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  1. "Hmm... It looks like you and Lesedi won. I can understand how Lesedi won... But YOU?!" She sneers at Lemmai. "No hard feelings..." Looks like Kinnison the joust master is here to bump... Why would he bump? Oh well... Forest sits beside Lemmai at the corner, thinking if Amora would come back to at least see her certificate... She looks to lemmai and said.. "I went to see my (As Forest) old posts at the other, old joust thread... I then saw Amora's post and her picture... I miss her SO much..." He said, his eyes all teary...(if he does have eyes)...
  2. actually oracle is right. Temporary member cause I'm just a jouster... I think I already introduced myself here... as my real self of course... And haunt you all? who said that? I didn't say that! :innocent:
  3. Forest looks at Lemmai's head while she was talking to Daneira. He was obviously pissed. He shape shifts into Lemmai. He starts making funny faces, and he starts shaking his waist. "You don't have a bad figure!" He said as Lemmai's voice comes out. "She’s probably ganna scold me!" Forest splashes water to Lemmai, from a nearby lake... "Don't you worry, me and Tryiat are not together.... yet! So we could still be together!"
  4. "You take Tenias and I take Faereen? Ooh! That's good!" He giggles along with Lemmai and ignores everything Faereen says, as a tease. "Yer just lucky you and Tenias were paired up again...If only I was paired up with Amora again... But then I would have never met My Tryiat... " He thought while Faereen was speaking... Then suddenly, a stamping something was heard... Someone was approaching... "Our next victim!" He whispers to his lady friends... Forest dives in to surprise Daneira, but backs away from seeing the ball of fire, causing them to be seen by Daneira. He points at Daneira.. "IT'S YOU! You're the one who took my Amora's place!" He said, hissing... "Get that ball thing away from me!" He demands in a shouting manner… "I'm sensitive..." Forest suddenly turns into a poor little girl... “Where is my girlfriend, Tryiat?” He turns back to his usual jerky guy.....ness.
  5. "I thought he was coo coo" He said, "Well anyways, Where is that human? I was planning to steal Faereen away from him too... Or maybe him away from Faereen." He throws Feareen an evil smile while saying. He takes three steps away from the shadow thing. "You're not getting me inside that thing!" He said, while backing away continuously. "Daneira's allowed here too isn't she?"
  6. Hi, I'm not exactly new here... I'm temporarily a member... But I warn you even after the joust I will come back to haunt you all! *evil laugh* I hope you like me...
  7. Human brain smarter than Humans? and Humans smarter than Human brain? That's absrud! I thought Human's and their brains work as one...
  8. I'm a jouster, and I only have one goal... I'm pretty sure you all know what it is...
  9. I do hope it's great... I get addicted to games very easily1
  10. "Rude?! Who are you calling rude?! You’re the rude one!" Forest shouted at Lemmai. After being called a weirdo, I don't think our attitudes will clash... AT ALL... He sits down, pointing at where Lemmai was sitting at... How do you expect to surprise them now?
  11. "The cutest jouster has arrived!" Forest appears out of nowhere... Oh look it's jouster Lemmai, The annoying brat who called me a weirdo... "Why are you all alone in that corner?" He didn’t wait for the answer... "Shut up, I don't want to hear it..." He demands... "While we're here... What do we do?" He taps his nose with his index finger as he wonders…
  12. "goodbye Honnali! nice meeting you!" the plant said, having a hard time for he is lying down...
  13. "wah!" the plant blurted out. who would've thought that this child-like figure, who is just half his height, would be this.... scary? the plant gazes at Honnali. he then snapped like twig after hearing the question.... "A'lya..." the plant stared at blank space... "nice name... but i've heard of an elf, she had a beautuful hair, purple and temting... to eat.... though i'm not sure of this. It's just one of those rumours you hear everyday from those Maples...and boy, can Maples be loud..." the plant said, while moving his roots towards Brandt and away from the freaky elf-cat, Lemmai. he lay besides brandt, his eyes wide opened and staring at her.
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