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    This is not a question or anything, just a comment. I just finished the game and i :loving: it! :smileattack: It was such a fun game to play and I am really glad you guys at Amaranth made it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :thanks: Im going to now go play the second one which will hopefull be just as much fun, or even more.
  2. Screen Size of AP

    Thank you so much, turning the full screen mode off lets me view the whole page. I am running on windows xp. I dont know what that will tell you, if anything. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!
  3. Screen Size of AP

    I dont understand why it wont work. i try to reinstall it and it still doesnt work! every time i try to play Ahriman's Prophecy only half of the screen shows up so i cant see what i am doing. Can sombody please help me? is there a way to fix it? none of the other games give me this problem.