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  1. Just wondering on progress of upcoming game. Have not been able to find any info other than the coming soon bit. have not seen much on facebook either, just other developer games. Don't want to start an explosion of replies/complaints about Curse at Twilight not completed; just curious. Any info updates would be great! Kinda like to follow progress, as posted in prior game releases.




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  2. born in '81 so had the pleasure of playing all of the games mentioned. How about the old ataris or even the commodore DOS games where you had to command 1/2 the programming to play? made the nes look like 3D in play comparison, (except for the cartridge contact problems mentioned. Had the atari made in mid 80's (last one I think) where it had the true "floppy" disk setup and a light gun like the nes. Regardless, visuals where fair-poor also, along with total gameplay!

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