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  1. Aww...this game looks awesome, i wanted to dl this but the link to the english version is down... can you please reupload.
  2. wow i dl the new version and it is soooo much easier to kill these monster because with the old version these monster took like half my characters life but now its much easier to level up without dying =) thanks for the update!!
  3. what is the action key? and this might be a stupid question, but if i dl the new version do i have to start all over again, cuz that'll sux.
  4. ahh...i got into icas palace with mia barrier breaker but i don't know how to get pass those color blocks...can someone help me??
  5. hey i'm stuck on the question "france was reduce to..." ? can someone help me on this nvm i got it =P
  6. thank you thedefender!! now i can move on with the game =)
  7. what are you suppose to do after talking to the guy that ends up selling supplies in the prison on the island?
  8. does anyone know how to kill those box monster in the cave where you only get 30 minutes of light? i tried three times and i had to go through the maze again...totally annoying cuz theres no save point...help!
  9. thanx for the advice untold. i totally forgot about that booth
  10. aww...link has been deleted or invalid...?
  11. wow looks cool downloading right now thanks for sharing valkyriet aww...link has been deleted or invalid...? Merged posts ~~ Untold Reveries
  12. o.m.g. this is soo awesome, i loved the anime and have it on dvd but didn't know theres a rpg of this game, looks cute thanks moonprincess!
  13. hey i think this game is awesome but i'm stuck. i just finish beating gavin and saved the kids and i don't know what to do next, kinda didn't read the dialogue, now i'm just roaming aimlessly. please help!
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