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  1. I need to get back to Harburg to find Te'ijal, but for the life of me I can't remember how to get there. And all of the maps I can find are just links to the old site which doesn't exist anymore and so can't be viewed. Help? Are there any current maps?
  2. So I am playing through again for the first time in a long time. It's time to pick spells for the both of them from the academy and I am finding myself at a loss as to which ones affect multiple enemies, may cause sleep, etc. I have been searching here for quite some time, but every reply has links to the old site, which of course no longer work. Is there anything out there that can help me? I think boot slappin' mara affects multiple enemies? And might cause berzerk? Ugh, I just can't remember, I haven't played in years...
  3. Is there a list somewhere of which orb enhances or weakens which spell? I've checked other topics, and every single link anyone has posted of "this topic should help" just leads back to the main forum page, which I assume means the topic no longer exists. I can't tell what element some spells are, nor do I know which element some of the orbs are (cracked? charmed? I'm lost...). Does the list exist anymore?
  4. I am playing with Haddan for the first time - looks like he's one of the strongest fighters, from the guides I've read. The minute I hired him, Frederick wouldn't hold his shapechange. I'm playing with him as a lion right now, haven't gotten to the dragon king yet and the lion is his strongest shape. But as soon as I start fighting, he transforms back to his normal lizard shape. I have tried transforming him to a lizard and back to a lion. Doesn't help. He will hold his shape indefinitely (apparently) when just trotting around the screen. He only changes when in battle. I have to manually change him back to see the lion trotting around the screen again. I like having a lion trotting around the screen, lol. It's cute. I have seen that the animation of his strike is still the double claw pattern of his lion strike, even after he has seemingly changed back to the lizard. When I transform him to a lion and fight, he does about 100 hit points more damage then when I fight with him as a lizard, even though he still looks like a lizard. So it seems like this doesn't affect his fighting, just his appearance? ETA: I have tested it with all of the other forms currently available to me. The animation and sound effects of those forms remain the same, despite his lizard appearance, and the slime is still able to poison enemies. So this does appear to be solely an appearance issue. I have seen a few other topics with this issue. Nobody seems to have connected it with Haddan specifically, but since this is the first time I've seen it, I've been playing AP for years without ever playing with Haddan in my party, and it began with the first fight after I hired Haddan, that seems to have been the trigger. This happened last night. It happened again this morning after having exited the game and shut down the computer, so that didn't help. Anybody have any information about this? The existing topics were extremely unhelpful. They only had people saying that Frederick wasn't holding his shape, with responses that the OP should try transforming him to a lizard and back to the shape they wanted and no follow-up from the OP. I'm hoping someone may know more?
  5. I personally choose to believe that she fell in love with a mortal and gave up the position. That phrasing is unclear. I meant that I choose to believe that *the previous dreamer* fell in love with a mortal and gave it up.
  6. Devin asks Talia in AV1 how she became the dreamer, and she says that the Oracle asked her to. We don't get any detail on why - I personally choose to believe that she fell in love with a mortal and gave up the position. Talia also tells us that a demon forced her out of the dreamland and sealed it behind her so that she can't return, that's why she's awake. LOL, when I play AV0, I always make Devin marry Alicia, just so that my personal sense of continuity isn't offended - though in AV1, Devin tells you that he didn't marry Alicia until later, so I guess that leaves you an opening to have him marry Talia instead. You've got some flexibility there - AV1 is set many years later, they had a chance to live a little and change their minds and such. I would love to know more about Dameon's father and why she killed him and what that story is, but I think we're just out of luck on that front. I personally choose to believe that she fell in love with a mortal and gave up the position. That phrasing is unclear. I meant that I choose to believe that *the previous dreamer* fell in love with a mortal and gave it up.
  7. Yes, I am a moron and I was thinking about Cursed armor. When I was searching, I saw a thread about Dark armor and got my brain on backwards. In my defense, I was down with the stomach flu at the time, so I was only working on partial brain power anyway. >
  8. So, talk to me about dark armour. Yes, I have been looking at the stickies and using the forum search and I can't see that anybody has asked this particular question. Lots of people list Dark Armour as being the best armour in the game - and yet when I go to equip it on my characters, it tells me that it gives them LOWER everything - attack, defense, dexterity, everything. So... Why is it so great? I am very confused by this. I'm using build C, fyi.
  9. I'll give that a try, thanks!
  10. The guy is aptly named. I cannot defeat him for the life of me! I am playing with the goodie caves this time around, so Emma is at level 99 with the best gear (Zeus mail, Masaume (sp?), shield of madness, wyrm boots, Archimedes, the works). Chicken Curse doesn't affect him for more than 5 points, even this awesome sword doesn't do more than 200-300 damage, and I have to use Elixir after every second to third stroke from him to keep from dying. And even then, if I push for 3, that blasted Double Stroke will usually kill me. What am I missing, guys?
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