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  1. Very late reply, may not be seen. I did indeed try to gaolbreak my iPod touch, and failed. I did not have broadband at the time, or know I would need it. Using someone else's broadband did not help. I also read that iTunes, whose interface I loathed, had a habit of wiping users' data off their units for no apparent reason. Nasty. Of course, it's a few years later and things may have changed. But I'm waiting for Samsung or someone to bring out a true iPad killer - a tablet-sized PC or Android, whatever, but of a decent size, not 7", which can be mounted as an external hard drive, which no Apple gadget can be. Bring it on.
  2. I'm afraid I have a sad but true story. There was a doco on the idiot box about the very rich daughter of a mega rich sporting magnate. A politician - in the House, mind you - wanted to know why the taxpayer was hosting the magnate's event at considerable loss each year to fund the extravagant life of his bogan daughter. The magnate wanted to know if he spoke English, ‘what does bogan mean?’ (It means vulgarian). And although justly indignant, let loose with some quite unnecessary and quite vulgar comments of his own. Monkey house at the zoo, anyone? And THAT is the craziest thing I’ve seen this week.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, Daeva. Should have realised! I have noticed that in a game, all dungeon maps are the same, only altered with different colours and textures. This game engine needs updating, but it still produces the goods just the same! There is one more use for the toilet that you lot hadn't thought of. A test for possible bowel cancer used to be such a chore, with two days of preparation, a day at hospital and a lot of money. Now there is a new kit that makes it easy. I suppose I should stop procrastinating and read the literature.
  4. If I tried to use a loofah, I would break out in a savage attack of eczema. Best to play safe. I made a discovery. When I ran out of soap, I took a cake of Velvet soap from the box and found my annoying itching much decreased. It's because Velvet soap is pure soap, no additives. It's also best to use it to scrub the bath and basin (the laundry soap, not the one for personal use), instead of some chemical from the supermarket that damages the porcelain finish and doesn't last long. If only I had known this years ago! But I have always used it with a nailbrush to scrub my sneakers. Do please pass this on to anyone you know who suffers from allergies or is cleaning the bathroom the hard way. You’ll be doing them a favour. Speaking of the game advertised in this newsletter: why, oh why, do game makers have to create redheads with dark skin? They are truly hideous and it's completely against nature. Redheads have very fair skin, fairer than anyone else. Am I the only one who loathes this visual pollution? Perhaps I am just being pedantic.
  5. You don't have buskers where you live, friend Fool? (Ha! I know your name at last, but I won't give it away! My ambition was merely to learn it). We have too many buskers, but there are a few who aren't bad. Just communicate by email, it's easier and no-one has to be deprived of sleep. You must have seen some eye-poppingly beautiful architecture already. Lucky you!
  6. So you aren't a spoony bard, Fool? I like magic and think they are the strongest fighters because of their skill. No party of mine is complete without a healer (preferably a multi-skilled one) as my party will not survive without one. Brute force characters bore me, no strategy, no interest, though they are necessary. Archers are so weak that if I have to have them, I'll keep them to a minimum.
  7. Unless of course, it is hunny! Pooh Bear can never have enough of that. Scary about drinking too much water, I didn't know about that. It reminds me of a similar incident once. A boy covered himself with silver paper for fun, but died as the skin of his body could no longer breathe, even though his lungs still did. So sad. Ashen, your frozen banana tip may be suitable for our forthcoming summer. It's going to be a sizzler, I'm afraid.
  8. Well, what a negative, didactic reply. Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed? Your claim that honey is almost lacking in nutrients is false and is rejected. Here is a quick search result for interest’s sake, but ask your doctor about it rather than relying on a Google search. http://www.google.com.au/#hl=en&sugexp=ppwl&cp=14&gs_id=1v&xhr=t&q=is+honey+nutritious&pq=honey&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=is+honey+nutri&aq=0&aqi=g1g-v2g-j1&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=925d885ea9c683b7&biw=1366&bih=622 Bananas are high in sugar of course, sucrose, and they are more fattening than some fruit. But they are very nutritious. Water is something of a filler, as well as hydration. You have apparently not noticed that drinking a glass of water can fill you up a bit, but I noticed. You also claim that my doctor, who is a trained, experienced GP, does not know what he is talking about - what does that suggest about you? In fact, his advice to drink water before every meal IS wise advice, it's just that it is not very pleasant, and I can't stomach a full glass of water just before breakfast. However, I drink a lot of water in the office to counteract the drying effects of the airconditioning. I should probably drink more water at home when it isn’t summer. As for exercise, why do assume I am not taking enough? Where did that assumption come from? Edit later - I only buy pure, cold extracted honey and cold pressed oil from the health food shop. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that heat extraction destroys some of the nutrients, but I have no real knowledge of that. I am not sure if heat extracted oil is biodegradable. I found it's cloudy, it stinks and wouldn't wash off, and I threw it out and went back to the real thing.
