I had no idea I had to talk to Mistress Rona again. So I spent a few hours arguing with the guard to let me out. I went everywhere, thinking there must be a way out. Haha! I was also wondering around wildwood under experience and then accidentally stumbled across land's end. It was a nightmare. I kept dying and dying and there was absolutely no way out!! And when I got Vohu Mana, I thought he was so cute, I didn't want to give him away.
  5. Ooh! A book two! How exciting. I love Mel so much... She's my kind of girl.
  6. Well of course there's no problem with forgetting... Unless it's a disease... But what's the point of the idea reincarnation if you're going to forget anyway? Maybe I shouldn't say this though, there might be Buddhists here, or others that believes in them (So no offense)
  7. reincarnation? I don't believe in that... Besides, if there was a before life and you forgot, then it's safe to say that you will forget what happen to you at present when you're already in the reincarnation state.... I don't want to die yet.
  8. I know I will meet God when I die. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that I'm still sticking to what I said before... Actually, I don't have to experience death to know it hurts... I mean, seeing someone who is about to die... Just observing the way they resist and try to hold on... I know it hurts... I mean, also when my kitten died ... He was obviously in pain... And because I've seen people die I got traumatized(Hope it's spelled correctly) with dying... Who wouldn't?? (Probably someone ready... but still...)
  9. I believe in afterlife! I don't think I'm really scared of death... It's the pain I'm scared of ... There were those times that I have doubted life after death, but I'm pretty sure it's there. And I do hope I get to heaven and meet God... Maybe when I die I'll tell you!
  10. The butterfly was hiding together with the warlock all those times. She was thinking of something... "I can't waste my time here anymore... Why did I not think about this before? I must give this to the prince NOW..." The warlock stood and went somewhere else, leaving Maze behind. After a while, she went to where the others were, hoping they were doing fine. "A'lya, cyborg, Tashiki, Rena and her Pheonix... Looks like the others are hiding. Where's Prison? It's not like him to hide during battles... " She put the thought aside and went to the other side of the ship. It was quiet and no one was there, it was like no battle was taking place. She took some dusts from her backpack, and poured it all over herself, then she yelled out loud: "YLISFAR!"... Some plenty blue and purple clouds were covering everything around her, after the small explosion. When finally it cleared, she was no where to be found... Unfortunately, someone saw... And it was... ((Sorry, I won't be on as much... I promise to return though...))
  11. "He's awfully calm about the situation" Maze thought, after the boy answered. She was about to ask something when the boy interrupted, "you want to join?" he asked... "Join? Join you in hiding? But... Won't you help us out? We've got a problem with some pirates and I think one of our friends just melted... Maybe you know how to turn him back to his original state..." She answered, hoping that the warlock would try to help (Even a little)... Meanwhile, Prison was talking to the captain... After a little while, Prison came out and slowly said... "I'm sorry." his eyes, sad. The pirates hid their weapons and kept their ropes... Then the pirate ship slowly sailed away, Prison looks back at A'lya and the others' ship as he sailed away with his pirate friends.
  12. Chiisai

    Nick Names

    What a weird name, Kurdapya and It has a show! The tune is quite catchy.. Kurdapya, this... Kurdapya that! Haha... didn't understand a word!
  13. "I'm sure they just didn't see me in this ship. We usually attack any ship we see in the open" Prison answered. He tries to talk to the captain of the pirate ship, while everything was quiet. Maze saw the lad hiding behind some empty ale containers(?), "What are you doing?" She asks.
  14. Chiisai

    Nick Names

    @Elie Haha, funny... Now that you mentioned it, my parents almost never calls me by my name... My dad never did (He's gone now so...)... And my mom got used to the "puppet" name.. @SliverMist Ahh... So there was a show... haha...
  15. "Oh my! You can read my mind? How embarrassing.." Maze wailed. But before she could say anymore, a pirate came attacking them... Luckily, the cyborg punched him and sent him flying across the ship, and then landed on A'lya... "Oh A'lya!" She yells out to warn her, but it was too late. "The ship is going to sink soon. That's good... i wonder what I could do to help..." she wonders, but a fleeing boy caught her attention... "It's the boy who was kidnapped! Why is he running around like that? Could he be a spy?" Maze's head turns to where the lad was running to. She ran after the lad. While Maze took care of the lad, Prison was busy trying to stop A'lya... He grabs a rope and swings to block A'lya's way and angrily he said: "These are my brothers!"
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