  9. A banana is surprisingly filling if you eat it slowly. It's on the fattier side of course, but still good nourishing food. I love honey and I have some in at least one of my sandwiches every day, which keeps my voracious sweet tooth at bay as it's very satisfying. Don't forget that honey is extremely high in nutritional value. I have a big bowl of muesli for breakfast (which is also much more filling than cereal and toast), so I don't do this. But you could get a fruit and nut mix, or one of those packs of nice soy chips. Sultana grapes are delicious too, and filling. I also rely on tea and coffee sometimes, as they satisfy to a certain extent, but we should all probably drink more water. My doctor told me to drink a glass of water before every meal. Instead, I cut down on the biscuits and lollies at the office and walked up and down the four flights of stairs every day. That got the weight off! If you get the munchies too much, you may want to have a rib-squeaking rice dish for lunch as it will fill you up for the whole afternoon. A big meal at lunchtime and small meal at night is supposed to be leaner and meaner.
  10. Ah, it's the Grim Reaper! Well done, I'm sure you won first prize if there were any prizes going! I'm just now reading a book set in carnival time in Venice - Carnevale - so it's timely.
  11. I love it, it's gorgeous and it suits you! You look quite regal. But yes, those sleeves are purely decorative.
  12. We don't observe Hallowe'en here (in Australia). It is recognised and there are parties, but it's largely ignored. I went to a party once, as a cat, when our American contractors threw a party. AFAIK Hallowe'en was traditionally huge in the UK, but I don't know if they still observe it. The US seems to have taken complete possession of it, LOL. Subject of this post - my cat costume, which I hope I didn't describe here last year, was a black pedal pusher jumpsuit (knee length) with gold trim and a matching cat mask. When I arrived, I scratched on the door and miaowed for admittance.
  13. I regretted buying my iPod touch a while ago, as it cost so much and doesn't even make a good music player - it's awful in fact. It has the hardware quality I expect from Apple, but it's all about the software. Steve Jobs was inspirational, a genius really, and his early death is a severe blow to the computer industry and even the entertainment industry. He was an IT pioneer. I feel for his wife, who has lost her beloved husband, and she is still so young. My thoughts are more with her and her children than even Apple. I'm with the Fool on the software issue - I am not interested in the iPad because I can't put my games onto it or my other software. Apple locks out users from putting anything but Apple-approved products onto their hardware. So what do users pay for? I'm waiting for the first real non-Apple iPad. One that I’ll use for MY stuff. I don't know how Apple will do after Steve Jobs. I read that he put a succession plan into place, but it's now up to his colleagues to keep the momentum going. I doubt they will make the same mistakes they did before in becoming so moribund, but they will need to consistently provide real talent to stay competitive. We'll see.
  14. I think the latest postings sum it up. Dating should be an enjoyable social activity, but sometimes it can be a chore one has to perform because of peer pressure or knowing one's other half isn't going to appear by staying at home. But I have known people who met because they kept seeing each other on their tram, and after commuting together for a long time, they took their growing friendship to the next level. Lots of variety in meeting people. Probably the best way to do so is take part in your favourite sports, hobbies, dancing, volunteering etc and meet people with whom you have something in common already. Best of luck with your search, Rachael! Some people are meant to be married, such as my mother and brother, and others are meant to be single, such as my other brother and me.
  15. Oh, migraines are nasty! I used to get them quite often. I have been managing my condition better and I'm much improved. I didn't realise that anyone would think I was talking about online dating only, LOL. Sorry if I seemed vague. I know people do that, and I never understand why as it seems pointless. But then again, some people don't understand why I find my hobbies enjoyable - they would rather garden or play golf (shudder). If dating seems like too much work and looking for love is a chore, there is no chemistry there. Perhaps it would be easier to just enjoy life and let romance take care of itself, or don't think about it at all, or whatever suits. I think some people try going out with someone they don't know or don't care about and think perhaps they will fall in love, and of course they don't. Feelings can't be forced - either you will love someone or you will not. There are certainly married couples who are not ideally suited and make the best of what they have. Others are truly the love of each other's lives and think only one lifetime is not enough time to be together. Life is certainly a lottery. For myself, I'm happily single. I knew from childhood that I'm not the marrying kind. Some people believe that and find they are mistaken, others are just natural loners.
  16. Rachael, your posting made no sense to me. In fact, your last sentence is a little eerie. Meeting on the internet is the modern equivalent of having a penfriend and then meeting in person. It's the same. The only real difference is that these days, the net is so widespread that it has almost taken the place of letter writing. Therefore, all sorts of personalities appear to each other, rather than one to one, as in old-fashioned letter writing. I once had some online acquaintances who met on our forum and fell in love - they didn't expect it, it just happened. So they took turns visiting each other's countries as their relationship developed and deepened. They were compatible. This experience was no different from any other kind of meeting, whether going out hoping to meet someone or getting to know an acquaintance or colleague better, except that it just happened online. If young people find that they like an online friend more and more and would like to meet in person, I have a suggestion they might like to consider. How about a family meeting in a public place, such as a restaurant? Both young people could meet with their parents and siblings if liked. That could work out well. If the other party is genuine, as they usually are, the parents could become friends as well. As for dating services, it’s up to the individual. There is nothing wrong with a dating service, it’s a sort-of replacement for the village or tribal communities of old. There are some who think it’s a practical way of meeting people, part of their network, and others who think it’s definitely not for them, so there is no right or wrong. What is comfortable for you is the only thing that matters. So I say listen to your heart – so to speak. Fool, I hope you find the girl of your dreams soon, or at least a friend to laugh with. Sometimes the best thing to do is become happily absorbed in your friends, family and hobbies and forget about romance until Cupid’s arrow strikes when you have forgotten about it.
  17. LOL, that's funny! It sounds like just the sort of dream I would have.
  18. I sort of understand the 'logic' behind all of this, because I too have mixed up bits and pieces in my dreams, some of them quite long and detailed. Rather like a main story with sidequests going on, if you like.
  19. I could write a book. I still remember some dreams from long ago. I remember one in which someone was singing a song about green eyes, but sadly didn't remember it when I woke. To this day I don't know if I invented the song in my sleep. I also had one progressive dream in between waking and one prequel to last night's dream the following night. Once I was running from a pursuer and coming to a bowling green, stopped to pull off my shoes before running across the green! I know where that came from - Dad was always clear that only special shoes must be worn on the green. My favourite was the night I swam with the blue whale. I was helping him (forgot how), then I sent him a telepathic message to dive (meaning resume his aquatic life) and off he went. Awesome. I woke filled with wonder. Another memorable occasion was the waking dream where I gazed down from a height into a rift that was deeper even than the ocean floor. It was an amazing feeling. Then a tight leg muscle twitched and I was properly awake, grr. Great topic Fool, thanks!
  20. It was fun while it lasted. The thought occurred to me that as you Americans celebrate Halloween, you could bring back the adorable bat people for that occasion! Amanda wouldn't mind - would she? BTW, hope you are all settled in and enjoying the new home, Amanda.
  21. I LOVE the chibi bat people! And the new background as well. Yay for the revolution!
  22. Ha ha! I'm in favour of the Republic of Fool myself. Do it, go on! And a colour change scheme is nice. How about a beautiful shade of leaf green to match California's climate? (Not that I know much about it, but isn't it supposed to be semi-tropical?) So there's only one thing for it. You will all have to pack up and follow Amanda to California so you can all work on your verandahs with your laptops sipping cool drinks and hold the occasional barbeque to celebrate the release of a new game. I suggest a moving feast where everyone supplies a course at their homes.
  23. You have covered the whole spectrum there! While reading your list, I was strongly reminded of Michael Pryor's Dr Mordecai Tremaine from The Laws of Magic series. This series is both innovative and annoyingly cliched, but entirely readable.
  24. I'm surprised not to see Sherlock Holmes' greatest rival on this list. Though it's been so long since I read the books I don't remember much about Professor Moriarty (who was apparently inspired by real people). Perhaps he was a black and white villain after all. Interesting trivia - in one of Isaac Asimov's books, about the Black Widowers Club, he had a clever waiter doing a Jeeves, coming up with solutions to everything. Arthur Conan Doyle referred briefly to Prof. Moriarty's treatise Dynamics of an Asteroid. Biochemist Isaac Asimov came up with a brilliant idea for what might have been the motivation behind the book - Agatha Christie was probably proud of him. Also - I have always had a soft spot for Mr Lemon from Shining Force. He's not a real villain as such, but remains a favourite character.
  25. Ha ha! I'll catch you out one day. It's an ambition of mine.
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